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Alice in Wonderland Mini Album

Alice in Wonderland Mini Album A very Happy UnBirthday to youuuuuuu Helloooooo my lovelies.  Please be gentle on me with this one as this is my very first proper mini album.  And I LOVE it but thats just me, lol.  I was surfing the web and having a nosey around Youtube trying to find some ideas for a pressie I could make for my bestie, Maddy ( ) as I wanted to make something really special for her birthday.  I am a subbie of Marion Smith on Youtube and remembered she made her own printables.  Click HERE for her Youtube channel.  As it was my first one, I felt a little intimidated by it so I kept pretty much similar to her design but with a few Loops's twists added in for good measure.  If you have never visited Marion's website or had a play with any of her designs, (link no longer availble) to go straight to her website.  The printables are delicious and I have bought another few to have a go at those too. As soon as I saw the Wonderland pri

Bookbinding tutorial - How to do a 4 hole pamphlet Stitch

Bookbinding tutorial - How to do a 4 hole pamphlet Stitch Nope this is not a moment of deja-vu.  This is in fact a new pamphlet stitch tutorial, the first being 3 holes and this being 4.  My reasoning for doing the 4 hole stitch is simply because I saw others making junk journals using my previous 3 hole stitch binding system.  And as they were junk journals, they obviously didn't have uniform and perfect sized signatures for the 3 holes.  Some had added small tags, envelopes, wee bits of scrap paper etc.  My concern was that these small pieces would maybe only get one stitch through them which would mean they may come apart and fall out of the journal.  So with the 4 holes, at least 2 stitches would be placed in smaller pieces of paper making this stitch perfect for junk journalling.  You can have the spacing of the sew holes as close or as far apart as you like.  Its up to you.  I wanted quite a large gap between the top stitches and the bottom stitches as I'm planning on add