Monday, 16 April 2012

Clean and Simple Card and I want to introduce you to someone!

Happy Birthday Bob-a-job!  My wee Mamma calls my Daddy that!

Well folks, whats the craic with you all?  Firstly, BIG apology.  Im using the new blogger interface (which I hate by the way) and I did turn the Word Verification OFF or so I thought!  I went into it there now and it was still ON Grrrrrr!  So hopefully word verification is now off again.  I hate Word Verification, lol!  So just a note to anyone who has gone over to the new interface....DON'T FORGET TO TURN OFF WORD VERIFICATION (if you dont want it on of course!).

Anyway, Yesterday was my wee Daddy's Birthday.  After three everyone......ONE, TWO, THREE........HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOOPS'S DADDY!!!!  Or you can call him Bobby which is less of a mouthful.  And in a completely unrelated was also the 100th year Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic!!  And before you say anything, as far as Im aware, none of my ancestors worked on the ship at the shipyard, Harland and Wolfe in Belfast so don't go blaming me on it wasnt my fault!!  Bloomin' iceberg!

Anywhoodles, no it isn't a mirage, also do not adjust your computer screens!  Yes it is a real live card I am showing you, but it is not a great artistic masterpiece.  If I am going to be forced into a situation that entails me making a card.......its going to be as clean and as simple as possible.  And I certainly think this card falls under that category.  Anywho, the photos are below.

I embossed "Happy Birthday" on the inside of the card using a cooper coloured embossing powder from Debbi Moore

You have no idea how hard it is to photograph a card with gold mirri cardstock on it!!  It's impossible not to get a reflection!!  I stamped the Timmy Stamps on Linen cream paper with Walnut Stain distress ink

Happy Birthday stamped in Walnut Stain Distress ink......and more impossibly non-photogenic mirri card

Ha!!!  I did it.....well kinda did it!  There is no reflection in the top part of the mirri card but a wee bit at the sentiment.  Ack well, it can't be helped.

Now, onto a completely different subject all together.  I want to introduce you to someone.  If you are a follower of my blog and actually have the patience to read through my endless drivel, then you will have heard me mention my one and only sister (but I do have 3 brothers too), my wee T or Tara, to everyone else. Well I have been trying for the last year to tempt T into getting involved in some sort of crafting.  I've dragged her along to craft fairs, she has ribbed me endlessly about my crafting and calling me all sorts of daft craft related names; I have taken her kicking and screaming around the Craft shop in Belfast; I even make her look at every creation I make and stick my blog under her nose at every opportunity.  So sooner or later I was gonna break her and get her hooked on to some kind of crafting, should I have to hot glue her to my craft chair and tie ribbons all around her, chanting "You must make something handmade......YOU MUST MAKE SOMETHING HANDMADE!!".

Well........( the next part like the guy with the deep voice that does the trailers for movies).......They said it couldn't be done.....dum dum (The "dum dum's" are the drum beats by the way, Im so weird heehee).........They said she'd never lift up those tools.....dum dum......she swore she'd never become a crafty nerd......dum dum....This Summer, watch how one young woman struggles against the crafty odds to stop ebay buying, just to keep her bank account in Credit!  This Summer watch out for......Purdy Creations!!!!!! (big orchestral finish!!).

Heehee...Yes I know, I know...........I'm wired to the big light as my Daddy would say!  I am very proud to say that I finally got my wee T into crafting, in particular the jewellery and charm side of crafting.  She called it Purdy Creations because, well that's our surname (well my maiden name now!  I miss my name....blub blub!) and with the obvious association of "Purdy" meaning "Pretty", I think its a clever wee name she's come up with.  She only started her blog yesterday, therefore she only has a few wee things up.  So with herself and between me and Kathleen's Crafty Bloggers site she's slowly getting her wee blog up and running.  So, would all my lovely loyal follows mind terribly doing me a wee quaver, and hop over to wee T's blog, Purdy Creations and show her some love please?  I would really appreciate it and I know T will too.

 You'll quickly realise that she has a warped sense of humour like her big sister!  WHAAAAT?????  I had to pass on something to my siblings!

Anywhoodles, thats my lot for today folks.  Nothing more to report.....Ohhhhh Im heading to the Creative Stitch Fair at the King's Hall in Belfast this week, all being well.  Yippeeeee!!!  Somehow I don't think I will have to do too much arm twisting to get T to come this time.  Something tells me she will be spending A LOT of time staring at all the bead stalls! lol.  And guess who the numpty is that will be buying her supplies and beads?  Sheesh!  Sometimes being the eldest sibling is expensive!!

Toodles Noodles,

Loops x


  1. Hi Lee.LOVE this card,adorable image.Hope all well with you

  2. Love the card Lee. Love the clean simple lines and that fab image. Will pop over to your sister's blog now.

  3. I love it Lee...will pop over to see your Sister's blog now..:o)

    big hugs Vicky xx

  4. Great card.
    Blogger (new one) gives me grief too.

  5. Your patience with your sister paid off Lee.

    Bit the same with my DIL, she dabbled in cards the last year but never really enjoyed it, then she sat in my craft room a few months ago when had my beads out making stick pins, next thing I knew I was getting mails with pictures of jewellery and now she is totally hooked.

    Great work with the Timmy stamp.

    B x

  6. Great card Lee, love the TH stamps on the linen card. Great distressing and the simple composition makes it look really good.
    Well done with T, I have been over and her jewellery is awesome, she should make and sell her things very easily.
    Have a great week.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  7. Hi Lee,
    What a great male card,love the image and colour :) x

  8. wow this is great and love the vintage feel to it too, you could enter this at the Secret Crafter if you wanted hun
    Hugs Kate xx

  9. Hi Lee
    A fabulous card love the vintage look
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  10. Fab card Lee, absolutely perfect for a male! Bet he loves it! I will be showing a little something/things on my blog later on this week - I'll give you a heads up and it's all thanks to you hun! Your wee 'T's blog is fab too hugs Karen x

  11. I do love reading your ramblings loops! You are funny...weird but funny lol (she knows I loves her really) Loops you've made a superb CARD! Yes I'm shocked it's a card lol well done you, although I do love looking at all your crafty alterations too. Righty oh I'm off to see your sister, have a great week, hugs Teresa xx

  12. Wow! A card! Yay! It's fab, I'm sure your dad loved it.
    Will pop over and say hi to your sis x
    Wendy x

  13. Lee your card is fab such a great vintage male card hope your dad had a fab birthday! I am hopping over to see your sister now!Hugs rebekah xx

  14. Lovely male card Lee, I bet your dad loved it and yes I do know what a beast the mirri is to photograph. Debs xx

  15. Fab card, love the image and your post made me chuckle.....

  16. WOW I love this card, it's perfect
    HUGZ Fleur xXx

  17. A fab card Lee, love the TH stamps & LO. Popping over to say hi to your sis.

    Donna x

  18. Hiya hun, I love your card, those Tim Holtz stamps are fab, thanks for all of your lovely comments on my blog and I can't wait to see what you get up to with your new paper stash, I have to say I agree with you about not paying 20 quid for a paper pack, I am always on the look out for bargains in sales or on ebay because I can't bear to part with 20 quid a pack but I love pretty papers lol.

    You really are quite welcome to enter my candy if you want to hun or the one on the challenge blog (which is probably actually more your style of goodies with Tim Holtz bits in it)

    Anyway I hope that you are well, will pop over to your little sisters blog to have a nose and become a follower now =)

    Lindsay xx

  19. Yay, a card! I knew you had it in you and very nice it is too! xx

  20. a card??? its fabulous Lee you so need to make more cards girl...Happy Birthday to your Daddy, Im now off to look at your Sis's blog
    Mina xxx

  21. Happy birthday Loops's Daddy!! I hope he had a fabulous day!! This card is so awesome!! I just love the design, the stamps you used, everything!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  22. Aw I think that is so awesome, that you finally turned your sister. Lol great job. Now on to the card, I think it is absolutely beautiful. You under estimate your creativity. You did a great job. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Have fun crafting with your sister, Hugs Carmen

  23. Absolutely superb hun, Luv Sam x

  24. Happy birthday to you dad Lee! Hope he had a really lovely day, but I'm actually positive that he did, because of your very masculine card! Enjoy the Belfast fair!! Ira x

  25. lovely card lee! see, you can m,ake them!! lol!
    btw - re word verificationm, if you've turned it off it should stay off - for some reason, when you go back into your settings it is showing you the option of what you can change it to rather than what you have it set to for some reason!!! so don't worry! sure people would let you know if you had it on still!! LOL!

    take care
    kathleen mc xxx

  26. Great card Lee and it doesn't surprise me that you now have your sister crafting. I will definitely pop over and have a look. You're so funny. xx

  27. Hi Lee love your card, wish your daddy happy birthday from me and am now going to look at your wee sister T's blog and become one of her stalkers. Alison xxx

  28. Lee your card is Gorgeous! I have those stamps too. Its great to see how others use what we have.
    happy birthday to your Dad!
    Yvonne :)

  29. I love this card hun :) xxx

  30. Fab card :)I love it!

    Hugs Ann xxx

  31. Hi Lee, I really wish I had known you were going to the Kings Hall today(oops, I didn't realise the time, ok yesterday!) I would have loved to have met up with you. I'm going today ie after I have some sleep. Hope you had a lovely time.
    I'm really sorry I have not been around much lately but life has a habit of getting in the way. Hope to be in touch again soon, Ruth x

  32. I meant to say, I love the card! I'll pay your sister a visit soon - I need to go to bed now as I can't think straight any more! Ruth x

  33. brill CAS card lee,good luck to your sister,x

  34. Hi Lee - there's nothing simple about your card, it's a work of art! I can never get work like this to look like anything but yours is a masterpiece. Well done! Hope you got lots of nice goodies at the Craft Fair :-)) I'm off to have a look at wee T's blog, love Maddy x

  35. Beautiful Card Lee, Love this stamp, Your Dad will love it, Going to have a look at your little Sis's blog later this evening,Have a good Evening...

  36. Hi lee your card is just so fabulous!!!! You did a really good job on the vintage look!!!! Way to go my friend!!!!! I will go see your sister now!!!!! Bye


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