Saturday, 19 May 2012

Handmade lace and Fabric Flowers

My handmade flowers

Hi folks.  Well its been a wee while since I've made any flowers but I made a lot of these for a lovely lady that sent me some gorgeous Timmy goodies.  Thank you so much Jean, I loved all the goodies you sent me.  I really hope you liked the flowers I sent you.

Just before I show you the flowers, I have one question.......any word of Summer ANYWHERE in the UK or Ireland yet???? What is going on here people???  I'd ask for a refund for this broken weather but there is no customer services helpline on this one!!! I am on my sofa with the central heating on full blast AND a single duvet pulled up under me cheeks practically!!  My wee eyes are peeking out over the top of my duvet with one hand sticking out to type this post! lol.  I look completely ridiculous but I'm freezing my butt off here!!  Gale force winds, hail stones and frost at night and the mornings..............does that sound like late Spring to you???  I'm that cold that I was eyeing up Nimbus.....our cat who is a long haired fluffy fur ball.  I actually wanted to lift her and wrap her around my neck as a scarf!!!  Though for some reason she didn't agree with this method of me staying warm so I conceded defeat and had to make do with her keeping my feet warm instead...........the spoil sport! lol

Anywho, here are the flowers that I have been making.  Beware........there are quite a few photos as there are quite a few flowers.....

These are made using various different laces with my wee flower centres in the middle.
Fluffy Goodness flowers

These Fluffy Goodness flowers can be fluffed up to be really dimensional on your projects or you can flatten the lace down if you prefer them to be a bit more flat.  This is handy if they are going on cards and being sent through the post.  And when they are removed they simply need "fluffing up" again and they are back to being as fluffy as they want to be!

I absolutely LOVE this peach gathered lace.  Sadly I have run out of it and I have no idea where I got it from in the first place!  So I will have to go hunting for it because its stunning lace and makes the most beautiful flowers.  Again I added a handmade flower centre.  This one is circled with pearl string rather than the bling.  It gives a much more feminine and softer feel to the flower I think.

I was just messing about with some left over bits of material and came up with this.  Its so pretty.

Again this flower can be "fluffed up" or kept flatter for whatever type of project you have in mind for it.  I added some pink satin ribbon and a button to the centre.

I love this flower.  There is something very natural about it. I used the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die and the material is a beautiful soft cream muslin with some burlap in the centre and a natural coloured button in the centre.  This material takes colour really well too so don't be afraid to add a splash of colour or colours to your fabrics.

Some more lace flowers

This one is made simply by gluing the lace to a circle of card and gluing it from the outside in to the centre. So simple but makes a very affective and beautiful flower.  Again it can be fluffed up or left flatish.

This would be one of my favourite laces as its incredible soft and fluffy and makes the most beautiful flowers.  This flower centre was simply made by using a wee buckle slider and a 10mm flat back pearl glued to the centre.

This is another beautifully soft lace and makes stunning flowers.

This lace was tea dyed by me.  Yip........I was out with me big bowl of boiling water, tea bags and fresh vanilla and I soaked my white lace in the liquid.  The beautiful vanilla smell perfumed the lace and my house at the same time.

This is a beautiful 2 tone lace sent to me by my lovely friend Tricia who is alittleshabbychic on Youtube.  You should check her out, she makes the most beautiful projects.  Click here to go to her channel.

This one is made using white gathered lace.  I only had a wee bit of this lace left and it was just right for thid flower.  Gathered lace is surprisingly difficult to find here and when you costs a small fortune to buy!

These would be another one of my favourites.  They just look so shabby chic.

Made using cream lace and one of my flower centres

Another Fluffy Goodness flower using pink satin and black tulle.  A completely different look to the lace flowers

The dimension on these flowers is just beautiful and because the tulle is quite stiff, they hold their shape and dimension really well.

I made the wee pink rose from pink satin ribbon and the some beautiful brown polka dot material.

Side profile

I love the fabric on this wee flower

Country Kitchen collection flower

This is made using a beautiful satin flourished fabric and white lace with one of my flower centres 

The fibres of the material come off a wee bit on this flower but I think it just adds to the shabby chic style of them

And lastly I sent Jean some of my flower centres as well.  So now she has plenty of flower centres to make her own flower.

Thats it from me folks.  Sorry if Ive been a bit absent lately.  Loads going on in Loopy Land!  If any of you happen to bump in to Summer......could you send it over to Northern Ireland please?!  Cheers big ears.

Ps.......Before I go, I just wanted to wish my wee Granda or Grangra as my wee sister used to call him, avery HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday.  Hope you had a wonderful birthday wee Spring Chicken.

 Toodles Noodles.......Loops x

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Altered Frames - And a quick how to...

Altered Frames

Hello Folks.  Well did you get over the trauma of watching all those Bookbinding Videos? lol. Have any of you had a go at making one yet?  If you have, let me know so I can have a wee gander at them. A few people of Youtube did have a go and they have done an incredible job at making them.  I was so chuffed to bits. Im so sorry there were so many videos.  There was only meant to be 5 videos in all but as I said, Youtube had a major glitch in their system last week where hundreds of people couldn't upload over 15 minutes of video.  And as we didn't know how long all this would last, I had to go back in and cut a couple of the videos into Parts A and B.  It was a bit of an annoyance but as far as Ive heard, YT have fixed the glitch!  Time will tell.

Anyway, I wanted to show you a few things Ive been up to.  I bought these wee frames in Poundland. Obviously, going by the name of the shop.......they were only £1 each.  So I thought to my wee self "I could have a good ole play with these wee bambino's".  So I bought 3 of them.  We've been in our house just over 3 years and I am very embarrassed to say that we have only 1 picture up!!!!!  1 Picture in the whole entire house!!!!  And I hate the bloomin' thing!  So I thought it was about time I did something about that, so I have altered these to go up somewhere in our house.  Lots of empty walls to chose from so they'll go up somewhere.

Anyway, enough of my complete lack of decor in my home.  On to the frames.  There are plenty of photos here and although its not a full tutorials, its more of a quick "How to", so here is what I did.

These are the wee square frames I found in Poundland.  They have different shapes and sizes but I went for the 4"x4" (10x10cm) ones.

As you can see there is a filigree type embossing on the frames and they are covered in what looks and feels like a silver tinfoil like material

As the frames were covered in this tinfoil like materials and it is a non porous, slick surface I wanted to ensure that any paint I added to it would indeed stick to the surface and go on evenly.  So I coated each of the frames in a primer coat first.  I used white Gesso which I bought from my local "The Works" shop.  Gesso isn't like a thick white acrylic paint.  It goes on much thinner but is a great primer to add to any project and it really helps the paint go on evenly to this type of surface.

Once the gesso was dried on all the frames, I mixed this colour of blue using acrylic paints, white, blue and a metallic blue also.

I painted each frame in a good coat of the blue paint.  But as I was wanting these frames to look a little distressed, I wasn't too picky about any wee spots that didn't take the paint.  But I did my best to give it a good even coat.

Once the blue coat of paint was dry I added a coating of Crackle Medium.  I waited until it was tacky (about 10-15mins) and painted on my contrasting top coat which was a butter cream colour.

The crackle medium meant that the butter cream colour started to crack as soon as it started drying and this resulted in the blue colour showing through the cracks.  Because the frames were already embossed, the cracks were quite subtle on the frames.  But that was perfectly fine with me.  I didn't want the cracks to be too large or aggressive on the frame as I only wanted hints of the blue paint from underneath coming through.

I decided to go a different route with these frames and didn't add any photo's to them.  I wanted to add the three frames on the wall together.  So I made a little flower spray on the left side of one frame, a spray in the middle of the middle frame and one on the right of the right hand side frame.

Instead of using photographs, I had some wallpaper samples left over from when we moved in.  So I decided to use one of them up and add it to the frames.

I used various flowers I had in my stash and some wheat sprays.  The large blue flowers are from a Recollections set I got from Fiona.  Recollection flowers are from a shop in America called Michaels and is their own brand.  Ohhhh how I wish we had a Michaels here.....I think I would need to just move in to the store! lol  I also used some other wee rose buds and various other flowers from my stash.

Here is the right hand Frame. I didnt want them being exactly identical to each other, but pretty similar so I did use a different section of the flower pattern on the wallpaper.  If I had have had any, I would have used some of the pretty blingy flourishes on the opposite corners of the frames.  But alas these wee blingy flourishes are nearly impossible to find and when I do find them they cost a fortune. So as I didnt have any, I just had to leave the opposite corners empty.  But the frames still look ok.

The same sort of display here with the flower spray only some of the flowers are different but the same type of colours so they still worked well.

And this is the middle frame.  I want to middle frame to have a focal point of some sort.  I still wanted to use the wallpaper sample but it needed to have something on the inside of the frame too.

This stunning large rose is from a fellow Youtuber SaCrafters who has a zibbet store of the same name.  Link for store no longer available  The other wee buttercream coloured flowers are Wild Orchid Craft flowers if Im not mistaken.  I have yet to buy from their store!  I know!!!!  I must be the only person who has never bought from Wild Orchid Crafts before.  But I have been lucky to receive some of their beautiful flowers from friends in swaps and RAK's.

These beautiful large beaded sprays are from Fiona again.  Click here to go to her store

And to add that little focal point to the middle frame I added this most beautiful white and silver glittered butterfly again given to my by Fiona.  The colour when perfect with the white and silver flowers on the wallpaper.

And here are all 3 together.  I think they turned out so beautiful. I would have loved to have had some of the wee bling flourishes for the opposite corners but they still turned out ok without them.  As these frames are stand alone frames, I have to get the wee bracket thingies for the back of them to make them wall mountable, so thats something for me to get before they can go up on the wall.

And thats it from me folks.  I hope you have all had a smashing weekend.  Would you believe me if I told you that right now it is pouring rain with gale force winds in soggy ole Northern Ireland?  Of course you would..........its always like that here!  Humph!

Toodles Noodles,

Loops xx


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Monday, 7 May 2012

Coptic Bookbinding Tutorials using the Kettle Stitch...How to make your very own books or journals


I know, I know.  Ive been promising these tutorials for months but you would not believe the amount of trouble Ive gone to just to be able to get these on here today.  Its been a bloomin' nightmare and thats me being polite.  Firstly, I uploaded them with music and no talking but ohhhhhh no, Youtube wouldn't allow that because of Copyright issues with the music.  So little old Loops not wanting to let all you lot down by not giving you the tutorials I promised.....RE-RECORDED THE ENTIRE LOT OF VIDEOS AGAIN but this time you get to hear my beautiful Northern Irish

But that wasnt the end of my troubles and there is a MAJOR GLITCH in Youtubes system at the mo which prevents thousands of people not being able to upload over 15 minute long videos amongst other issues but I wont bore you any more with my problems with getting these videos done.  Put it this way though......with the mood Ive been in over these videos and if I had have gotten my hands on a YT helpy person thingy.....I may have made them pee their Y-fronts!  Heehee..........can you even imagine me being peeved with someone, lol.  Sounds funny I know, heehee....but it does happens......sometimes, lol.

PLEASE, PLEASE READ THIS NEXT BIT AND BE AWARE I am showing you the step by step process of making a book from start to finish, therefore these videos are not 2 minute clips.  It has taken me a lot of time and effort to make these videos and I have tried to make them as informative and short as possible.  But ultimately I am making a hand sewn book from start to finish.  If you don't have the time to watch them or have no interest in this type of thing, that is completely fine by me.  I don't expect people to like or be interested in everything I do.  I'm certainly not standing over you with a big stick.....honest, I'm not, heehee. Ohhhhhhh whats that behind you???  Only joking, lol.   But for those who really want to see how books are made I need to let you know that if you are wanting to watch all the videos from start to finish, you may want to set aside an hour or so to sit and watch these videos.  Either that or you could obviously watch them one video at a time as and when you get a spare few minutes as I have them broken up into sections.  Either way, you aren't going to learn how to make a proper hand sewn book within a 2 minute video.  So do be aware if you are on a 5 minute break blog hop or sneaking a few minutes nosey whilst the kids are will not fit these videos in in that time unless you are watching them all separately over time.  I just thought you should know this in case you thought it was a straight forward 5 minute video.  BUT please don't take this to mean its hard to make a book.  It really isn't.  They are ridiculously easy to make, they just have different processes which need to be done and then bring them all together to make your book.  They are so simple to make, you'll wonder why you havent made them before now.


Thats it from me folks.  I really hope you find these tutorials helpful and you maybe have a go and try a book for yourself.  If you do, please do give me a shout and let me know.  I'd love to see your results.  Have a great week my friends.

Toodles Noodles.......Loops x

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tutorial - How to make a Pinboard (See altered Box in previous post for Pin Board)

Here is the pin board I made for an altered Box. 

Allo, Allo my lovely friends.  Don't know what the Allo Allo' is about........that show just popped in to my head and I was having a little giggle to myself at that saying! If only you could live in my head for a day, heehee.  Not that I ever saw the show as I was too young but I did catch the odd glimpse of a rerun every so often.

Anyway, enough of my randomness!  Aye right, like that will ever happen.  As promised, I said I would show you all how I made the pin board from the altered Steampunk box in the previous post.  This can be made to ANY size you want.  I just happened to make this one small for a box, but if you want a big one for your wall or a small one for a book, this tutorial will suit all sizes of pin boards.  The same techniques and instructions apply.

Now as this was such a small pin board, the padding in it is actually cotton wool which came in long padded strips. I found it at the baby section toiletries in Tesco.  The only reason I used cotton wool was pure laziness on my part if I'm totally honest, lol.  It was late at night/early morning when I was making it and I didn't want to go rummaging in my cupboard for my big roll of wadding just to cut off an 8 inch piece.  So I was just being lazy and found the cotton wool padding and used it.  It turned out perfectly.  I knew that cotton wool would come in handy other than using it for my cleanser!

This is my very first attempt at making one of these so if at any stage of the video I appear to be winging it a bit......well its because I am winging it, lol.  But I think you know by now that pretty much everything I make is done under the "Winging It" category!  I really do think there should be a "Winging It" category on someones blog challenge some week! lol.  I could do something under that category no problem, lol.

Anywhoodles, here it is folks....the tutorial on how I made my pin board.  Sorry to disappointment the wonderful fans of my accent, but Im Charlie Chaplin-ing this one so its a silent movie, heehee.  I might stick some music on it for you. Oh beware though..........Ive added a lovely piece of classical music to the video, a piano concerto.  Some of you may not appreciate classical music which is perfectly ok.  So you may wish to mute the music and hum a happy tune, lol. I usually add my own music but YouTube is being really tetchy about Copyright and keeps putting my account in "Bad Standing" so I have to replace all my music with the music they approve which isn't to everyones taste needless to say!  Enjoy!

And as usual, thats it from me folks.  I hope this tutorial was useful to some of you.  If you do decide in the future to make your own pinboard, do drop me a wee line to let me know will you?  I would love to see what you make and its interesting to me to know whether any of my tutorials are any use or if I'm just talking to me-self in these tutorials, lol.

Toodles Noodles....
Loops xx

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