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Handmade Apron

My beautiful assistant, ie, my Scrubby, is modelling the Apron like a professional, teehee
Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I'm back to share a really quick project with you that is the perfect handmade gift for Christmas.  This is an apron that I have made for my wee brother who is almost 22.  I know I've shared this before (as I am an immensely proud big sister) but Corey got his pilots licence when he was just 19 years old.  He was the youngest pilot to get his licence in the quickest time.  To say that my wee brother is a genius would be an understatement.  He's currently studying Aerospace Engineering at Queen's in Belfast.  He is just the sweetest, funniest, smartest person I know and just being able to call him my wee brother makes me so proud every day.......did I mention that there is 21 years difference between us?  When I say I'm his oldest sister........I am wayyyyyyy older, teehee.

I just wanted to quickly mention this fabric.  This is a very old, vintage piece of fabric that was made by Moygashel Linens here in Northern Ireland.  According to the listing on Ebay it was to celebrate the history of flight, particularly Concorde's maiden flight in 1969.  To say this fabric is rare and very hard to come by is an understatement.  But I finally found some on Ebay after MONTHS of searching. I think the particular piece I found had been an old curtain that someone had taken apart to use again....but thankfully didn't want it anymore and I got it...yippee! So, believe me when I say that my hands were shaking when I was cutting out this piece of fabric.  I was so afraid to mess it up and not have enough fabric left to make the apron....particularly as I was winging the pattern and making it up as I went along, teehee.  
I wanted the apron pocket to show the Concorde graphic front and centre, so I made sure to cut the pocket with it showing.
I didn't want the pocket too low as it would have cut the actual Concorde graphic off.  So I added it a wee bit higher.  I don't think anyone really uses an apron pocket anyway.....but it'll be handy to stick his mobile phone in, lol
I made some bias binding with a polycotton polka-dot fabric that I bought on ebay, linked below.  So, once I cut out the shape I thought an apron should be, I simply sewed around all the edges of the apron adding the bias binding, to enclose all the raw edges.  The neck band and ties were added at the end. 
The colour is a wee bit off here, I think it's the awful colour of my door there as I am using a daylight bulb.  But you can see from the above photos that it's much brighter and vibrant.  Just check out those graphics, they are so incredible and detailed.  I love this fabric.

I am so chuffed with how it turned out. The fabric was so lovely to work with too.  It's sort of a very soft, thick brushed cotton.  A dream to work with and if I get an opportunity to sew with Moygashel fabric again, I definitely will.  I can't wait to give it to Corey at Christmas.
At the time of typing, all links are available and working.  However, as time marches on these links may not work.  But a quick search on Google should set you right.

Polka-dot polycotton, colour Wedgewood - Ebay
Moygashel Fabric - no longer in print.  I purchased on Ebay.  But if you want other fabrics from Moygashel or want to visit their website, click here

And that's it from me folks, for now. Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

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