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A Rag Doll Christmas Pressie for Ma Wee Mamma

A Rag Doll Christmas Pressie for Ma Wee Mamma MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Whata' 'bout ye folks?  Have you missed me?  Thank you to all those who have left comments or emailed me to check Im alive and well, lol. I can feel you all swiping at me and clipping me around the ear for not being around at all for over these last few months.  I'm so sorry.  I just don't know what has happened to my time! I swear I did have some over the past months but I just don't know where it went or how I lost it.  Its around here somewhere, I just can't seem to find it just right now, lol. Are you all well and truly full to the brim and stuffed like your Christmas Turkey's?  Lol.  I had a great Christmas.  It was my very first Christmas away from my family in 32 years!!!!  I've never been away from my ones on Christmas ever in my whole life!!  But it was spent with my other in-laws.  And it was a fantastic day and we had a tonne of food, gorgeous pressies an

Spooky Ghoul Halloween Earrings

Spooky Ghoul Halloween Earrings Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!  These earrings are perfect for Halloween.  Look at them....they are the Spice Girls of the Underworld all ready for their big debut on Halloween night.  OMG did I just say Spice Girls?  I'm showing my age, lol. Ok I know they won't be to everyone's taste, but I love these earrings. And how amazing would these look on you at a Halloween Party when you are all dressed up to the ghoulish nines?  I love them, I think they are brilliant.  But of course I am biased, because I made the little blighters, lol. The skulls are actually dyed polished Turquoise stones.    I added glass seed beads to look like the spine and leg bones and added little crowns made with a sparkly crystal rondelle and a bead cap.  I made their little skirts from 2 different kinds of bead caps. These purple ones are the same as the above earrings only with purple dyed polished turquoise. Look at those wee faces.  How could you not love the

Tutorial -How to create a faux leather texture and look

Tutorial -How to create a faux leather texture and look Hello, hello my crafty buds.  I know.......long time no see, eh?  I've been a bloomin' disaster lately!  Lol.  And I can't really think of any excuse other than........"Hi....I'm Mrs Disaster Pants, nice to meet you".  Time just seems to have disappeared of late! I haven't made much of anything lately.  My brother, Jay and his lovely FiancĂ©e Karen have set a date to get married next June............WOOWHOOOOO!  Karen has said that she might like to make her own invitations.  So I have offered my crafty mitts to her.  As I pretty much have everything she needs here, I've said that we can have a play day with some designs.......Yippeee!  I can't wait.  I'm so excited for her, lol.  I pretty much made EVERYTHING for our wedding and I loved every minute of it.  And our day was perfect.....for us anyway, lol.  I can't believe we just celebrated 2 years of marriage this month.  Anyway, i

Secret Envelope Trinket Box

Secret Envelope Trinket Box Secret Envelope Trinket Box Hello my lovelies.  "Well Finally"!! says you......"She's made something"!!  I know, I know but I have been sickie no well you know.  And Im now hitting my second week of the heebee-geebee's and its getting a little boring now.  And of course, I wasn't happy to keep it all to myself, oh no........I shared my cooties with my Scrubby.  And we all know what men are like when they are sick.  They all think they are dying!  Heehee.  Awwww bless him, he's actually been really good.  Through his sniffing, sneezing and coughing he's been making me lots of cuppa's and big Scrubby hugs. Anywhoodles, my parents have just redecorated their bedroom.  I'm actually very impressed with ma wee Mamma as instead of buying new wardrobes and storage......She ALTERED the ones she had!  I must be rubbing off on her, heehee.  Her bedroom furniture is all really good solid wood, so she painted them all

Halloween Handmade Fabric Flowers and Stickpins

Halloween Handmade Fabric Flowers and Stickpins Frightful Flora Collection These are actually Orange and Black, but the camera appears to be making them look red. (The wee bead spider was actually made by my friend Kerry Denyer on Youtube....thanks Kerry) Ghoul Stickpins Ok so I know its a little early for Halloween.......but if its ok to show Christmas cards in August well, I think its more than ok to show these wee guys.  And us crafters have to get on top of these things early you know. Anywhoodles...........I'm in need of A LOT of "Awwww's" and "Ack you poor wee duck" sort of comments.  I'm sickie-no-well and I'm feeling terribly sorry for myself.  Until a few days ago, I was able to proudly profess that I hadn't been sick with any sort or bug, cold or virus for nearly 7 years.  But then....... my family has a little get together on Monday passed for ma wee Mamma's birthday and it all goes to pot!  The very next day, 3 of u

Selling a few goodies on Ebay........trying to destash

Selling a few goodies on Ebay........trying to destash Flowers Galore.......Going up on Ebay Here they all are before they went into their little homes.....their packaging! I have tonnes of flower centres sitting made up too so I thought I'd destash some of those too. Hey folks.  I know Ive been a bad blogger.  I have a serious bout of Craft's block at the minute.  My room is a complete war zone and looks like a bomb has hit it so its making creating a little difficult.  So, with that in mind, I have decided I am going to destash some things that are just lying about doing nothing. So, I have set up a Crafty Loops ebay account just to destash some things from my room.  Now, I am a little weird on what I think my stuff is worth, as I usually just give all my stuff away as gifts and RAK's.  So at this moment in time I will not be doing any "Buy it Now" items.  I want to see what my flowers and other bits and pieces go for first so I can get