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Handmade Large Bunny Rabbits from In the Hoop Online

Handmade Large Bunny Rabbits from In the Hoop Online Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I shared another bunny last time from a pattern I bought.... this  Bunny pattern  from  In the Hoop Online .  This is such a lovely pattern from Adele and it comes together so easily too.  Adele also has a fantastic step by step  video tutorial  on her  YouTube channel .  I said that I had another 3 bunnies to make and these are 2 that I made for my 2 nephews.  I do have 1 more bunny to finish but I ran out of stuffing.  So, I'm waiting for that to come in and I will share that wee bunny then. I adore their big bunny feet.  They are so cute.  I hope this wee dude doesn't look too sinister with his big red face, lol. .....I'm hoping his big blue eyes makes him a little less terrifying, although I'm not sure they'll work....I probably should have picked a different fabric for this wee guys face but he's made now, teehee.  Hopefully he doesn't make my nephew cry...eek!