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Handmade Harry Potter backpack

Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I'm back with a real quick make and it is so super easy to make.  I followed a tutorial from Debbie Shore on YouTube and I modified it to work with what I had.  It was so super quick and easy to make and I highly recommend Debbie's tutorials.  I made this for my wee sister, although I have a feeling that her wee daughter might be claiming this one.  My sister has put in a request for another one for her, the next one will probably be Disney themed. 

A little side view of the backpack, using a Harry Potter fat quarter bundle.  I bought it on Ebay
The backpack has adjustable straps that can fit any size child or adult.  I bought the webbing straps on Ebay and can be purchased here
Debbie used a magnetic clasp on her tutorial, but I went with this toggle instead as I felt it would be a bit more secure.  I bought the toggle clasp on Ebay, if you want to buy your own.  When I make the next one, I'll sew the toggle into the backpack flap, so the black part of the toggle is not on the outside of the fabric....but this was my first attempt....we live, we learn.
For the hardware, I used these 1 inch Metal sliding bars along with the 1 inch Metal D rings also
The backpack has 2 expanding pockets on each side of the pack for more storage.
I love how the backpack has the pull tie on it.  It makes the backpack more secure and you are less likely to lose the contents of your bag.
I made 2 wee inner pockets in the lining of the bag for all the little bits and pieces that are needed.
Although it has the clasp to close it, I added this backpack piping cord.  Debbie used ribbon in her tutorial, but I thought as this would be constantly used to open and close the backpack, I decided this cord would be much more durable.  It can be purchased here on ebay, if you want some.

And that's it from me folks.  I'm sure I'll be back soon with something else to share.

Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

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  1. What a great back pack, I have 3 of Debbies books and they are easy yo follow and nice makes, Tilly


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