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Handmade Large Bunny Rabbit from In the Hoop Online

 Handmade Large Bunny Rabbit from In the Hoop Online Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  And look.....she can make more than just handbags and wallets, teehee.  Isn't this big bunny the cutest thing ever.  I bought this Bunny pattern from In the Hoop Online .  This is such a lovely pattern from Adele and it comes together so easily too.  Adele also has a fantastic step by step video tutorial on her YouTube channel .  So you can sew along with your pattern or follow along with the video, which is definitely my preferred method.  I noticed that Adele has loads of other toy patterns me thinks I may be having a little shopping spree happening soon, lol. I'm sure you've noticed from past toy projects, that I tend to make my toys in batches of three, for my nephew and 2 nieces.  Well, a new wee nephew arrived in October, so my toys will now be made in batches of 4.  I made this first bunny as my tester as I wanted to see just how much stuffing this bunny would ta