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Altered Chocolate Box - Steampunk Box Nature meets Industry

Altered Chocolate Box - Steampunk Box Nature meets Industry Steampunk Altered Chocolate Box Well, whatabout ye folks.  Me again back to fill your minds with more of my nonsense, lol.  Today I want to show you another altered chocolate box I made. was Easter recently remember!  So I got a box of choccies from no I am not a complete gorbyguts!  Well......maybe just a bit when it comes to chocolate but anywho, Im not counting the calories so neither should you, lol.  Anyway calories don't count if its a special occasion like Easter, Christmas, my birthday, Our Anniversary.....everyone  else's Anniversaries, other peoples birthdays........Monday's, Tuesday's, Wednesday's........... are you getting the picture?  Heehee. Anywhoodles, I am doing a Altered Box Swap with a fellow Youtuber and friend, Vikkie from Norway.  Well no she is from England but now lives in beautiful Norway.  We decided an altered box swap would be the perfect

Life in an Altered Tray - Mixed Media altered tray

Life in an Altered Tray - Mixed Media altered tray Altered Tray Good morning my little Loopy Loo's.  And how are we this fine Tuesday morning?  I've been up to me old altering tricks again.  My poor long suffering Scrubby cant bring anything into the house now without me trying to knick it and claim it as something I can alter, heehee.  Apparently "Not everything needs altered or distressed"....according to Scrubby!  "Such blasphemy"....I protest! And I'm not one bit ashamed to say that my cat was put out last night covered in sparkly glitter.  Yep, that's what happens when you rudely interrupt me mid flower glittering! And she......Nimbus our cat that is, was very impatient and was doing the cat equivalent to a funny little gig you do when you're bursting for the loo, that she didn't give me the time to wash the glitter off my hands.....face, arms, hair.....and all over my clothes.  So, she was scooped up into my glittery arms,

Another Altered Chocolate Box!! Im not a gorb...honest!!

Another Altered Chocolate Box!! Pretty Shabby Chic Vintage style Box  Pictures are rubbish ..... the lighting was awful!  Bloody winter!  Baaaa! Yes I realise it may seem like its been FOREVER since you've had me nattering in your ear .... but do not despair ....... for I have returned!  Heehee.  I've been so busy since Christmas my head feels like its doing a bit of an Exorcist move and me old noggin keeps spinning around!!  Anywho....onwards and upwards as they say.... I know, I are all gonna be thinking "Another bloody altered box?  How much chocolate do you eat woman??!!"  Well, to answer that question......I love chocolate and could eat it until it came out of me ears.  But to be completely honest, as much as I would love to be able to eat chocolate until it came out of me ears......I cant, unless I dont care about fitting through my doors!!  But, I have been collecting boxes for a long time.  And even when family member get choccies