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A wire spine Journal and the Spring Cleanathon!

A wire spine Journal and the Spring Cleanathon!
Wire Bound Journal
First off......HELLO!!!!!  Heehee, I know we have been like a passing ship in the night lately but life has been getting inconveniently in the way of blogging lately.  And then to top it all off an innocent suggestion made by me has turned in to a full blown Spring Cleanathon!!  Oh yes my friends!  After hearing my Scrubby open the craft room door in an attempt to retrieve some sort of computer thingymabob medoodaa a few weeks ago, I heard him let out the most obvious of pee'd off noises, walk out backwards and loudly closing the craft room door again and he subsequently stomped down the hall like a huffy child who had just had his lolly taken off him for bad behaviour. an innocent and somewhat empty gesture I suggested maybe the Craft Room needed a good gutting out and we could add some shelves up for extra storage etc.  Well!  As I was somewhat an empty gesture, thinking the very idea of Scrubby having to do anything in that room would have him running for the hills......BUT, to my complete surprise his reply was "Yep, lets do it.  No time like the present.  That room is a complete tip and I just hate going into it."  So after staring at him with my mouth open in complete disbelief for what seemed like a good week or two,I closed my gob eventually and followed him in to the craft room, where I met him standing in the middle of the room, black bin bags in hand all ready to start chucking things in!!

So since then, it has turned in to a full blown Spring Cleanathon.  He took to the built in cupboard in the hall and the big one in the craft room.  And many runs to the dump later, they are actually looking like cupboards you can properly use now.  Not like the usual cupboard that you only open the door slightly and then blindly chuck in whatever it is and slam the door quickly in case it all comes tumbling down around you.  Nope, we now have "open the door wide" cupboards! Shelves are up in the craft room....with just 2 more to go, the Craftroom is cleared out of clutter......well mostly, the bathroom is painted and the kitchen is the next thing to be getting a new lick of paint too, we just need to agree on the colour!  Then next thing I see his bum in the air with his head buried under the bed pulling stuff out!  Then he says he wants to do out the attic and put more flooring down!  I can see this all taking a few weeks more of my Blogging Life you know.  Cause if you don't watch him like a hawk, he'll chuck out things that I wanted to know.....just in case!!

I shouldn't complain, I have a man that is comfortable with a hoover in his hand, panics when it starts to rain on the washing, and loves to have a tidy organised house!  Me?  Well as long as the place is clean.....does it really matter if there is a pile of magazines in the corner from 2009 or under the bed the boxes are all higglety pigglety with odd shoes and that one sock that went missing last winter?  Well they do say opposites attract, don't they?  Lol

Anywho, on to what I have to show you.  Again, its an old project from last year and one of my first projects.  I made this for my wee sister T,or Tara as everyone else knows her.  It was my first time ever making this type of wire bound journal but I really liked this way of making a book.  Design wise, it isn't one of my best but it was my first of this kind, so I hope my amateurishness can be forgiven, lol.  The photographs aren't great quality as they are from my old phone but you'll get the idea.
Its just a simple wire bound book, with ribbon to join the front and back covers.

As the pages are bound with wire, I added beads to it so the wire wouldn't look so wirey!!  I made a wee beaded bookmark as well.  Throughout the Journal are wee envelopes so she can keep wee secrets notes in or things like cinema ticket stubs, or a ticket from a gig she went to etc.

T loves her music, so I used this wee stamp from a group of stamps by Debbi Moore.  The colouring is awful!  This was before I knew you had to use good quality paper for Promarkers, to prevent bleeding!  And yes.....the hair colours does in fact represent Tara's hair colour at the time!!!  Thankfully it is not that colour now!

Here you can see what the binding looks like on the inside....with the bookmark sticking out the bottom!!  Its very easy to make a book this way.

Sorry for the blurry picture.  The Journal closes with 2 ribbons tied in a bow.

And that's it folks.  Its very easy to make.  If you would like a tutorial, I can sort that out for you, just let me know below.

On another note and in an attempt to embarrass my wee T a bit, it is Tara's 21st Birthday tomorrow.  Ohhhh, plus she passed her driving test on Tuesday too.....CONGRATULATIONS T.   And as Im her big sister and its my given right to tell embarrassing stories about her I could maybe tell you that, last summer she was sitting out my back garden and out of the blue she started talking about test tube babies!  And yes.....she is as odd as her big sister and as random!  Now before I go any further, I must advise that my sister is very smart!  But....she's a bit of a numpty like me sometimes!  Anyway, we were waffling away and the next thing she asks is "Do you see when the babies get too big to be in the test they take them out and finish growing them in incubators?!"  Now it gets worse......if thats even possible!!  After about 5 minutes of watching me and Scrubby crying with laughter, she says "What?  What are you laughing at?  Surely they take the babies out so they don't end up with their heads shaped all funny like a test tube shape?"

And with that......I shall leave you all. 

Would you believe me if I told you that Tara is really pretty?

PS....if you want a tutorial on the wire-spined Journal, just say.

Toodles Noodles......Lee aka Crafty Loops xx
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  1. What a super post Lee, really enjoyed reading along. Bit worries about the Cleanathon though, sounds a bit of a scary activity to me (although I am sure my house needs one).

    Great piece of work here.

    Have a super Easter holiday.

    B x

  2. We've missed your lovely tales and wonderful creations Lee. Any chance you and Scrubby could come here? Thankfully it's not only my mess though! OH is a horder and messy one too! Maybe you need to off load some of your delicious pins and flowers to make more space - have a lovely little box ready and waiting it they want to come and play lol Karen x

  3. Hahaha!! I love the stories!!! My DH and I are exactly the same as you... they are sooo picky about little things... who cares??? LOL!!
    Love your book and yes, a tutorial please!!!
    I have 5 sisters and oh the stories we tell about each other!! And yes, I do believe your sister is pretty!!

  4. Congratulations to Tara on passing her driving test, turning 21 and being very pretty!

    Lovely stories, and what a super book even if it is only your second one....see you after the loft conversion lol

  5. I bet ur heading into the loft you and ur hubby sounds like us 2, I hoard the biggest amount of crap and he says bin it, hehe, ur sis is lovely.
    Chris x

  6. Lee you should write a novel cos I could read your tales forever! and your poor little sis - does she know you put her picture up on your blog lol
    Love your journal, when I first spotted it in my side bar I thought you'd made a card!!!!
    Love the beady spine and fabby little image
    Have a great Easter my friend
    Hugs Laurie xx

  7. You really are a story teller Lee and I mean that in the nicest way. Love the post and I love making books too, so this was great to see.
    As for the cleaning out - I have good intentions but whether they get realised or not is another matter.
    Have a wonderful Easter.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  8. Oh! Lee, how busy have you two been? We did ours the other day, it feels great does'nt it?

    Love the journal, fab details and the image is gorgeous. A great idea.

    Have fun messing up your nice tidy craftroom hun.

    Donna x

  9. Such a fun notebook this is, love how it turned out! Congratulations on your sister's birthday, say hi for me ;-) loved the test tube story, hilarious!

  10. Hi Lee, I did alugh when I read what you've been up to - scrubby sounds wonderful! Love your notebook creation - so pretty too with the bows...and Happy Birthday to your sister! Hugs, Teresa xx

  11. fabulous project. gorgeous colours.
    Happy Birthday to your sister.

    hugs to you x

  12. wow wow wow firstly love the colour choice, second the spine detail gorgeous and then of course the image and the music score oh fabulous hun
    have a great Easter
    Hugs Kate xx

  13. Ooh I think the scrubby bug is catching guess what I have been doing. Love the Journal it looks fab. Alison xxx

  14. I so love reading your posts Lee always have me laughing...Great journal....Hope your having a great Easter weekend...
    Mandy x

  15. Hi hun, wow I've missed you, you do make me laugh! love your banter, fab creation hun, Happy Easter!

    hope this gets to you as its playing me up good style at the moment, I write lovely things and it strops and won't post them, I'm not a happy bunny I can tell you lol, hugs Liz xx

  16. Lol! Poor Tara having her indiscretions posted all over the web :-) Love that picture -wow blond hair!!! Fab book Lee, I live it and that image was just PERFECT!!

  17. Another really fab journal hun, I love the colours and the image on the front is fab, happy birthday to your sister
    Lindsay xx

  18. Another Stunning Book, Your work is amazing,Everything you done on this journal is stunning...

  19. I wish my bf was as keen as Scrubby to clean and paint!! I had to threaten to throw all of his DVDs out if he didnt tidy them before he moved lol! Fab journal! Love the idea of putting the beads on the wire on the spine!
    Rach :) xx

  20. Another lovely journal Lee. Love a tutorial please. xx


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