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Flower Tutorial - Calla Lilly - Video

Flower Tutorial - Calla Lilly - Video Hi folks.  Don't faint......this is not your imagination or an illusion!  Tis I......Loops!  Heehee Boy oh boy did my mojo take a turn for the worst!  It really was touch and go there for a while.....we thought I might lose it all together.  But, I am glad to say that after a great deal of looking after and the arrival of a certain Ginormous Birthday Box I received (see last post) gladly, Loops's mojo has made a full recovery and is ready and raring to go, lol.  Phew, Im glad to be back.....Shucks but I missed you guys (she blushes meekly........"Oh Aye" you say "Loops is real meek"!!) I was asked ages ago by Sonia if I would mind doing a tutorial on a Lilly Flower.  Well, we all know I love a good challenge and love requests and as I had made these wee babies before I thought to myself.....why not do a wee video on how to make them.  Now the video I have done is for a wee Calla Lilly and you can basically make the

Maaaahoosive Birthday box from Fiona

Maaaahoosive Birthday box from Fiona Well folks......long time no see.  I know Ive been MIA on Blogland.  And I can just hear you all sigh with relief and say "Well thank goodness Loops is back on the scene"!  Heehee. A lot going on at the minute and we have been busy wee beavers trying to sort out my Tip of a Craft Room.  I have come to the conclusion......which Ive told a few bloggy Friends already, but I'll say it again as Im really starting to believe it............I THINK IM MAGIC!!!! Oh aye......I totally rocking Hermione Thingie Ma Bob off Harry Porter (Hermione Granger? Isnt it?.....shame on me for not knowing!).  And my reason for thinking Im magic?  I have actually defied all laws of physics and I have managed to fit more "stuff" (trying to be polite about it!) into a space that doesnt actually allow that much "stuff " to be placed into it!  Get my drift? Therefore, the only conclusion I can come to is that Im either some sort of Super

Grungy Journal - handmade Journal

Grungy Journal - handmade Journal Hi folks, how are we this very fine day?  Any word of Spring making an appearance around your neck of the woods??  It was 10 degrees at the hottest point of the day in grey Northern Ireland so that's practically summer around here!! Anywhoodles, I just wanted to show you this Journal I made for my very good friend Fiona (YouTube Jennings 644 ).  This Journal was actually the first one I ever made.  From scratch I mean.........sewing the papers, making the covers, putting the book together.....proper making a book from scratch.  And I just love how rough and ready it turned out.  It wont be to everyone's liking I'm sure,  but I really love it and Fiona was so chuffed when she received it too. Im not going to waffle too much and just get on with the photos!  WHAT?  I hear you cry!!  And no, I do not have a temperature and Im not sick!  In fact when I have a temperature and am sick......I tend to waffle more!  Or is that moan more??

Craft Organiser - How to make an album or folder

Craft Organiser - How to make an album or folder Hi everyone.  Ok so I was using a wee book that I made......way back when I started crafting to keep as a wee Craft Organiser.  You know, with Crafty Buds names and addresses, Swaps I did, or needed to do, Blog Candies I won, or held, Inventory of Craft goodies like which Distress Inks I had etc and where I buy my stuff from. But sadly, this wee book which is the same size as the Journal in the last post is, well, completely insufficient for the job as crafting has inevitably taken over my life!  So I decided to make a proper Organiser with dividers so I could organise everything all fansy shmansy pantsy styly! I wanted to get the binders that Tim Holtz was selling.  But to be honest, I was not willing to spend £4 for two wee binder do-daa's.  So Little Miss Tight A**e here went on to the old World Wide Web to see if I could maybe buy 10 or 20 from some sort of stationery supplier.  Now if you have ever tried to find these things

Small Hand-bound Shabby Chic Vintage Journal

Small Hand-bound Shabby Chic Vintage Journal I probably should have put a bird on the cage....but it flew away!  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it! I am showing you a small Journal I made last summer but never got around to posting on my blog.  I was going mad (or more mad than usual!) not having anything to show.......previous post gives the reason for my distinct lack of crafting.  So, I was churning through my photos and came across this little journal I made. I think when I started my blog I decided to show only projects from my first blog day onwards and not really considered previous projects which is silly really.  Ok, my pre-blog projects wont be quite as good as my projects now as I only really started crafting in April of last year.  And as I haven't been proper crafting for even a year yet, technically I'm still a go easy on me, lol. Anywhoodles, I think I did enough waffling in my last post that it can carry over for this one so wi

I havent fallen off the face of the earth.....honest!

I havent fallen off the face of the earth.....honest! I know, I are all starting to get that little niggle in the back of your mind arent you?  The one that says "I feel like Ive forgotten something or something is missing"!.  So before you start patting yourself down looking for your keys or looking through your handbag to make sure your purse is there, checking your pockets for your mobile and checking the kids to do a head count.......Its ok............the only thing that youve been missing is ME!!!!!! Heehee, Jeez I have a high opinion of myself dont I? Lol.  Im so sorry I havent been about to fill your heads with some (opps, Im mean "all"!) of my silly nonsense and making you laugh until tea comes out of your noses (again....high opinion of my comedic value too, lol), I havent actually fallen off the Giants Causeway and been swept out to sea.  I have been MIA for a number of reasons.  Ok, theres one major reason for crafting MIA and it has to do