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Craft Organiser - How to make an album or folder

Craft Organiser - How to make an album or folder

Hi everyone.  Ok so I was using a wee book that I made......way back when I started crafting to keep as a wee Craft Organiser.  You know, with Crafty Buds names and addresses, Swaps I did, or needed to do, Blog Candies I won, or held, Inventory of Craft goodies like which Distress Inks I had etc and where I buy my stuff from.

But sadly, this wee book which is the same size as the Journal in the last post is, well, completely insufficient for the job as crafting has inevitably taken over my life!  So I decided to make a proper Organiser with dividers so I could organise everything all fansy shmansy pantsy styly!

I wanted to get the binders that Tim Holtz was selling.  But to be honest, I was not willing to spend £4 for two wee binder do-daa's.  So Little Miss Tight A**e here went on to the old World Wide Web to see if I could maybe buy 10 or 20 from some sort of stationery supplier.  Now if you have ever tried to find these things, you will know how much like gold dust they are to find other than the Timmy ones of course.  But I eventually found a guy who was selling them in boxes of 1000 on ebay!!!!!  So Im in no way behind the door in asking for something I want and I certainly wasnt paying hundreds of quid for 1000 binder ringy thingies.  So, I emailed and said

"Pretty please Mr Binder Seller Man, could you by any chance pretty please sell me some of your binder rings in a smaller quantity pleasy?  I be a teeny wee crafter and dont need to buy them on an Industrial scale!!!"....

So Mr Binder Seller Man emails me back and says "I appear to get quite a lot of emails from you Crafty Lot but to be honest Misses Tight A**e, it doesnt make financial sense for me to sell them in teeny tiny crafty bundles of 10 or 20."

So, I flutter my eyes at him.....even though Im emailing him and I cant see the guy and I type in my sweetest typing Northern Irish voice......"Well pretty please Mr Binder Seller Man, how many do you think would be financially viable for you to sell to little ole me?"

His reply, in an abrupt salesman typing voice " The smallest bundle that I could sell them in is a box of 100 but the price would be a bit more expensive per unit as it is a much smaller quantity than I usually sell".

"100"!!!!.......I screamed!!!

"Yes" he replied, "but I will do them at a good price for you."

"Aye right"  me thinks ......."he said 2 seconds earlier they would be dearer per unit because of the smaller quantity but now he's saying he'll do me a good deal!  Hmmmmmm?"

So me being the complete and utter mug that I am thought to me self, "Awww well why not.  I can give some away in Blog Candies, use them myself obviously and maybe sell some to people who need them but at a good price".

So.......Muggins here has a rather large box of binders sitting in my craft room. SO......if you see a lot of mini albums and binder books being made in the next will know why!

Anywhoodles, here is the video of how I made my Craft Organiser Album.  Its not filled with papers yet, not decorated on the front or inside or any wee pockets added to the inside dividers or anything.  This is just the basic video showing you how to make an album using the binders.  They are perfect for organiser albums, smash books, mini albums, photo name it.  Wendy AKA Flower Girl Cards you will probably find this video useful as you asked me how to make an album with the ones I sent you in your Candy.  Any questions just give me a shout.

I hope this has inspired you to have a go and make any kind of album of your own.  Im going to have a go at a mini album next.  Any usual just holler in the comment section below or contact me through my wee contact me button on the top right above.

Ohhhh isnt the dreamy music lovely?  I stuck my headphones on last night and nodded off listening to it!  Im such a me a lullaby and Im out like a one year old!

Toodles Noodles......Loops xx

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  1. Wow lee your video is fabulous!!!! Your album looks gorgeous!!!! You are one creative lady!!!! way to go my friend!!!!!!

  2. Great idea, think i need to borrow this one to get my crafty life organised (if its even possible!) Love the papers you've used, they are great colours. Another great project lee =)
    ps you're video kept my lil one quite for a while...he found you very interesting!

  3. Lee i think I love 'fansy shmansy pantsy' as much as 'Scrubby'! YOu are priceless! and your adorable binder is too!
    Hugs Laurie xx

  4. After watching you, I think even I could make one a-dem! You made it look so easy...but that was probably you bein' an expert an' all! Loved it, Lee...hope you're gonna show the end result!

  5. This is amazing! The finished organiser is really professional looking! Great tutorial, Ruth x

  6. Love your little story Lee, I can see you've a wicked sense of humor rather like my own !

    You make creating something so prefessional look so easy.

    Off to mail you, I'm working back to front this monring, nothing new there then.

    B x

  7. love you tutorials always so interesting to get fresh ideas, one of these days will I promise you take not and have a go
    hugs Kate x

  8. Wonderful tutorial Lee and gorgeous binder... I so wish you'd talk on it tho as I love your Irish lilt!

    Christine x

  9. Brilliant tutorial Lee! Your binder turned out exquisite! I've always enjoyed making books, too, thanks for the superb movie!

  10. Fab video tutorial Lee, I love that paper you have used for the covers - beautiful! As is your snazzy dst bracelet :-) That hole punching tool looks a lot quieter than my boingy thing. I have to wait until Tom goes out before he'll let me use mine! Well done, your finished file is great. Also, love the tale about the binder man LOL! Maddy x

  11. Lee, oh my I want that binder! It's so gorgeous and would be fab for me to keep my index of stamped images in! If you don't want to give it to me then I'll have to pinch it!
    Gorgeous gorgeous project with a fab tutorial! I may have to try to get the supplies and make one for myself in a few months time. Have a fab weekend Karen x

  12. Great binder. Want to have a go at a smaller notebook first. I only ever did cardmaking and you have shown us more altered crafts. Love your work. xx

  13. love you video. fab idea with the album.
    could just do with one of these.
    brilliant idea.
    not sure mine would be as good as yours though!!

    thanks for visiting my blog x

  14. Hi Lee, WOW!!!!! what a fab tut hun. Love the finished binder. :o) Your story made me chuckle too hun. Hope you're having a fab weekend.

    Donna x

  15. wow fantastic tutorial Lee...a star is born girl
    Mina xxx

  16. Hi hun, sorry I haven't been by for a while I could have sworn it hadn't been that long since I checked your blog but then I seem to have lost half of this week so maybe that's why lol. Your post really amused me again, you really do know how to tell a story! I am also a bargain hunter, so I completely understand the buying in bulk, that is exactly what I would do too. Wow! What a fab tutorial and a really beautiful end result, and the idea of having a big binder for organizing crafty bits, is very appealing , I have a little diary type book at the moment and quite frankly it has seen better days lol The way you pointed out how to tidy up the corners was particularly helpful and I loved the music, so relaxing. Thanks for sharing and I hope you are having a fantastic weekend
    Lindsay xx

  17. Love, love , love your blog! Thank you for all of the sweet comments that you leave for me! I've off to watch your video!!!

  18. Hi sweetie, please check my blog, I have nominated you for the green blend award
    Lindsay xx

  19. That was a fabulous video! The music you had with it was so lovely! TFS~


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