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Video Tutorial - How to make a Distress Ink Storage Tower

Video Tutorial - How to make a Distress Ink Storage Tower
Handmade Distress Ink Tower

Holds 20 Distress Inks or a combination of Distress Inks and Blending tool thingies!

Now.....before you even see the video or before I even get to explain what this tutorial is all about, there will be a few things my sister will be doing straight away.....just from reading the title......

First......she'll be all giddy and excited when she realises I'm doing a tutorial with me talking.....which will lead to the second thing she'll do....

Secondly.....She'll quickly jump onto Facebook to one of our cousins facebook page....Jessica (Hi Jess) and she may even text her too.  She'll tell Jess to "Hurry up and get over to Lee's Blog......She's doing a real tutorial with her silly talking and everything!!!"

"Why would these 2 things happen?", I hear you ask, scratching your little noggins.  My sister, Tara and our cousin Jess were sitting last summer discussing the fact that I had a new blog and that I was thinking about doing some Youtube video tutorials too.  Now, for some reason unknown to me......of course....ahem, these two loving relatives of mine thought not only me having a blog as funny but they thought me doing any kind of live tutorial would be absolutely hilarious!  I know!  The cheek of the little Monkeys......I don't know where they get these crazy ideas you? heehee

Anywhoodles, enough of the lack of moral support from my very cheeky sister and cousin......on to the tutorial eh? Heehee.  Nah....theyre all right really......they are as daft as me so I'm very proud to say they are a part of my gene pool, lol. 

I wanted something to store my distress inks in but wanted something that was going to take up as little desk space as possible as I have a teeny wee craft room.  I decided to make a Distress Ink Tower as going up was a better alternative to going out where lack of storage space was an issue.  So I made a tower out of chipboard and decorative papers.  I made my first one nearly 2 years ago now......My word I didn't think I was crafting that long but its nearly 2 years now!  But as the tower only holds 20 inks and I was at the Craft Show on Thursday, well I'm sure you can put 2 and 2 together and know that I bought more Distress Inks at the show.  So I have now exceeded the 20 inks mark and needed to make another tower.  Now I am sure there are better tutorials out there for storage of distress inks, but this is how I made mine. Here's the tutorial, any questions just give me a shout.


PART ONE .....sit back and have a cuppa.....this may take a while!

See!  I have no idea what those two cheeky monkeys were on about.  That was a perfectly fine example of a completely sane Northern Ireland woman doing a nice wee tutorial on how to make a box!  And at no time was I giggling and completely amused by my complete lack of annunciation of words such as "Flower" or "Tower", lol.  I even slowed down my talking for these tutorials.....not that you'd ever know as everyone from here speaks like the world is about to end in 10 seconds and we have a 100 page speech to finish reading out before the timer hits zero, lol.

Well thats another bit of daftness over for today.....and look the day has only begun!  I'm sure I'll have much more daftness in store for the day ahead.....isn't Scrubby a lucky man?!

Toodles Noodles......Loops  xx

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  1. Big smiles from this end, great way to start the morning listening to your tut on making your tour, opps sorry was that a tower ?

    Need to have a go at this, especially as I succumbed this morning - did you know there's a new Spring set from Timmy ? Real lush colours that I so badly 'need'. Well I do, mustard seed is not the best of yellows and the new set has a lovely lemon zest colour.

    As you say there may be more tut's out there, but they don't have your lovely Irish accent. Hubby came in and said was that Ruth, he's spoken to her you see so know she has the same dulcet tones.

    Have a good day Lee and thanks for sharing and gibing me a bright start to my day. It can only go downhill from here, dentist shortly then mobility scooter shopping.

    I know, I know, I really live the high life, perhaps I'll find a dark mysterious Italian whilst I'm out, but I guess there's not too many of those lurking in mobility shops.

    B x

  2. Lol I'm still laughing at Brenda's comment and when I've left here I have to source the new inks!
    I love reading your posts Lee, you are like a breath of fresh air and now I can listen too! Great tute, great tower
    Hugs Laurie xx

  3. Hi Lee what a fab tutorial and you are so brave. Dont apoliogse for anything it shows how you have come on and omg how have you come on and as for buying flowers why yours are far better and so individual. Love it.

  4. Very cool. Well done on the videos! :-)

  5. You made your distress tower look awesome Lee! Or have you already transformed it into a 'destress tower', oops, probably not, after so much time of happy crafting, lol! It looks superb though!!! Ira x

  6. A great tutorial Lee, and I love your accent.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  7. Love hearing your gorgeous accent Lee...... and what a fab tutorial! Thanks for sharing it with us all..

    Christine x

  8. Fabulous tutorial Lee, I may have to make something similar to this.
    I never knew how to make these boxes - I've got some ideas now. Love your wonderful accent, it's so pretty - take no notice of them youngsters lol!
    I couldn't catch the name of the lady you mentioned on the first recording as my hearing is still not right from the virus I had before Xmas hugs Karen x

  9. totally fabulous Lee, love the design and super tutorial as always and those gorgeous flowers are the perfect finishing touch, love it
    hugs Kate x

  10. Very clever!! Looks shop bought!

  11. Good Evening Lee, Love your Inks Tower and the papers are fab, Love your accent...

  12. Another really fab tutorial Lee and a great idea, I love seeing how you make things as you always get such stunning results. So love your accent and it was really interesting to see the first one that you made, you can really see how much your crafting has developed and changed. Thanks for sharing your fab tutorial with us, I have another thing to add to my list of things I want to have a go at now lol and I think I may have to try and find some of those glue helpers they look fab.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend
    Lindsay xx

  13. well I love your "tower" tooooo ... well done ... and thank you for taking time to show us just how to do it ... just doing a bit of blog hopping ... hope you have a great weekend ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  14. Great tutorial Lee,and your tower is fabulous...Must look out for those new colours that Brenda said about...
    Have a lovely weekend...
    Mandy x

  15. This looks Great Lee, and thanks for the fab tutorial. x

  16. great tutorial Lee,your tower is fab sue xx

  17. wow fantastic idea and great tut,
    Thanks Chris x

  18. Great tutorial, just found your blog via Jennings644 google +.
    This is my next project for sure. Many thanks. Marian


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