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Altered Frames - And a quick how to...

Altered Frames - And a quick how to...
Altered Frames
Hello Folks.  Well did you get over the trauma of watching all those Bookbinding Videos? lol. Have any of you had a go at making one yet?  If you have, let me know so I can have a wee gander at them. A few people of Youtube did have a go and they have done an incredible job at making them.  I was so chuffed to bits. Im so sorry there were so many videos.  There was only meant to be 5 videos in all but as I said, Youtube had a major glitch in their system last week where hundreds of people couldn't upload over 15 minutes of video.  And as we didn't know how long all this would last, I had to go back in and cut a couple of the videos into Parts A and B.  It was a bit of an annoyance but as far as Ive heard, YT have fixed the glitch!  Time will tell.

Anyway, I wanted to show you a few things Ive been up to.  I bought these wee frames in Poundland. Obviously, going by the name of the shop.......they were only £1 each.  So I thought to my wee self "I could have a good ole play with these wee bambino's".  So I bought 3 of them.  We've been in our house just over 3 years and I am very embarrassed to say that we have only 1 picture up!!!!!  1 Picture in the whole entire house!!!!  And I hate the bloomin' thing!  So I thought it was about time I did something about that, so I have altered these to go up somewhere in our house.  Lots of empty walls to chose from so they'll go up somewhere.

Anyway, enough of my complete lack of decor in my home.  On to the frames.  There are plenty of photos here and although its not a full tutorials, its more of a quick "How to", so here is what I did.
These are the wee square frames I found in Poundland.  They have different shapes and sizes but I went for the 4"x4" (10x10cm) ones.

As you can see there is a filigree type embossing on the frames and they are covered in what looks and feels like a silver tinfoil like material

As the frames were covered in this tinfoil like materials and it is a non porous, slick surface I wanted to ensure that any paint I added to it would indeed stick to the surface and go on evenly.  So I coated each of the frames in a primer coat first.  I used white Gesso which I bought from my local "The Works" shop.  Gesso isn't like a thick white acrylic paint.  It goes on much thinner but is a great primer to add to any project and it really helps the paint go on evenly to this type of surface.

Once the gesso was dried on all the frames, I mixed this colour of blue using acrylic paints, white, blue and a metallic blue also.

I painted each frame in a good coat of the blue paint.  But as I was wanting these frames to look a little distressed, I wasn't too picky about any wee spots that didn't take the paint.  But I did my best to give it a good even coat.

Once the blue coat of paint was dry I added a coating of Crackle Medium.  I waited until it was tacky (about 10-15mins) and painted on my contrasting top coat which was a butter cream colour.

The crackle medium meant that the butter cream colour started to crack as soon as it started drying and this resulted in the blue colour showing through the cracks.  Because the frames were already embossed, the cracks were quite subtle on the frames.  But that was perfectly fine with me.  I didn't want the cracks to be too large or aggressive on the frame as I only wanted hints of the blue paint from underneath coming through.

I decided to go a different route with these frames and didn't add any photo's to them.  I wanted to add the three frames on the wall together.  So I made a little flower spray on the left side of one frame, a spray in the middle of the middle frame and one on the right of the right hand side frame.

Instead of using photographs, I had some wallpaper samples left over from when we moved in.  So I decided to use one of them up and add it to the frames.

I used various flowers I had in my stash and some wheat sprays.  The large blue flowers are from a Recollections set I got from Fiona.  Recollection flowers are from a shop in America called Michaels and is their own brand.  Ohhhh how I wish we had a Michaels here.....I think I would need to just move in to the store! lol  I also used some other wee rose buds and various other flowers from my stash.

Here is the right hand Frame. I didnt want them being exactly identical to each other, but pretty similar so I did use a different section of the flower pattern on the wallpaper.  If I had have had any, I would have used some of the pretty blingy flourishes on the opposite corners of the frames.  But alas these wee blingy flourishes are nearly impossible to find and when I do find them they cost a fortune. So as I didnt have any, I just had to leave the opposite corners empty.  But the frames still look ok.

The same sort of display here with the flower spray only some of the flowers are different but the same type of colours so they still worked well.

And this is the middle frame.  I want to middle frame to have a focal point of some sort.  I still wanted to use the wallpaper sample but it needed to have something on the inside of the frame too.

This stunning large rose is from a fellow Youtuber SaCrafters who has a zibbet store of the same name.  Link for store no longer available  The other wee buttercream coloured flowers are Wild Orchid Craft flowers if Im not mistaken.  I have yet to buy from their store!  I know!!!!  I must be the only person who has never bought from Wild Orchid Crafts before.  But I have been lucky to receive some of their beautiful flowers from friends in swaps and RAK's.

These beautiful large beaded sprays are from Fiona again.  

And to add that little focal point to the middle frame I added this most beautiful white and silver glittered butterfly again given to my by Fiona.  The colour when perfect with the white and silver flowers on the wallpaper.

And here are all 3 together.  I think they turned out so beautiful. I would have loved to have had some of the wee bling flourishes for the opposite corners but they still turned out ok without them.  As these frames are stand alone frames, I have to get the wee bracket thingies for the back of them to make them wall mountable, so thats something for me to get before they can go up on the wall.

And thats it from me folks.  I hope you have all had a smashing weekend.  Would you believe me if I told you that right now it is pouring rain with gale force winds in soggy ole Northern Ireland?  Of course you would..........its always like that here!  Humph!

Toodles Noodles,

Loops xx
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  1. these are beautiful Lee the flower arrangements are gorgeous and will look good on the wall, havent got watching the tut on the BB yet but I will.
    Chris x

  2. Hi Lee
    These are stunning and beautiful
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  3. Love how you have altered these Lee, they look beautifully shabby.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  4. HI Lee

    These are stunning and perfectly altered. I love them :)

    Sam x

  5. Gorgeous frames Lee! The flower sprays are just beautiful, the colours all match brilliantly and the butterfly is perfect for the centre! You're not the only one who has never bought from Wild Orchid Crafts - neither have I. I have this fab friend who keeps sending me gorgeous flowers :-)) Hope you're having a good weekend. Love Maddy x

  6. OMG Lee These are stunning. Love what you done and the flowers are gorgeous. Seen these frames in my local £1 shop I never thought to pick up few as I am always looking out for wooden ones to alter, These are simply Stunning. Have a good evening...

  7. These are beautiful Lee, what a transformation. Gorgeous!

    Donna x

  8. WOW! Lee, these are absolutely beautiful,those flowers are gorgeous, love them.
    Wendy xx

  9. These are absolutely gorgeous. Love how they turned out.

  10. Oh wow! Lee you can make anything look beautiful, these are fantastic, who would have believed they came from the pound shop they look brilliant! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, take care, hugs Teresa xx

  11. These are so stunning, love them.....

  12. Hi Lee, absolutely stunning, really really REALLY beautiful! hugs, Karenx

  13. Absolutely booteful!!!. An amazing transformation. Hugs Mrs A.

  14. They are just stunning Lee,I love them.
    Sue xx

  15. What a stunning trio of frames, I love them and they will certainly grace any wall, windy but dry here lol

  16. Stunning Lee just love the frames. Alison xxx

  17. Fantastic idea Lee, they are stunning. Don't know if I'd have the patience to wait inbetween all them coats lol. xx

  18. What a great job you've done Lee,clever you.They are really pretty.Hope you are well.Hugs xx

  19. wow these are so beautiful how you have decorated them.guess who`s nipping in poundland asap :D

    xx coops xx

  20. Fabulously altered Lee! They looked lovely from the start, but they're even more romantic looking now that you've run your magical hands over them ;-)

  21. oh wow you really must be on my wave length I have two horrid frames that need a revamp and these are so very pretty think they have inspired me to attempt the pimp of my own just gorgeous
    Hugs Kate xx

  22. Beautiful alterations! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Frilly and Funkie.

  23. Beautiful Lee and as always a very detailed tute!
    Hugs Laurie xx

  24. Oh wow, Lee, these are amazing!! I am in love with the frames!! You did such a fabulous job transforming them!! The crackle effect is gorgeous and I love how you decorated them!! Simply stunning!! :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  25. Beautiful altered frames, and a fab tutorial too.
    Thanks for joining us at DYSU this week!

  26. Lovely Lee, great bit of altering. Kim

  27. love the new look of the frames...the color and crackling look great with the beautifully embossed texture :)

  28. Wow Lee...what a wonderful transformation. They are so beautiful and I love the colours.
    Debbie x

  29. These are absolutely beautiful hun! Love the two colours you have chosen to use they look great together. As for your comment about what I should do with my new crafty storage I was definitely thinking crackle paint and stamps too! lol xxx

  30. Wow! You never fail to amaze me Lee, these are absolutely stunning, I love the cracked paint and the way you have arranged the flowers is just so beautiful, just brilliant. I haven't had a chance to try the book binding yet but I keep thinking about having a go, do I get brownie points for good intentions? lol. I will let you know when I finally get around to actually trying it. Hope you are well
    Lindsay xx

  31. Ooh gawd Lee, these are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. In fact they match the decor in our lounge and they want to come and live with us!!!
    Now as much as I wish we had more craft stores in the UK I do not want a Michaels - it will never be the value of the one's in the USA, although I have never been to one of these holy crafting temples myself as when we were in Florida I couldn't find one!!! And believe me I did try lol!
    The flowers, the pearly sprays and the butterflies are stunning! Such a lovely and beautiful project you never fail to inspire me hugs Karen x

  32. these are beautiful love the flowers too tracy x

  33. Wow, these frames are stunning and will surely bring some glamour to your otherwise bare walls! lol I love the colour you have chosen and the flowers are gorgeous. I would love these in my house. Im your newest follower! Hugs, Jill x

  34. These are stunning Lee,I love how you have altered them...Fabulous work again...Enjoy the rest of the weekend....
    Mandy x

  35. these frames are just beautiful. The flowers look really pretty as the main embellishment, you now have to find some nice photos to put in the frames to show them off :)

    Thanks so much for sharing your creation at Anything goes, Just keep on creating, I hope you will continue to play along. Sorry about the the delay in leaving my comment I have been overseas and then got sick, I will be announcing the winners and will have the next challenge up asap :):)

  36. I have a Michael's within 3 miles of my house. I have plenty of bluntly flourishes. E mail me and I'll be more than happy to send you a couple.
    Gorgeous , beautiful frames


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