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Handmade Sloth from a Payitforward Design

Handmade Sloth from a Payitforward Design What about ye folks, it's Lee here.  I know I have been quiet lately, but I'm here today to show you a super cute and cuddly sloth that I made, using Lisa Pay's design from her Payitforward YouTube channel.   Again, this is one of Lisa's free patterns and as always, her tutorial for this Sloth is second to none.  Anyone can make one of these little dudes and he's so soft and cuddly as he's made with polar fleece.  As always, I will list my shopping list below for everything I used to make this wee guy. Now, this little dude might be hanging out on his own in these photos, but he won't be alone for long as he has a new home already.  He's going to live with my wee brother's girlfriend, Rose, who absolutely loves Sloths.  I made her my Large Sloth tote bag as a Christmas gift last year.  The poor girl is going to be coming down with Sloth items, teehee. He was so incredibly easy to make and I'd say he was