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Handmade lace and Fabric Flowers

Handmade lace and Fabric Flowers
My handmade flowers
Hi folks.  Well its been a wee while since I've made any flowers but I made a lot of these for a lovely lady that sent me some gorgeous Timmy goodies.  Thank you so much Jean, I loved all the goodies you sent me.  I really hope you liked the flowers I sent you.

Just before I show you the flowers, I have one question.......any word of Summer ANYWHERE in the UK or Ireland yet???? What is going on here people???  I'd ask for a refund for this broken weather but there is no customer services helpline on this one!!! I am on my sofa with the central heating on full blast AND a single duvet pulled up under me cheeks practically!!  My wee eyes are peeking out over the top of my duvet with one hand sticking out to type this post! lol.  I look completely ridiculous but I'm freezing my butt off here!!  Gale force winds, hail stones and frost at night and the mornings..............does that sound like late Spring to you???  I'm that cold that I was eyeing up Nimbus.....our cat who is a long haired fluffy fur ball.  I actually wanted to lift her and wrap her around my neck as a scarf!!!  Though for some reason she didn't agree with this method of me staying warm so I conceded defeat and had to make do with her keeping my feet warm instead...........the spoil sport! lol

Anywho, here are the flowers that I have been making.  Beware........there are quite a few photos as there are quite a few flowers.....

These are made using various different laces with my wee flower centres in the middle.
Fluffy Goodness flowers

These Fluffy Goodness flowers can be fluffed up to be really dimensional on your projects or you can flatten the lace down if you prefer them to be a bit more flat.  This is handy if they are going on cards and being sent through the post.  And when they are removed they simply need "fluffing up" again and they are back to being as fluffy as they want to be!

I absolutely LOVE this peach gathered lace.  Sadly I have run out of it and I have no idea where I got it from in the first place!  So I will have to go hunting for it because its stunning lace and makes the most beautiful flowers.  Again I added a handmade flower centre.  This one is circled with pearl string rather than the bling.  It gives a much more feminine and softer feel to the flower I think.

I was just messing about with some left over bits of material and came up with this.  Its so pretty.

Again this flower can be "fluffed up" or kept flatter for whatever type of project you have in mind for it.  I added some pink satin ribbon and a button to the centre.

I love this flower.  There is something very natural about it. I used the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die and the material is a beautiful soft cream muslin with some burlap in the centre and a natural coloured button in the centre.  This material takes colour really well too so don't be afraid to add a splash of colour or colours to your fabrics.

Some more lace flowers

This one is made simply by gluing the lace to a circle of card and gluing it from the outside in to the centre. So simple but makes a very affective and beautiful flower.  Again it can be fluffed up or left flatish.

This would be one of my favourite laces as its incredible soft and fluffy and makes the most beautiful flowers.  This flower centre was simply made by using a wee buckle slider and a 10mm flat back pearl glued to the centre.

This is another beautifully soft lace and makes stunning flowers.

This lace was tea dyed by me.  Yip........I was out with me big bowl of boiling water, tea bags and fresh vanilla and I soaked my white lace in the liquid.  The beautiful vanilla smell perfumed the lace and my house at the same time.

This is a beautiful 2 tone lace sent to me by my lovely friend Tricia who is alittleshabbychic on Youtube.  You should check her out, she makes the most beautiful projects.  Click here to go to her channel.

This one is made using white gathered lace.  I only had a wee bit of this lace left and it was just right for thid flower.  Gathered lace is surprisingly difficult to find here and when you costs a small fortune to buy!

These would be another one of my favourites.  They just look so shabby chic.

Made using cream lace and one of my flower centres

Another Fluffy Goodness flower using pink satin and black tulle.  A completely different look to the lace flowers

The dimension on these flowers is just beautiful and because the tulle is quite stiff, they hold their shape and dimension really well.

I made the wee pink rose from pink satin ribbon and the some beautiful brown polka dot material.

Side profile

I love the fabric on this wee flower

Country Kitchen collection flower

This is made using a beautiful satin flourished fabric and white lace with one of my flower centres 

The fibres of the material come off a wee bit on this flower but I think it just adds to the shabby chic style of them

And lastly I sent Jean some of my flower centres as well.  So now she has plenty of flower centres to make her own flower.

Thats it from me folks.  Sorry if Ive been a bit absent lately.  Loads going on in Loopy Land!  If any of you happen to bump in to Summer......could you send it over to Northern Ireland please?!  Cheers big ears.

Ps.......Before I go, I just wanted to wish my wee Granda or Grangra as my wee sister used to call him, avery HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday.  Hope you had a wonderful birthday wee Spring Chicken.

 Toodles Noodles.......Loops x

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  1. Stunning luv them all, but have to say the lace ones really stand out from the crowd, I agree the weather is stinkin.
    Chris x

  2. Love them all Lee, absolutely gorgeous.
    Wendy xx

  3. Hi Lee
    Gorgeous and beautiful flower's
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  4. Your handmade flowers are just gorgeous and l am sat here drooling - they must have taken an age to make. Sorry can't send you any sunshine or warmth from Yorkshire as we have not seen it for a long time , l think someone has nicked it lol x Had 3 layers on today to keep warm x Susan x

  5. Hi Lee, OMW, what stunning flowers! I took my time and lingered over each and every photo, from your shabby chic to your modern glam and kitchy kitsch! fabulous flowers and such a lot of work, they are beautiful...and when we get some sun I will do my best to magic some over to Northern Ireland...if we ever get any sun, I am losing faith! In the meantime Nimbus may have to do! Hugs, Teresa xx

  6. O my word.... Fabulous flowers you will have to do a wee tutorial... they are fab!!! Sunshine all day--today here in the south of England... Will send some over your way!! Hugs May x x x

  7. Wow! Lee, these are all stunning hun. No sign of Summer here. :o(

    Donna x

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  9. Sorry I deleted my comment because I called you the wrong name :-( How embarrassing is that! Anyway what I did say correctly was these are stunning flowers and I am going to have a go at some. I made a couple a few weeks ago and really enjoyed them xx

  10. Super Duper gorgeous flowers Lee, bet your friend loves them. hugs xox

  11. absolutely stunning flowers Lee - love them! thanks for sharing how you make the middles too - never realised you could make them from ribbon slider buckles - I've a few left from some wedding stationery I made so I've now an idea of how to use them yipee! ruddy cold here too! hugs K x

  12. I love handmade flowers. Yours are absolutely fantastic!!! :) Happy weekend.

  13. Hello Lee
    Stunning flowers but I know first hand how beautiful they are lol.....wish mine turned out half as good as yours,......I think we all need some sun!

  14. Hi Lee, well these are just beautiful, gorgeously made, just wonderful!!! hugs, Karenx

  15. Absolutely stunning flowers! I love them all! Hugs, Ani

  16. Oh my word Lee, you can open up one of those fine flower shops! Your flowers are over the top gorgeous with their fabulous centre pieces, you've covered the whole range, from CAS to fancy and shabby chic. Gorgeous!!

  17. These are absolutely stunning and I just adore all these flowers that you make....

  18. too much for me to take in so many pretty flowers, favourites oh the spotty dotty one and the lilac one and the peach one okay love them all, you are so clever
    Hugs Kate x

  19. All fabulous pretty.
    Debbie x

  20. wow these are fabulous lee.really love the beautiful lace ones :D

    xx coops xx

  21. Absolutely Gorgeous everyone of them.
    Trish (-:

  22. Lee...WOW...all of the flowers are stunning!! Oh my gosh, I love them all!! The peach gathered lace ones are gorgeous...I hope you are able to find more of it!! They are all so beautiful!! I hope your Grandad had a wonderful birthday and that you had a marvelous weekend my friend!! I so look forward to your posts :)

    Hugs, Lisa
    A Mermaid's Crafts

  23. Wonderful flowers lee as always! I Ove all of them of course, but your shabby chic lace flowers are just gorgeous. I'm sure jean will be thrilled to bits with everything. And I know what you mean about the weather, brrrrrrrrr, love maddy x

  24. wow amazing flowers they are all so gorgeous. I love the flower centres i must try and have a go at making these they are much more beuatiful than most you can buy. Your very very clever. No summer here in somerset yet! xx

  25. Absolutely stunning Lee, I wish I had your talent in flower crafting! :-)) Maybe one day we can do a creations swap and I can make you something pretty :-)) lots of love, Elaine xxx

  26. I have been a very bad blogger this last week, I really don't know where my time is going.

    So no show from me and then I get your lovely comments which are like a breath of fresh air and always bring a smile to my face. Thank you for being you.

    And feed your hubby, I live in a crafty household, much to the dismay of my crowd food is the last thing on my mind some days. But should be call in I've usually plenty of cheese in the fridge, keeps me going many an evening.

    B x

  27. WOW! You have been busy, these are all so gorgeous, I am sure the lady you sent them to will have been thrilled with them. Summer may have made an appearance here today, I wont say too much though as I don't want to scare it away again lol. Sorry it took me a little while to get here to comment I have been on a go slow the last few days
    Lindsay xx

  28. These are all stunning Lee!
    I can just about manage to punch out a paper flower!
    They are all beautiful, but I particularly love the Fluffy Goodness and the muslin Tim Holtz flower..gorgeous!
    You're a very talented girly :)

    Hugs Elaine xx

  29. WOW! Your flowers are beyond amazing! Such beautiful detail!

  30. Your flowers are just beautiful Lee. I love them all. Gorgeous flower centres too. I think someone heard you about the weather. Its glorious sunshine now lol xx

  31. wow Lee. these are absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!

  32. looks like your wish was granted Lee - and this fab weather is forecast for the weekend too - yippee
    your flowers are simply stunning, I still have the ones you made me cos I can't bear to use them up, they just sit on my desk looking pretty :D

  33. beautiful lee,love them all sue xx

  34. Oh, these are so beautiful and delicate, I'll definitely be having a go at making some.
    I hope you finally have some sunny weather where you are, let's hope it lasts!!
    All the best

  35. Stunning flowers again Lee, love that peachy colour wow!
    Hope your Grandpa had a lovely Birthday. hugs Teresa xx

  36. Absolutely stunning Lee they are all beautiful,but I have a soft spot for the lace ones....Gorgeous work...
    Mandy x

  37. Gorgeous blooms Lee!! Just love them...the flower centers are amazing!! WOW!!!

    Gabi xx

  38. Hi, Lee! Lovely work, as always. I must say that....I miss you! I hope you are doing well, and that you are happy and blessed. I really miss hearing from you.
    Take care, and God bless!
    Karen L

  39. These are so pretty Lee, I love them :) Viv xx

  40. Happy Birthday to your Grandpa :) Your handmade flowers and flower centers are gorgeous and I'm sure the recipient will love them :)

  41. I adore these flowers! Wonderful inspiration, loved all the pics!

  42. WOW these are gorgeous flowers beautiful. Caroline xxx


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