Sunday, 11 December 2011

Blog Candy - Almost 22'000 Hits & 300+ followers! NOW CLOSED!

 "Constant ramblings of an insane Irish woman"
But there are some goodies in amongst bear with me wafflin' on a bit, lol
And please read carefully

Thats right my little loopy loo's, I have decided to give away another bounty of goodies.  On Christmas day it will be 6 months since I started my insane ramblings and blogging (25th June) and since then I have "met" the most wonderful people, won some incredible candies myself, visited and seen the most incredible blogs and creations, had great craic writing my somewhat eccentric blog posts and enjoyed reading all your amazing comments.

So, in the short time I have had my wee blog, I appear to have completely missed the 20'000 and 21'000 hits giveaway mark (opps....sorry) and have now nearly reached 22'000.  Didnt I just do a 10'000 hit candy which seems like 5 mins ago??  Whats going on here??

But anywho, I  want to offer more candy as a massive thank you to all my wonderful followers.  You must have the patience of a saint to sit and read through the "constant ramblings of an insane Irish woman" as I shall call it.  Ohhhh that would make an awesome title for my memoires, heehee.  Hey....all you authors out there....dont even think about it.....its my title....Ive Copyrighted it!  Like anyone would read my craziness. lot do!  Now what does that say about you lot??

See.....told you there would be rambling.  See, once I pop.....I cant stop!

Im doing this candy a little differently I think.  It will be for MY CURRENT FOLLOWERS ONLY. So, anyone who is a follower as and at today's date AND at the time of this being posted (I'll know how many there are.......Ive checked........ 301 followers!!) will be eligible to enter this candy.  In not in any way trying to snub new followers......there will be more candies offered in future.  But I wanted this to be a massive THANK YOU to all those who have followed me up until now.

So, last time I did one BIG candy, and then at the last minute I added on a wee extra candy.  This time, I think I want to do littler and more(r!) you get my drift?  Ok so, I want to give more of you some goodies.  But for me to be able to do that, I am having to make the candies a little smaller.  So not one ginormous one to one person alone.  And when I say I will make the candies smaller, anyone who has ever received goodies from me will confirm that I dont do small very well.  I have an awful habit of giving away loads!  So, it will not be a stingy candy giveaway by any stretch of the imagination. But I do want to give as many people as possible some goodies.  I do not have endless supplies of goodies and as much as I would love to give all 301 followers a present, well, I just dont have the stash!  And since I will be officially blogging for 6 months on Christmas Day, I thought it would be nice to give away 6 cute bundles of candy goodness.


So just to reiterate the dreaded RULES, this giveaway is eligible to my current followers only.  That is, anyone who followers me after follower number 301 will sadly not be able to enter.....this time.  But as I said, there will be more candies in the future which will be open to everyone, current and new followers.

If any of my current followers would like to win, please leave a comment below....theres no Mr Linky here people!

I will leave this draw open until Friday the 20th of January 2012 (Wha???? 2012!  Where did my youth go....and my boobs.....Oh...they are way down there!!  Ok slight exaggeration..Im only 31!))  at 9pm after which time I will copy and paste all the comments into word, print them out, cut each one out and ask my Scrubby to draw 6 names out of a big wooden bowl!!

I will then announce the winners who will need to email me there details by using the "Contact me" button at the top right hand side of my blog.  You will have 48 hours to contact me, after which time I reserve the right to redraw another name and that person will then need to contact me within just 24 hours (Im giving the redraw 24hrs only as I dont want to delay posting out the people who do contact me).  There will be no exception to this rule.  I have to be fair.  I wont make exceptions even if I get a soppy email saying that you missed me posting the winners because your best friends, neighbours, aunties rare breed three legged cat got stuck in a tree and when you tried to save it, you got stuck up there for 2 days and missed my post!  It may seem harsh, but I only plan on making 1 trip to post all the candy winners prizes out and I want to be fair and not keep everyone else waiting for their candy because someone was stuck up a tree!  So if you miss your name being drawn out, Im afraid if you dont contact me within the 48 hour time period, I will redraw.  I am also not responsible for parcels getting lost in the post either (I will get proof of postage).

  So, if you wanna win one of 6 candy prizes, all you have to do is

1) be one of my CURRENT followers only (everyone from 1 to 301),
2) leave a comment below if you want to enter (No Mr Linky here so please leave a comment if you want to be entered,
3) place the picture below in your side bar and thats it.


 Now Im not showing you what you are getting yet............but!!!!....there will be some of my handmade flowers and stickpins, some lace and die cuts and a load more scrummy goodness.  I may give some sneak peeks over the coming weeks, I may not.  Am I being a bit of a tease?  Me thinks so.

Yes this was waffly but I hope the goodies I give away will be worth it.  And lets face it, its kinda nice to read someone elses ramblings and realise that there is someone out there more insane than you, right? lol

So good luck, Im sure the 6 winners will like what I have for them.


Toodles Noodles,  Loops xxx

Here is the picture to stick into your sidebar........


  1. Omg I am the 1st not a good sign, but hey ho onward and upwards keeping everything crossed, off now to pop u on my sidebar.
    Thanks Chris x

  2. Hi Lee you waffle away girl this did make me laugh I am with you with the ages and boobs but have half your years extra. Thanks agin for being you and Happy Christmas

  3. I love reading your 'ramblings' Lee, always guaranteed to make me smile and whatever you are generously offering as your candy I know it will be fabulously scrummy! Thanks for this chance of winning, love Jayne. x x

  4. hei, sweetie!
    This is so cool!
    Love your sense of humour!
    Hugs from kissinia :)

  5. I would like to join to this candy ^^! I hope that it's worldwide ^^" ... Looking forward to see the suprises :) ! Thanks for tha chance ^^! Have a nice week!

  6. Hi Lee I've popped you in my sidebar and enjoyed reading ur ramblings on :) thanks for the chance hugs Nikki C

  7. Hi Lee
    Wow would love to win some of your fabulous candy,thankyou for the chance ,Merry Christmas
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  8. I love reading your waffle! Always puts a smile on face and after the morning I have had I needed it!! So thanks!!! Thanks also for your generosity!! I love surprise candy!! Congrats on all your hits and on your 6mth bloogaversary that is creeping up quickly!! HUgsxx

  9. are sooo funny hun...and great ramblings too...thanks so much for the chance to win your surprise candy Lee...and well done on all hits too :o)

    big hugs Vicky xx

  10. Thanks for a chance! It was worth reading through!! I have your package on my sidebar already!

  11. Hi!! Congrats:D wow 22000 and 301 :P!!! When i saw 20th of jan 2012 i was thinking.. omg that;s one day before my sister's birthday..:O....
    So.. let's play:d love surprises;))

  12. I too love your ramblings and your stickpins, and yur beautiful flowers. Keep up the good work and have a Merry and safe Xmas.

  13. Thanks so much for the chance.I have your package on my sidebar.Congratulations for 301 followers!

  14. LOL what you like, you keep waffling on i love it!!!!.Thanx for the chance of some suprise candy.
    And thanx for the lovely comments you leave me.
    Trish (-:

  15. Hi Lee! I am happy to be one of your first 301 :) This looks like fun! I am going now to post this on my sidebar at

    And I don't mind your ramblings at all -see I work at home and don't get out much and I tend to ramble myself when I have someone to talk to - lol Thanks for the chance to win your sweet candy!

  16. Лии , с нетерпением буду ждать розыгрыша вашей конфеты .Спасибо за шанс и за ваше чувство юмора ...участвовать в конфете у такого щедрого и веселого человека - двойное удовольствие !!!
    Ссылка справа на панели .

  17. what a lovely candy!! Good humour!!


  18. Hi Lee!! Thanks for the chance to win!! )
    Love your blog, and i am a follower)
    Hugs. Hlora. xx

  19. Hi, Lee! Congrats for your 6 months and so many hits!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us, I'm already a follower.
    Thanks for the chance (I hope to be one of the six!!!)

  20. I love your blog posts! Congrats on 6 months! Thanks so much for the chance to win! I have blog candy for grabs on my blog also!

  21. Hi Lee, great ramblings and cool. thanks so much for the chance to win your 2012 giveaway.

    myfootahead at gmail dot com

  22. Hi Lee,
    What a brill start to a Monday morning. Really made me smile reading your ramblings - fab!
    Thanks for the chance to win some yummy goodies and many congrats on your hits and number of followers in such a short space of time.
    Dawn xx

  23. Hi Lee
    Congrats on reaching 300+ Followers and 22000 hits.....great candy....thanks for the chance to win..


  24. Got you on my side bar hun! Would love to have more of your yummy flowers etc!!!
    Dawn xxxx

  25. Congrats on the 6mths of bloggin' Lee, I loved reading your post and will look out for the book lol, who's playing you in the film????
    Thanks for doing the candy, I know you make wonderful goodies so this will be a special treat for six lucky people (fingers crossed I'm one of them lol) good luck everyone, loads of hugs and A Merry Christmas to you. Teresa xx

  26. hi lee
    love reading your post's,
    thanks for the chance to win some of your beautiful creations. sue xx

  27. Hi Lee
    How kind of you to offer candy again....not long since the last lot. I have been busy making your flowers again, will be on my blog soon as I have tried the merangue ones lol

  28. Hi Lee, you mad Irishwoman you!! Love your ramblings and long may they continue :-) Glad to be a follower, wayhay, and how lucky am I to be in with a chance :-) Thanks for your giveaway, you are WAY too generous you know (and I can vouch for Lee's generosity peeps!!). Congratulations on all those blog hits, way to go!!

    Love Maddy x

  29. Tee hee Lee you do make me laugh with your ramblings but I love em! Thanks for the fab chance you are in my sidebar! Hugs rebekah xx

  30. Hello Lee,

    it's a brilliant idea to make such a blog-candy.



  31. Hi Lee. Have been a follower for a while and love reading your posts and checking out your new makes. Thanks for the chance to win some super surprise candy.

  32. 'Ramblings' you said?.... 'understatement' I say!! hehe
    Well i read to the end and have followed the rules, so I guess I'm in!! hehe
    Christine x

  33. Lol love the way you write, have been a follower for a while and have added your picture and link to my side bar. Thanks for giving us the chance to win
    Lindsay xx

  34. Aw Hun another fix of your lovely ramblings, you do make me laugh, I would love to go in for your candy can't promise I'll see it though if I win tend to miss these things lol, so I appologize in advance if I do and that's if I win in the first place of course he he, and you think you waffle! lol

    will put your lovely no picture candy on my side bar for you, will be fun me thinks lol,

    oh just seen the box, see told you I tend to miss things he he,
    have fun hun! lol hugs Liz xx

  35. thanks for chance to win

  36. Hi Lee....your ramblings are as bad as mine girl...but they are so funny hun. I love reading your posts and your creations are just so beautiful. Thank you for the chance to win such wonderful candy.
    Hugs Debbie x

  37. Having seen the pictures of your flowers and stick pins I'm sure your candy will be fabulous. Thank you for the chance to win.

  38. Lee, you can waffle all you long as you don't mind me giggling insanely....ha!
    I love your style, so anything from you has just GOT to be more than wonderful....thanks for the chance!

  39. Congrats Lee on 6 months of blogging and so many hits and followers, not surprised your blog is fab with stunning creations and we love your ramblings lol.. or we would,nt be here..Thanks for a chance to win your surprise candy, you are so kind.
    Wendy xx

  40. oh boy am I glad Im a follower already and theres nowt wrong with a bit of ramble girl and I should know...your boobs are probably rapidly following mine lol...thanks for the chance to win some scrummy candy AND it finishes on my birthday too...ooooohhhhhhhh spooky
    Mina xxx
    p.s. check out my blog in the morning and on Wednesday I used some goodies you might recognise

  41. Lee: i am just as thankful and grateful for YOU as you could possibly be for ME. I am so glad we found one another. What an encouragement you have been. By the way, I can SO relate to things having "gone south" as I get older. LOL Thanks for, once again, making me smile.

  42. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I don't have a blog, can I be entered? Thanks for the chance and have a nice day. Johanne L.

  43. I'm not surprised you have so many followers so quickly Lee, your blog is great entertainment and inspiration! :)
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

  44. Congrats on how fast the blog grew, but then , you are so creative and super funny with your post's, lol, love this one!!
    Thanks for putting this out there and for the 'worldwide',lol, let it hang girl.........:))
    lotsa luv

  45. OMG!!! cannot believe I am so far down the list in the comments, you see that is what I get for having an early night, I miss out on all the fun. Congratulations on your success so far, always love reading your posts and believe it or not adore your gorgeous work and enjoy hopping over to see you
    Good luck to everyone and Merry Xmas
    Hugs Kate xx

  46. Wow! Great that your allowing six people to get candy rather than just one big one, its very genorous of you!

  47. Hola amiga felicidades por tu blog y por el numero de seguidoras que tienes , tambien gracias por el premio que compartiras con nosotras ,un saludo Magdalena

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  49. Oh i love surprises! And keep on rambling, it made me laugh! Add 20 more years and that's me so imagine how down south mines are! lol
    I've posted a link on my sidebar and until then my fingers and toes are crossed!
    Hugs xx

  50. oooo more candy offerings from the loopy 1!! =P (fingers and toes r now crossed until jan!) keep up the ramblings lee, we love u for it =)

  51. Love your ramblings! Especially the bit about the cat up the tree hehe! As I was super lucky and won your last fab candy please dont enter me for these ones, just wanted to say how generous you are with all your lovely goodies, there will be 6 VERY happy crafters x
    Wendy x

  52. Hi Lee, this is so generous of you sweetie, huge congrats on the hits and followers. Loving the ramblings btw, keep 'em up. :o)

    Donna x

  53. Hi Lee! Thanks for the chance to win!
    I love surprises :).

  54. Hi Lee Oh you do make me smile with your ramblings, keep them coming. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog I do appreciate them. Thank you for the lovely chance to win some candy never been lucky before so you never know fingers crossed. Now off to put a link on my sidebar. Good luck everybody.. Chris xx

  55. You are so talented, funny and generous too now Lee and best of all........I'm still loving the 'scrubby'
    Thanks for the chance Hunny
    Hugs Laurie x

  56. Oh my giddy aunt lee. Thanks to you i am learning new words all the time!!!!! Your hubby must be entertained daily!!!!! i sure wish you lived closer to Canada!!!!! Meeting you in person would be a treat!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win this candy!!!!! You are the Best!!!! And hoping the leprechaun is dancing real fast to your door

    Hugs Linda

  57. Hi Lee. Thank you so much for a chance to win your generous blog candy, you always make me smile!

    Hugs Ann xx

  58. You're crackers - it's official, but you do make awesome flowers girl!!!!!!

    Thanks for bringing us some yummy candy again and so many more chances to win too :-)

    Happy to be a follower and can't wait for your next post to see what inspiration you've come up with!

    xx Happy crafting and glittery hugz xx


  59. What a fabulous idea, congratulations on having such an entertaining blog!!!

  60. hehehehe... Thanks for good humor... :)
    Sorry for MIA as I was very busy lately.. otherwise you know I am one of your sincere follower.. I remember when I started following you u had 30 follower and now see.. 300!!!!!! my goodness.. you are such a talented lady...
    Thanks for such a gr8 chance.. Hopefully I will win this one... never one a candy before... :( keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  61. Hey Lee, I LOVE surprises! I am one of your constant stalkers and hope I am under 301! Thanks for a chance to win some of your wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous... is this working? Have I buttered you up enough? NO..., it's hubby that needs the buttering up? Well, I'll have to draw the line there... I don't even butter up my hubby! Really thanks for the chance sweetie, I really do love your work and you KNOW it!
    Crafty Holiday Hugs,

  62. Thank you Lee for a chance to win some of your lovely candy. You don't need to put a pic up of it as your creations are just fabulous and yummy and I just love surprises. Your blog is very entertaining too xx

  63. Hi Lee Thanks for giving us the chance to win some lovely candy ,and congrats on reaching 300 hundred followers,thats amazing,you have a fab blog and i love visiting
    Hugs Lorna xx

  64. Hi Lee

    I was just catching up with your recent activities and have to say your stick pins are fab. I do think marrying them off is a tad eccentric, even for you!! lol
    As one of your first followers it would be downright rude of me to not leave you a comment in the hopes of winning some of your amazing candy, which I know will be scrummy without even seeing it! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    Romayne xx (DC)

  65. Hi Lee, what a fab idea ,not letting us know what your candy is,love your hand made flowers..Congrats on reaching your 300 followers heres to the next 300 ...
    hugz Kath (neomer DC)

  66. OOOOhhhh me likes surprises!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win Lee. Congrats on hitting the 300 mark! Hope you and yours all have a great Christmas, Del xx

  67. I love the Irish! I have some pretty good Irish friends and they are wonderful! A blessed Christmas to you and your family! Patsy from

  68. Not only do you make the most gorgeous embellies, your waffling is such fun to read, you do make me giggle! thanks so much for the chance to win your yummy candy, Karenxx

  69. Your stick pins are just gorgeous. I have enjoyed making a few also.I enjoy your ramblings, your make me chuckle. Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful blog candy. Happy New Year.

  70. I've been a follower for a while. Awesome candy!!
    And beautiful blog!! Wishing you many more followers and hits!!!
    Hugs, Lilia

  71. Hi Lee, thanks for the chance to win, I have followed you for a while and I love your blog, Congratulations on your followers
    HUGZ Fleur xXx

  72. Already follower. Thank you!

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  73. Oh Lee, ive missed reading your rambling blogginess hun. i am definately going to get back into blogging in the new year, and a huge thankies for giving us all a chance to win some yummy candy. i hope you and yours all have a fabby new year and that 2012 is brilliant for you all.
    Big squishie huggles

    Kate xxx

  74. Hi Lee,
    Big Congrats on your 300 followers & Oh I am so glad I am one of those and have a chance to win your surprise candy as I adore your gorgeous work...Happy Crafting in 2012! Hugs, Teresa xx

  75. Congrats Lee on hitting over 300 followers. I'm not surprised you have wonderful tutorials and projects. Thanks for the chance to win some candy.
    Kelly x

  76. congratulations on 6 months blogging! Loved reading your post, it made me laugh when I got the bit about cats up trees lol!

    Thanks for the chance of winning some surprise candy.

    Emma :)

  77. Wow so exciting:)I love to read your blog, and I thank you for your kindness to win:)
    Congrats on over 300 followers also:)


  78. OH Lee I love surprises! What an exciting opportunity for all of us who were already followers! Thank you for the chance to win, you're in my sidebar! Big Hugs Woo xxx

  79. Lee, I am a new blogger and am still trying to find my way around the different blogs. I like your blog and I love surprises!

  80. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I love surprises Lee, thanks for the chance to win some goodies.
    Good luck girls
    Anne x

  81. What a grand idea for your candy!! Your work is just fabulous and thank you so much for the chance to own a piece of it!!!

  82. Oh Lee you are so funny and very talented, I wish my whit was as good as yours. Anyway thank you for doing this wonderful candy and I would be totally honoured to receive something that you made. Have a great 2012 hugs Debbie x

  83. Hello Lee, congrats on 6 mths of blogging, time really does fly when you are having fun x

    Thanks for the chance of winning your candy.

    Happy New Year x
    hugs sally x

  84. Hi Lee, i'm sure your candy will be fab, and I would love to win some, so fingers crossed, love Irene xx

  85. I don't have a blog Lee :( am I excluded? Reckon I have followed you for ages and would love to start 2012 with a suprise (nice suprise lol - fed up of yukky ones) hugs Susie

  86. I don't have a blog Lee :( am I excluded? Reckon I have followed you for ages and would love to start 2012 with a suprise (nice suprise lol - fed up of yukky ones) hugs Susie

  87. Hi Lee! Happy New Year! And really glad to know you're Irish. I've known quite a few of them & they were real fun to be with. I haven't been very active lately as my PC has crashed & I access mail off & on from an old slow laptop. Hope to have my PC next weekend though & back in action. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope to be one of the lucky 6.
    XXX Leanne

  88. Oh, my! So many hits in just short time! Congrats! And thank you for giving some of your goodies!
    Svetlana xx

  89. Lee your 'ramblings' do make me giggle!

    I just hope my best friends, neighbours, aunties rare breed three legged cat doesn't get stuck in a tree and I try to save it, because I don't want to get stuck up there for 2 days and miss your post!!! LMAO!

    Thanks for the chance (or 6 chances!) to win some of your yumminess - I very often drool over your pins (so to speak!) ;)

    Carol x

  90. Wow, what a wonderful Blogcandy. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar and i'm already a follower.....


  91. yippie .. i m a old follower !
    lucky me !!
    yeah !
    linked you on my side bar

  92. Oooo how exciting!!! I love your ramblings!! They make for a good read after a hard days work!! And Id love to win some of your lovely goodies to play with!! Thanks for this chance to win!
    Rachael xx

  93. Wow Lee, how time flies!! Love all your tutorials and I can vouch for the all round stunningness (is that a word... it is now!!) of your gorgeous creations,

    Hugs, Sue xx

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  95. Congrats on all your hits and your 301 followers. While I'm here do you know of any other N Irelanders blog (I know off Ruby Doos) its nice to see fellow crafters creations xx

  96. Hey there, as I'm hopping around in my bloglist I saw that I haven't entered your Candy yet - uh hurryhurryhurry =)

    I love browsing your projects, you're such a big inspiration!

    Hugs, Elisa / Tinkerella

  97. Lee - I have no idea when I started following but I know you have commented on my blog so I will add your candy and hope for the best! If I am accidentally cheating please feel free to chuck me out lol Lea xx


Helloooooo! Anybody out there??!! Hey....there you are! Thanks for leaving a comment and stopping by my Blog. Lee x