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Handmade Large Bunny Rabbit from In the Hoop Online

 Handmade Large Bunny Rabbit from In the Hoop Online
Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  And look.....she can make more than just handbags and wallets, teehee.  Isn't this big bunny the cutest thing ever.  I bought this Bunny pattern from In the Hoop Online.  This is such a lovely pattern from Adele and it comes together so easily too.  Adele also has a fantastic step by step video tutorial on her YouTube channel.  So you can sew along with your pattern or follow along with the video, which is definitely my preferred method.  I noticed that Adele has loads of other toy patterns me thinks I may be having a little shopping spree happening soon, lol.

I'm sure you've noticed from past toy projects, that I tend to make my toys in batches of three, for my nephew and 2 nieces.  Well, a new wee nephew arrived in October, so my toys will now be made in batches of 4.  I made this first bunny as my tester as I wanted to see just how much stuffing this bunny would take.  This is a BIG bunny and I stuffed her pretty full so she's actually quite the weighty girl.  If you wanted a less structured, softer bunny I am sure you could use less stuffing.  But I wanted this bunny to be able to sit under her own weight.  So, she's weighty but very sturdy.  
The pattern didn't come with the bow tie.  I just came up with that myself as I thought the neck area looked a little sparse with nothing there.  I love the foot pads.  I just use black faux leather and added them to the base with a small dot of glue in the centre of each piece.  Then I just top stitched around each pad.  
I used mostly fat quarters from the Me to You bear fabrics but I also added some random fabrics that I had in my stash.  I wanted the bunny to be a patch work style and not necessarily have matching fabrics everywhere.  I just love how it turned out.  And because the bear uses cotter joints and plastic joints, the head, arms and legs can all move independently too.  
Not much more to say about this really, only that it is so super cute and I can't wait to make the other 3 now.  I have them all cut, interfaced and ready to go.  So, be prepared for many more bunnies to come, lol.  I just have to wait on another order of toy stuffing to come in and then the next 3 will be made.

And that's it from me for now folks.....Toodles Noodles...Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

At the time of typing, the items I linked to are available.  However, items stock changes all the time, some items where bought on auction sites and with time marching by, some items I link may no longer be available from that particular seller.  However, a quick Google search should help you out if my links are no longer working/available.

Jeans Needle - Amazon
Personalised Labels - Wunderlabels
Me to You fat Quarter bundles and other random fabrics were purchased from different sellers on Ebay.
40mm cotter joints for the head -, Ebay

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  1. this is such a sweet bear and I'm sure his brothers will be the same lol, maybe a little sister bear as well ?? xx


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