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Maaaahoosive Birthday box from Fiona

Maaaahoosive Birthday box from Fiona

Well folks......long time no see.  I know Ive been MIA on Blogland.  And I can just hear you all sigh with relief and say "Well thank goodness Loops is back on the scene"!  Heehee.

A lot going on at the minute and we have been busy wee beavers trying to sort out my Tip of a Craft Room.  I have come to the conclusion......which Ive told a few bloggy Friends already, but I'll say it again as Im really starting to believe it............I THINK IM MAGIC!!!!

Oh aye......I totally rocking Hermione Thingie Ma Bob off Harry Porter (Hermione Granger? Isnt it?.....shame on me for not knowing!).  And my reason for thinking Im magic?  I have actually defied all laws of physics and I have managed to fit more "stuff" (trying to be polite about it!) into a space that doesnt actually allow that much "stuff " to be placed into it!  Get my drift?

Therefore, the only conclusion I can come to is that Im either some sort of Super Science Genius......which is highly unlikely OR........I'm actually MAGIC.......which, lets face it,  is highly more likely than me being a science genius!

Anywhoodles, "The Tip" is getting there.  New shelves have been put up to house more of "the stuff".  The poor things were only up approximately 20 seconds and out I came with me super sticky red line DST, frilly lace, pink ribbon and flat back pearls and I totally Girlified those bad boys up!!  And considering Ive never been a girlie girl and would never have considered adding lace and trims to the front edge of my shelves.....I kinda shocked myself a bit when I did it and actually liked the results.

Anyway, the room is slowly getting there.  We were making pretty good progress and then something arrived in the post!!  My Birthday Pressie from Scrubby!!!!!  YIPPEEEEE!  Yes, Im aware that my Birthday was in February but what I asked for wasnt able to be here for my birthday down to me asking for it too late and the person I asked to do the pressie up was heading away and being a busy bee with life and whatnot.

Anywho..........heres a video of what Scrubby bought me.  My wonderful friend, Fiona who is the incredibly talented Jennings644 on Youtube kindly did me up a wonderful box of goodies.  Little did I know that when I received the box that she had jam packed it full of extra wee goodies too as a special gift to me.  So not only did I get what I paid for......but I got much. much more.

Thank you so much Fi, I greatly appreciate everything.
DONT FORGET TO CLOSE DOWN THE WEE ADVERT BOX......if its there on the screen! my room was getting all tidy and organised and then came a massive box of goodies which I had to find space for......and "The Tip" reappears again, lol.  And Im not even one bit apologetic or sorry about it.  Thanks for watching folks.  I'll be back soon with some actual real life creations!!  SHOCK HORROR!

Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx
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  1. Lee glad your back and I too have been sorting out my craft room but like you it's a tip again within 5 minutes of me being back inside it. Found loads of goodies that I had forgotten about so am now trying to use some of it up to replace it with more. Your box of goodies look wonderful. Really must order some flowers from you. love Alison xxx

  2. 'What about you'.. Lee, glad to have you back!!

    Love your box full of goodies from Fiona... but even more, love your Irish accent.. I could listen to you for hours!

    Christine x

  3. Yeeee! Love you nails, honey!!! Glad you have sorted all out! Great box by the way :) And I love you voice :) Hugs, kissinia

  4. hi Lee, we should all take a leaf out of your book. If we tidied up we would find so many nice things hidden under the newer nice things, and although a bummer to receive new gorgeous stuff and mess up the previous tidying, so fabulously nice too, looking forward to seeing firstly your new found stuff from the tidy and then your new new new stuff
    Hugs Kate xx

  5. Hello Lee

    I just can't wait to see what you choose to alter first lol.... what a wonderful box, so much stuff!!
    Loved your vidio and opening your box along with you!
    Tilly x

  6. Wow! So much lovely stuff!!! It all looks fab, look forward to seeing what you make next.
    I could listen to your lovely accent all day!
    Wendy x

  7. New goodies are the perfect excuse to create a mess Lee, how else will you be able to feast your eyes on everything ?

    Have a good weekend.

    B x

  8. Sounds like you've got your Ikea vibes going Lee ;-) Since they, too, always manage to put more stuff into a room, lol! Love your video, nice stuff!

  9. Missed you blog noodles Lee!

    What a delicious box of goodies! Am a bit jealous but can't wait to see what you make & I'm going to look on You Tube for Fiona Karen x

  10. Hi Lee, OMG, I have just watched your entire video and was amazed at how much Fiona got into your box! How lucky you are! I must say, I was as excited as you were to see all the things :) I couldn't wait! That lot will keep you going for ages, can't wait to see you what you create! (I love the way you chopped into some bubblewrap by the way, just like I would do!) Hugs, Teresa x

  11. Wow! What an amazing box of goodies you got, I am not at all surprised that you were excited, that lot should keep you going for a while. Can't wait to see what you make with all your crafty goodies. I dare say it was a birthday present worth waiting for. You will have to post some piccies of your craft room when it's all finished, it sounds like it's going to be very pretty. Hope you are having a lovely weekend
    Lindsay xx

  12. Wow lee you have been missed!!!! Great video!!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!!! Have a great day my friend!!!!!

  13. Hi Lee, ooh! your new shelves sound gorgeous all prettied up and I'm looking forward to checking out the box of goodies. Hope you're well hun. Missed ya!

    Donna x

  14. OH WOW!!!! Lee that's a fantastic box of goodies, you must have been really thrilled to receive that lot, I could see your hands shaking like it was Christmas lol. Have fun and can't wait to see what you make, oh and if you need a crafty friend to help my address is........
    Hugs Teresa xx

  15. Hey Loops,
    Lovely to see you back :-) What a lucky lady you are! I am lucky if I get anything remotely crafty for my birthday ;-) Its not so late and what a fab late present-plus it kept your birthday fun going another month! :-)
    Im a hop-a-long atm, on crutches boo! Went out for first time since Shingles and fell over in a major way :-/ Elaine-xxx-


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