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GDRP & Privacy Policy

Google requires me to advise all EU visitors to this blog about the use of Cookies, data collection and use of personalised/non-personalised ads.  Googles direct quote in relation to this:  "This site uses cookies by Google to deliver it's services and to analyse traffic.  Your IP address and user agent are shared with Google, together with performance and security metrics, to ensure quality of service, generate usage statistics and to detect and address abuse."

Google has provided my Blog with a Pop-Up Consent box where you can decide on exactly what information you consent or do not consent to.  Google has provided me with this pop up to make things easy for you the user, and me, the Blogger.  

As for information on my end, I do not collect any of your personal information for my own data collection.......I don't even know how that would work, lol.  I do not have access to your personal data, IP address, browser type etc.  When you leave a comment on my blog and you are signed in through your Google account or whatever public profile you do use, please be aware that your user name and profile picture will be visible on the comments section along with those details if you follow me through Google's "Followers" ad-on.  You can of course delete your comments at any time and unfollow me, if you so wish.

If you contact me through the "Contact Me" ad-on feature on this blog, this gives me access to your message that you send along with the email address you would like me to reply to you to.  Please be aware that I do not store your information for any purpose other than to answer whatever question or query you have.  Any and all information you provide to me is used for the purposes of personal use only and I will never share personal information with anyone for any purpose whatsoever. You will not be added to a mailing list of any kind. If you have asked me to send you something or you purchase an item and you provide me with your name and address, these details will only be used for that purpose and shared with me and the shipping company, for eg, Royal Mail, and will never be used for sending marketing or promotional material or for third party data collection.

I hope I have made this clear.....I'm sure you see these types of GDRP messages popping up all over the internet.  Google told me I had to do it, so I hope it all makes sense.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx