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Junk Journal - First gentle. Photos and Video

Junk Journal - First gentle.  Photos and Video Junk Journal - A4 size VERY PHOTO HEAVY.  FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO SKIP THE PHOTO'S, I'VE DONE A WEE VIDEO AT THE END OF THE POST SHOWING YOU THROUGH THE BOOK. What about ye folks.  Im back again! My sister had a very wonderful 21st Birthday, thank you to everyone who wished her a Happy Birthday.  And even after me posting such an embarrassing story and photo of her in my last post, my wee T is still talking to me!  I think after 21 years of having me as her sister, Tara has come to realise that I'm a bit of a nut, have no limits to what I will say or do and if there is an opportunity to create an embarrassing moment....well she knows I'll take it, lol. I decided I wanted to make her something that she could add to over the years.  So, I made her a Junk Journal. They seem to be all the rage in the USA at the moment but they are slowly making their way over here.  For those who don't know what a Jun

Flower Tutorial Video - Large Cabbage Rose/Peony style flower

Flower Tutorial Video - Large Cabbage Rose/Peony style flower Large Cabbage Rose Using Tim Holtz Tattered Florals Die Side profile....isn't is so pretty?  I love it....First attempt at a bigger one using this die so it ain't perfect! Ello Ello ma Petite Loopy Loo's.  Ohhhhh get me and me French!!  But there is a reason for it ..... of course!  I've decided if you say this flower with the proper French accent, the "cabbage" part sounds so much more romantic and appealing.  Go on....give it a try....."Cabbaaaaagggge Rose".... See, sounds so much better.  Oh I so have you lot repeating that now, haven't I?!  Heehee. Ive been a bit of a boldie and a lazy bumhead (I know....strange expression but if you know me at all by now...its pretty much the norm.  Plus its a nickname I call my sister, one of many I might add. I really have to re-evaluate my nicknames for my sibling. First Mi-Wadi, now don't want to know the rest!).  

Flower Tutorial - Paper/Cardstock Daisy

Flower Tutorial - Paper Daisy Hi Folks.  Im back with another flower tutorial for you all.  "About time" I hear you say (or maybe not!!).  You will see from the photos above its a Daisy.  I used the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die but you can cut your own thin petalled shaped flowers or use a different type of die or punch with similar petals.  Lets get to it. Firstly and like always........ I'd like to apologise for the state of my hands and nails, but crafting is a messy business and I do get messy. And when you have long nails, well, they are my tweezers half the time so they are gonna get mucky too, Lol.  Its half the fun, hee hee.  Heres what you need. 1. Die cut 3 small and 3 of the 2nd biggest flower You will need Tim Holtz Tattered florals die or cut your own similar to photo 1 above,  card stock,  glue,  embossing tool or pen end,  yellow ink pad or marker, A piece of foam or the back of a mouse mat. Daisy Tutorial - What you nee

The Tim Holtz Grunge Rose Flower Tutorial

The Tim Holtz Grunge Rose Flower Tutorial APOLOGISE AGAIN FOR THE STATE OF MY NAILS!!  I was using colourbox yellow chalk inks and they are so hard to get off your hands and nails!! WHAT YOU NEED Tim Holtz Tattered florals - 3 of the largest flowers cut from the die. Cardstock or patterned paper - any type of paper can be used for this rose, I just happened to use white card stock this time around.  I also suggest you decorate your flowers before making them.  You can add glitter and stickles etc after its made though. PVA, silicone or an alternative wet glue DO NOT USE A HOT GLUE GUN!  The glue dries too hard and makes it extremely difficult to bend and manipulate the flowers.  I made this mistake in these photos! Scissors Pokey tool or cocktail stick Inks, paints, sprays etc to decorate your flower - your choice. 1.  Remove petals as instructed STEP ONE:   Take one flower and make a cut between 2 of the petals down to the centre of your flower. Take the