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Im Back!!!! The Story of Scrubby - The Super Geek!

m Back!!!!  The Story of Scrubby - The Super Geek!

Panic Over!  Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who very kindly gave me advice on me not being able to comments on other folks blogs.

My Scrubby is a bit of a Geek.  And Im not being derogatory in calling him a Geek either.  In fact, its very handy having a man who can build a computer with his eyes closed should the need arise.  And believe me.....the need has arrived twice already for my parents.  My Scrubby is the computer genius in our family and gets regular contact with family members I havent even heard of before!!

Anyway I didnt need to change browsers, I didnt need to untick "stay signed in".........All  I needed to do was........ well, heres how the story goes.......

2 days ago - Thursday 10th
Me...."Scrubbyyyyyyyy....something is wrong with my blog.  When I go to other blogs that have the comments below their posts, its says Im signed out and I cant leave messages.  And then I go back to my blog and Im signed out again.  Did that last update break something?"

Scrubby - "I dont know.  Has anyone else had that problem before?"

Me - "Yes"

Scrubby - "Well what did they do then?"

Me - "I cant remember!!  Something about unticking something and something to do with a browser do da".

Scrubby - "Well maybe you should ask someone on your blog"

Me - "Im on it"......being rather smug thinking I will fix the problem myself.  Ha!  I'll show him I can be a computer geek too!  I put up a post and the comments come flying in.

Yesterday - Friday 10th

Me - "Scrubbbbbbyyyyyyyy!!

Scrubby - "Yesssssss"

Me - "Me ole muckers in blogland say that I need to untick the "stay signed in" thingy ma bobber and maybe see about using another browser".

Scrubby - Who is all about trying to get me to try things out on the computer myself!  "Well, have you tried that then?"

Me - "Noooooo.  I thought you should try it in case I do something wrong!"

Scrubby - "Dont be daft.  Come on now, you do it yourself"

Me - with a bit of a huffy face - "Ohhhhhhh kayyyyy"

I faffed around with my laptop for a few hours but by this stage Im getting really fed up and Im knackered and I just want to give up and go to bed.  So in my whiniest voice....

Me - "Scrubbyyyyyyy"

Scrubby - "Yes?"

Me - "Its not workin'"

Scrubby - "Do you want me to install Fire Fox then and use it instead of Chrome and see if it works?"

Me - Answering like a tired three year old "Yup.  Im going to bed.  I dont like my blog any more".

This morning - Saturday 11th

Scrubby - "Ive got Fire Fox up and running and I have transferred all your bookmarks over from Chrome"

Me - Well Im now sitting looking at Scrubby like he's some sort of Super Hero Geek and Im thinking "Wow, he really is a great Scrubby".  Im sitting staring at him in wonderment as he is showing me around Fire Fox and how he has tidied up my tool bar and put my favourites into some super awesome thingy ma bob that makes life on my laptop easier and suddenly it happens!  ****My Scrubby is no longer sitting there in his combats and t-shirt showing me around my laptop but all of a sudden he is standing there with his hands on his hips, wearing a brightly coloured Lycra suit with the emblem "SG" on his chest - meaning Super Geek of course and theres a cape and everything!  And somehow there appears to be a draft coming from somewhere and his cape is flapping about!

Im dumb struck by this incredible Super Geek before me and how he changed this on my laptop to make my life easier.  So now the real question....

Me - Using my best damsel in distress voice "Well Mr Super Geek, does my blog work again?"

Super Geek - I of course am hearing his replies in a super hero voice "Well little lady, Im not quite sure.  Lets have a look and see".

He swoops down on to the sofa......cause thats what Super Hero's do and takes my lap top from me.  He goes on to blogger and it says "Sign in".

Me - Maybe we should try in with the "Stay signed in" box ticked first.

Super Geek - "Ok little lady"

Me - I giggle.  Fluttering my eyelashes and all.  "Super Geek is taking my advice" I think to myself **Swoon**

He types in the details at the speed of light AND..........

Super Geek - "It appears to have failed little lady"

Me - "Oh noooooo" In a very dramatic fashion "Well, maybe we should try unticking "stay signed in"."

Super Geek "No problem little lady"

Again he works at the speed of light changing and unticking things.  My head is spinning.  Is there nothing this Super Geek cant do?!

Super Geek - "Well,....

Me - I hold my breath

Super Geek - "It appears it has again failed to become your blog back to its old self, little lady"

Me - "Nooooooooooo"  I cry, throwing my head back and arms outstretched, reaching out as if to find my old blog  "What are you telling me?  Is there no hope?  Im I doomed for all of eternity? That I will never be able to use my blog the way I used to?  But what about the people who's blogs I follow"

Super Geek  - "Do not despair little lady.  All is not lost"

He takes a hold of my laptop with a Super Geek determination, not wanting to fail his little lady.  His hands work fast, he opens pages and screens I have never even seen before.  He's hitting options and ticking and unticking boxes.  I am sitting swooning by his side, letting out shocked little "Ohhhhs" and "ahhhhhs" as he works faster than Ive ever seen before.

Super Geek finishes and wipes his gleaming brow.  With a confident nod, he proudly hands over my laptop to me and says with conviction, hands on hips of course -

"I have succeeded.  I knew it wouldnt beat me"

Me - well Im sitting looking at me Super Geek Scrubby thinking "Wow!  He really is a Super Geek Hero".  Im in total awe of my Super Geek Scrubby and turn to him and say in my best damsel just saved from distress voice....

"Ohhhh Super Geek, how did you do that?  What seemed to be the problem?  Is there nothing you cant fix?  .........Remember Im still seeing him in his Super Geek costume...

Super Geek turns to me and says

"Nah, I knew what it probably was all along.  I just needed to enable Third Party Cookies.  I was just hoping it wasnt that because I dont like enabling third party cookies.  It wont do you any harm having them, I just dont like how invasive it can be in catering adverts to what you look at online".

And *****POOF****** Just like that...........the Super Geek Hero costume disappears!  And Im looking at him in complete disbelief!

Me - "Are you telling me that for the last two days I have been going crazy thinking Im never going to be able to use my blog properly again and you knew that all it needed was third party cookies enabled?"

And what does my Super Geek Scrubby reply "Yep".

So..........Super Geek Scrubby didnt say about the third party cookies, because he was hoping it was just a browser issue.  Stuck on Fire Fox and Nooooooo, still not working.  So Scrubby hangs his head low, reluctantly ticks "Allow third party Cookies" and says ....."There its fixed".

Moral of this story .................. Dont trust a Super Geek to look after your computer!!  They look after it too well!

Heehee.  I was giggling away to myself typing this lot!  Scrubby is gonna kick my ass!  Heehee.

I have Book Binding Video Tutorials coming up later, so keep an eye out for those if you want to see how I made my wee journal from scratch.

Toodles Noodles,

Loops xx


  1. Oh lee you are not the only one giggling I could picture him stood there with his cape glad it is fixed and I got to peep at Tillys flowers you sent omg they are out of this world. Hugs Sue xx

  2. Oh Lee you are hilarious,can see Nimbus laughing her paws off.Why do you call your husband scrubby lol,i that an irish term.Soooo glad Super Geek sorted you out.have a good weekend,can't wait for your latest creations hun.Huggles to all.xxCuddles for Nimbus xx

  3. You should really consider a writing career Lee! Your writing skills are superb and I really had a good laugh about your brilliant story ;-) Nice to know you've got SG to look after you ;-) Have a great weekend, Ira

  4. Hi Lee, Oooh, you do make me laugh! I am so pleased it's sorted and Super Geek came to your rescue..or, rather, sort of! Have a great evening, Hugs, Teresa x

  5. Better than any ol' Mills and Boon....swoon!

  6. OMG I'm exhausted reading this hehe, sounds a wee bit like our house, poor hubby's what would we do without them.
    Chris x

  7. I like this long and funny post darlin lady Lee! Say hi to you hubby or whatever name you call him!

  8. Hiya hun, this had me chuckling all the way through, I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again but I LOVE the way you write, it never fails to put a smile on my face. Thanks so much for your lovely message earlier it was very much appreciated. I intended to pop over earlier but I got a little distracted by a project that has been inspired buy your lovely creations (hope it turns out good now I have said that lol if it's rubbish it's no reflection on you) it should be finished tomorrow I hope. Can't wait to see your book binding tutorial, I am really keen to have a go at that, now off to have a better look at your watch
    Lindsay xx

  9. Lee, I actually laughed out loud for real. My other half is like that, although I have got the better of him on the odd occassion

  10. Lol loved reading all this lee :-) you are great at creating a scene - I could just see mark's costume! Looking forward to next week. Maddy x

  11. lol.glad to see you up and running again you need to ask super geek about the confusion surrounding the followers me it reads that it won`t affect our blogger blogs?

    xx coops xx

  12. You are so funny Lee. Love your stories. Glad its all sorted now xx

  13. Oh boy what a cheerful post on a Sunday - hehehe!
    You have a wonderful way of describing and embellishing your tales of woe Lee!
    One thing that I've been wondering, maybe it's a regional thing, where on earth did the name Scrubby come from? Might be I'm being too nosy in which case ignore hugs x

  14. So pleased scrubby got you sorted, lol, love your story

  15. Now i know where i get my madness from.

    From someone in your family who KNOWS that you are loopy. X

  16. I'm a newbie to your blog and just loved your story so funny hugs from chris in oz australia

  17. LOL! You never fail to make me laugh and make everything better! :) You know every time you talk about your hubby from now on I'll be picturing him in his Super Geek outfit!
    I'm glad he has got you up and blogging happily again!

  18. Oh My! You've just described my Super Geek Grant! You said it all when you said they look after our laptops too well. I dread the days when I have to turn my ailing machine over to hubby for one problem or another. He shakes back his gleaming silver hair, rubs his hands together in anticipation, then dives into my little computer like a dolphin in the waves. HIs fingers fly as he defrags, optimizes, compresses, rebuilds desktops, anti-virus updates, and generally marshals that silly thing into submission. Of course, I have to relearn the interface when he's done because EVERYTHING looks different. xxoo


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