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Spooky Ghoul Halloween Earrings

Spooky Ghoul Halloween Earrings Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!  These earrings are perfect for Halloween.  Look at them....they are the Spice Girls of the Underworld all ready for their big debut on Halloween night.  OMG did I just say Spice Girls?  I'm showing my age, lol. Ok I know they won't be to everyone's taste, but I love these earrings. And how amazing would these look on you at a Halloween Party when you are all dressed up to the ghoulish nines?  I love them, I think they are brilliant.  But of course I am biased, because I made the little blighters, lol. The skulls are actually dyed polished Turquoise stones.    I added glass seed beads to look like the spine and leg bones and added little crowns made with a sparkly crystal rondelle and a bead cap.  I made their little skirts from 2 different kinds of bead caps. These purple ones are the same as the above earrings only with purple dyed polished turquoise. Look at those wee faces.  How could you not love the