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I havent fallen off the face of the earth.....honest!

I havent fallen off the face of the earth.....honest!

I know, I are all starting to get that little niggle in the back of your mind arent you?  The one that says "I feel like Ive forgotten something or something is missing"!.  So before you start patting yourself down looking for your keys or looking through your handbag to make sure your purse is there, checking your pockets for your mobile and checking the kids to do a head count.......Its ok............the only thing that youve been missing is ME!!!!!!

Heehee, Jeez I have a high opinion of myself dont I? Lol.  Im so sorry I havent been about to fill your heads with some (opps, Im mean "all"!) of my silly nonsense and making you laugh until tea comes out of your noses (again....high opinion of my comedic value too, lol), I havent actually fallen off the Giants Causeway and been swept out to sea.  I have been MIA for a number of reasons.  Ok, theres one major reason for crafting MIA and it has to do with the simple little fact that my Craft Room has serious issues! craft room has issues....not me.  Its issue is that it refuses to tidy up after I make something in it!  The cheek of it!  And now, Scrubby has decided (with a little help from wee Jiminey Cricket on his shoulder......thats so much nicer than saying "nagging wife"!) to decorated and is painting the bathroom and kitchen, pulling apart and kitting out a big cupboard with shelving and storage, putting shelves up in my craft room amongst many other decorating and DIY thingies.  The bathroom is now complete but the rest isnt.  And living in a teeny tiny 2 bedroom bungalow means space is a major issue so guess who's room has been turned in to the DIY and decorating dumping ground? craft room.  And thats on top of the fact that Im a messy pup to start with....opps, I mean my craft room is a messy pup....not me....never me!

So my room refuses to tidy itself up, my desk......well my desk looks like a tip and somewhere in there buried beneath paint rollers and dust sheets sits my big comfy chair......sitting neglected and alone (Queue lonely, sad music), shivering and scared by its lack of use and feeling distinctly abandoned from the lack of my squishy bum sitting on it!  Did I just say my bum was squishy??  I meant to say "my athletically toned perky bum" (aye right.....maybe 10 years ago Loops!!).

So I have created nothing, nada, zip, zilch....not even one tiny flower petal and I feel like I am getting Craft Withdrawal.  Oh yeh.....thats a real Withdrawal thingiemabobber.  It can be fatal for mojo if left untreated.  And as my Craft Room is out of bounds, the Craft Doctor (my very own professional craft doctor-ey mind!) is telling me I need a dose of a crafty shopping spree at least once as week.  And if thats not incentive enough for Scrubby to work quickly, well I dont know what else is, heehee!

Ive even been trying to get decent photos of the Journal I bound from scratch and decorated for Scrubby but as Northern Ireland appears to be the grey-ist place on the planet the photos are AWFUL!  AND I uploaded my Bookbinding tutorials and in the ones I talked in, I sounded like a bloomin' Leprechaun on fast forward and when I did remember to slow down my talking, I just sounded like I was drunk and then to top it all off Youtube gave off about the music I had put over my talking instead and you'd have thought I had committed a murder!!!  So they have to all be redone again.  So Im sorry I have had nada to show you.

If I dont get me some crafting soon, Im gonna go crazy!!!  Oh and if I havent visited you in a few days.....well, Super Geek strikes again!  Scrubby had to reinstall laptop.....Sammy the Samsung!  Im sad I know.  So not only can I not get into my craft room but I was laptopless for 3 days.....that sounds kinda wrong doesnt it?  But Sammy is back to full health again....WOOWHOO!

So now that I have bored you all to tears with my tales of Woe......Im outta here.  Hopefully I will have something to show you soon.  Dont forget me! lol

Toodles Noodles,

Loops x


  1. You're completely mad Lee - and I loved every word lol!
    I did wonder where you'd gone, not like you to be so quiet!!
    Don't forget to post us some pics when all the decorating is done
    Hugs Laurie xx

  2. What da?... Cant leave a comment here, Lee! Ok, once again. So you will have all fresh and upgraded craft-room, honey? That's brilliant! Thanks for sharing such funny and positive post this morning! Hugs, kissinia

  3. Enjoyed reading your post. I am sure all the decorating will be worth it. Look forward to seeing your new makes (when you can get in your crafty room again).

  4. Hugely funny post Lee, can't wait to see your new craft room (tidied up and clean and all ;-)

  5. Glad to see you're still in the land of the living....thought I'd gone deaf....but no fear it was just you weren't rambling lol...and this post is no different, just the tonic for a miserable Monday morning. Do you think Sammy might like to be introduced to my Sally (Sat Nav)! who lives with Pippa (my Picasso) lol (and I thought I was the only one rofl).

  6. Love your style Lee , you have a great sense of humour and your crafting isn't bad either.
    Infact I love your style, those lacey flowers below are just fantastic . Get crafting or you will become more loopy than you are!!
    Im following can't wait to see what comes next.
    Hugs Elaine

  7. I totally agree with Laurie.... you are so mad.... but we love ya!

    Christine x

  8. missed you and your ramblings Lee. what about threatening to craft shop every day until your room is back to norm? that'll make scrubby go faster lol Karen x

  9. So glad you're posting again! I missed you!!!!Had given up looking, then thought today "I wonder..." and woohoo - there you are! Hope your spending spree is going well - I'm getting serious withdrawal after 4 weeks of not spending, and to top it all Tom says I can't have kudos for not "ordering" anything, because I won some stuff, and had to choose what I wanted, so technically I've ordered it!!! You can't win, so go ahead and order a LOAD of stuff and give Mark the incentive to get your room finished :-) Love Maddy x

  10. Lol your posts do make me laugh, my crafting area has those same issues! I don't really know what I would do if I couldn't craft or blog, probably read books about crafting and get frustrated because I couldn't make any of things in the books lol. Anyway I really must stop nattering as I was planning to get an early night tonight but things seem to have awry somewhere lol (I am easily distracted by pretty things), glad to see you are back to crafting and blogging now though
    Lindsay xx


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