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Am I alone? Or is anyone having the same problem?

Hello?  Anyone there?  Heehee.  "Oh what is she on about now?" I hear you ask!  Right, here is my issue (among my many crazy issues of course, lol).  I use Google Chrome as my browser.  Yesterday there were updates for Chrome.  I did my duty and updated as a good little girlie girl.

TODAY - for some damned reason I had to log back into my blog.  "Ok, no problem." me thinks.   I'll log in to my blog.  So Im on my dashboard and going through my list of blogs.  Now, when I go on to someone elses blog, I appear to be logged out again.  And when I try to leave a comment on some blogs it asks me to pick a profile under the comment.  I obviously pick "Google Account" cause, well, Im a blogger!  But it ignores me and I cant leave the comment.

So, in an act of desperation I click on to my homepage to see if Im still logged in.............IM NOT!!!  WHAT THE.......???  I log in again, go in to my dashboard, click on someones blog and guess what.......IM LOGGED OUT AGAIN!  Do we see a pattern here??

Anyone else having this problem?  I put a thread up on the Blogger Forum asking if it was a problem with the update or something else and its like Im Billy No Mates over there!  Either that, or no one knows the answer to my problem.  And no smart arse answers like, "did you turn your computer off and on again?"  Heehee. Yes I watch the IT crowd too you know, lol.

Even my computer geekie Scrubby is stumped.  He thinks its a problem with the Google Chrome Update and says if it is, then they will fix it.  BUT I want to know if anyone else is having this problem.  If not, then its not an update problem.  So if you could let me know either way I would be really grateful.

Cheers peeps.  So If I havent left comments on your blogs, Im sorry but apparently Im not logged in even when I log in again!  But apparently I can add new posts! Weird.  So sorry folks, I will comment as and when I can!  You know I will, Im very loyal to me bloggy buds.

Ohhhh Im just in the process of uploading my Bookbinding tutorials.  So if you want to see how I made the previous Journal, well watch this crazy little space.

Toodles Noodles.

Loops xx


  1. Hiya when you log in dont tick the box to stay signed in, thats what I do and it works fine.
    Chris x

  2. Yeh I had that roblem ages ago but did as Crafty Chris and dont have to log in as much but do get kicked out occassionlly

  3. Yup, click the stay logged in button. if that dosnt work, try clearing all your internet cookies out and also restarting your computer.
    That should sort it.

  4. Hiya hun, I am on chrome and don't have any problems like this but I do sign in each day rather than clicking the stay logged in as blogger didn't like the stay logged in button when I used to use IE and I just got in to the habit of it so maybe that's why I don't have any problems with it. I do have issues with the blogs I follow not showing up half the time though
    Lindsay xx

  5. Hi, I'm using Google Chrome as my server, I haven't had any recent updates so not experiencing any problems. What I would advice is don't tick the stayed signed in box ... I found that one out last year after I was experiencing the same problems as you are now. Hope this helps. Elizabeth x

  6. Hey hun as the girlies above say try the unticking the box. That worked for me at first but the last time it didn't so I deleted my browsing history (cleared caches & cookies) and since then (touch wood) no probs :)
    hugs Mandy xx

  7. Mine seems to be fine. I use Chrome as well. Hate to have this sort of problems... Anyway, stay calm and carry one :) my dear friend Lee :)
    Hugs, kissinia

  8. Can't help I'm afraid hon..
    Christine x

  9. Hi Lee, I had a similar problem ages ago, like some of the ladies here, but don't use Chrome and left the box un-ticked too - it must have been a compatibility issue with blogger at that time, as one or the other have sorted out the problem. I think it must have been that update you did and there is something not compatible with Blogger. Have you tried a system "restore" back to a date of say, a week ago? It might "un-do" the update...might be worth a try? If not, I think it will eventually get better but it will probably be painful for a while. Hugs, Teresa xx

  10. touch wood, no probs at the moment but I have not had last problems were when google put me on the new format and I was really in the mire then!

  11. All the other ladies above me are right, don't stay signed in. Or you'd might like to try a different browser altogether, I always use Google Chrome, but when GC is bothering me again, I just switch to Firefox, problem solved ;-) Good luck! Ira

  12. My Google Chrome started to freeze sites for me and crash them. So i downloaded Opera, and i like how it's work. Try it, if you don't like, you just go back to your Chrome.
    Hugs Nataliya

  13. Hi Lee, I had the same probs when I used IE, so someone suggested I try using a different browser, so now I'm using Mozilla firefox. And I have no probs on here now. It used to drive me mad and take forever to leave comments!
    Hope this helps x
    Wendy x

  14. Hope you're sorted now and looking forward to your tutorial x

  15. i used to get this if i ticked the keep in signed in box but i leave it unticked now and no probs.hope you fix it hun.

    xx coops xx

  16. Oh Lee sorry to hear you're having problems, I'm with Google Chrome and mines been fine (touch wood) hope it sorts itself out for you I know lots of people have been having blogger problems of late. Take care & keep warm. Teresa xx

  17. I had a nightmare with this sort of thing last year - the problem being that I use several computers to log on depending on where I am, so trying to find which one had got the box ticked was a bit of a mare, but got there in the end. Having said that I was still getting the odd issue and figured that when I used the laptop there were no issues, the only difference being that the laptop used Firefox - so I switched to Firefox on the PC and didn't have any problems (well apart from the PC giving up on me later, but I don't think that it was connected!!). Might be worth your while trying Firefox to see if it works?

    Hope you get your problems sorted soon

    Sue xx

  18. Glad you got it fixed in the end. Hubby is the computer expert in our family too - he's taken to keeping quiet theses days, he used to get calls at all hours of the day and night from people in the village he barely knew in the last place we lived!

  19. Hope you have it sorted now...and you sounds as crazy as I am lol :) Viv xx


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