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Craft Box Unboxing March 2016

Craft Box Unboxing March 2016
Hey Folks.  I cannot believe it is a month already since I did the last unboxing for my Craft Box, but here we are March!

Anyway, here is the video of me unboxing it, if you want to see what I got.  Ohhhhh such lush goodies.  You can get your own subscription on a month by month basis (so you decide when you want to buy it) or by 3 or 6 months in advance.  Simply go the Anna's site, at  You better run quick if you want April's box, as the pre-orders are running out super fast.

OHHHHHHHHHH, and keep an eye out.  I have ANOTHER GIVEAWAY coming up very soon.  It's pretty similar to the last one, with a few wee differences like the stamp and I'll add a few extra goodies into the prize too that I won't show here on my blog.

I am not affiliated with Craft Box.  I bought this with my own sponduclics.....just in case that is somehow relevant (which I don't know why it would be!).  I just love this product and think for all us UK Crafters, its a fabulously beautiful and high quality gift to give yourself every month.  And its about time us UK Crafters could get a monthly subscription box that is affordable and jam-packed with lovely crafty goodness.  I love getting a little bit of everything and it all co-ordinates so well.  And let's face it folks, as much as we all love a bargain from Ebay.......are you really going to use all of those 300 identical bronze charms that you bought for 99p from China?  We are all guilty of included (hangs head in almost shame, teehee).   I love Craft Box simply because I get a variety of beautiful items.....and a lot of them too for a great price, plus a beautiful box to alter or store craft items in too.

And that is it from me folks.  DON'T FORGET, ANOTHER GIVEAWAY IS COMING VERY SOON - See last months for an idea of what is to come.

Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx


  1. Enjoy your box of crafting goodies, Lee!

  2. Wow. Another beautifully put together box. Don't worry about how you speak Lee. I love that about you. I think it's an endearing quality about you. <3


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