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Handmade Scrunchies using Harry Potter fabrics

 HANDMADE SCRUNCHIES Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  Look what's back in fashion!  Not that scrunchies ever were out of fashion for me hair is way passed my bum now so it's constantly wrap with scrunchies to keep me from strangling myself with my own hair, lol.  My 2 nieces turn 7 years old this month and next month and I wanted to make them some scrunchies for their birthday's.  Each of their hairdo's couldn't be more polar opposites, with one niece having blonde, shoulder length, Shirley Temple-like, corkscrew curls and the other has straight, brown/fair hair that goes way down her back.  But every wee girl loves scrunchies for their hair and if not in their hair, they love the wear them on their wrists as accessories. You can find any amount of tutorials on YouTube on how to make scrunchies, but they are a pretty easy make and I made a tonne of them in no time at all.  All you need is strips of fabric and elastic.  These would be such easy an

Handmade Handbag/Purse Faux Leather Tassel and dangle Charm

 Handmade Handbag/Purse Faux Leather Tassel and Dangle Charm Whatabout ye Folks, it's Lee here.  This is just a real quick wee post with probably more photos than is absolutely necessary, lol.  When I made our wee Mamma, the Passion Flower Tote  from Blue Calla Patterns on YouTube , I wanted to make a faux leather tassel and bag charm to spruce it up a wee bit.  Not that it needed it, but I think the bag looks cute with them on either side.   To make the tassel, I just used some of the left over faux leather fabric that I had from making the bag.   The dangle charm was simply made using a piece of chunky chain I had in my stash. And I made these wee charmy, dangle bits and added them to the chain using split rings.  These are beads that I have had in my stash for years and years, so unfortunately I don't have a shopping link for you.  But even if you have old, broken costume jewellery hanging about, it's perfect to take apart and make a dangle charm with.   They can both b

Tutorial - How to make beaded Christmas charms & Jewellery

Tutorial - How to make beaded Christmas charms & Jewellery  What about ye folks, its Lee here.  How cute are these?!  Ugh, I just love them.  They're such cute makes.  Like in my previous post, these were made using beads and crystals from .  The quality of these products are incredible.  Honestly, I wouldn't steer you wrong.  I'm so chuffed with these. I've been making little Angels for well over a decade now, in one form or another.  Should they be charms, stickpins, jewellery accessories etc.  And these little charms would be perfect for a keyring or as a handbag charm.  You could also convert them and make them into earrings or a necklace pendant. These are so cute!  Little candy cane earrings.  I saw this design on Pinterest and knew I had to do something similar with the glass pearls and teardrop crystals from   They worked out perfectly.  I can't wait to rock these this Christmas, lol We've had Angels and candy canes a

How to make Beaded Christmas Icicles

How to make Beaded Christmas Icicles What about ye folks, its Lee here.  I was recently contacted by  to see if I wanted to try some of their products and do an honest review.  Now, I have not been paid for this at all, they simply sent me some products of my choosing.  I agreed on the premise that any review I give would be completely honest.  Oh boy am I glad they got in touch.  Their site is a bead lovers paradise with so many beautiful items to craft with.  My order arrived within 7 days which is incredibly quick and the products I got are awesome. I'm sharing a couple of videos with you today.  The first is the haul of goodies that I got and the next is a tutorial sharing these beautiful Christmas icicles.  These can be put onto your key ring, used as an accessory on a handbag or backpack or, as I will be using them, a Christmas decoration on my Christmas tree. The quality of the beautiful glass pearls and tiny crystal bicone beads is exceptional.  And the tool

Quick Tip - how to straighten stickpins and Jewellery wire

Quick Tip - how to straighten stickpins and Jewellery wire Hi folks.  Just a quick wee video tip today.  When I make my stickpins, I usually buy them in bulk from China on Ebay.  Problem with this is, you always end up with bent, wonky stickpins that you need to straighten.  Also, when you use jewellery wire, we have to muck about with the wire and jewellery pliers in an attempt to straighten something that has been wrapped tightly in a can see my dilemma.   Well, here is a quick tip which won't result in you cutting the hands off yourself, whilst struggling to straighten the wonky little blighters! I hope to be back soon with a few Tim Holtz Embellishment Kits for sale.  They'll be a mixed selection of Tim Holtz goodies.  So instead of having 18 hanger paper clips when all you need is 2, or 1 set of box corners instead of paying for 3 sets, I have put together various sized kits to cater all budgets.  Also....a Miss Congeniality Giveaway will be announced

Spooky Ghoul Halloween Earrings

Spooky Ghoul Halloween Earrings Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!  These earrings are perfect for Halloween.  Look at them....they are the Spice Girls of the Underworld all ready for their big debut on Halloween night.  OMG did I just say Spice Girls?  I'm showing my age, lol. Ok I know they won't be to everyone's taste, but I love these earrings. And how amazing would these look on you at a Halloween Party when you are all dressed up to the ghoulish nines?  I love them, I think they are brilliant.  But of course I am biased, because I made the little blighters, lol. The skulls are actually dyed polished Turquoise stones.    I added glass seed beads to look like the spine and leg bones and added little crowns made with a sparkly crystal rondelle and a bead cap.  I made their little skirts from 2 different kinds of bead caps. These purple ones are the same as the above earrings only with purple dyed polished turquoise. Look at those wee faces.  How could you not love the

Halloween Handmade Fabric Flowers and Stickpins

Halloween Handmade Fabric Flowers and Stickpins Frightful Flora Collection These are actually Orange and Black, but the camera appears to be making them look red. (The wee bead spider was actually made by my friend Kerry Denyer on Youtube....thanks Kerry) Ghoul Stickpins Ok so I know its a little early for Halloween.......but if its ok to show Christmas cards in August well, I think its more than ok to show these wee guys.  And us crafters have to get on top of these things early you know. Anywhoodles...........I'm in need of A LOT of "Awwww's" and "Ack you poor wee duck" sort of comments.  I'm sickie-no-well and I'm feeling terribly sorry for myself.  Until a few days ago, I was able to proudly profess that I hadn't been sick with any sort or bug, cold or virus for nearly 7 years.  But then....... my family has a little get together on Monday passed for ma wee Mamma's birthday and it all goes to pot!  The very next day, 3 of u

More Stickpins and fabric flowers

More Stickpins and fabric flowers Yummy stickpins Ive been adding to my "Grannies Sewing Room" Collection flowers.  Theyre so cute!  I know, I know Ive been a complete nightmare of late.  Neglecting my blog, your blogs, my craft room and thats to name but a few.  And guess what Im blaming it on........yep you guessed it.......the good 'ole Northern Ireland weather!!  I cannot take it any more!  Its dark, dull, grey, damp, windy and bloomin' cold! I have at this moment in time the heating on at full blast and a duvet up round me.  I can't find the motivation to go and craft when its so incredibly grey!  According to BBC newsline Northern Ireland got less than 120 hours of sunshine last month........THATS ONLY 5 DAYS!  And I tell you what.....that was them rounding up or over estimating or something because my neck of the woods didn't see no 120 hours of sunshine let me tell ye. Anyway, enough of my yapping.  Theres another sneaky reason I haven't