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Carpenter's wheel Patchwork Quilt

Carpenter's wheel Patchwork Quilt

So, here I am with my 3rd quilt.....I think it's my third, lol.  It's another Donna Jordan, from Jordan Fabrics pattern.  Here instructions and YouTube videos really are amazing.  They make a new sewer like me feel confident enough to make a quilt like this.  Although, maybe this is easy for most people....but as I said, I'm still pretty new to all this sewing business.  

This quilt is for my almost 21 year old wee bro who is studying for his Masters in AeroSpace Engineering at Queen's University in Belfast.....the kid is a bloody genius, I tell ya!  Did I say he got his pilots license when he was only 19 years old!?  He was the youngest person to get his license in the shortest amount of time.  To say I am incredibly proud of him, is an understatement.  He's so incredibly smart but is such a kind and humble person.....unlike his big sister, when it comes to bragging about him, teehee.  But I'm his big sister...I'm allowed to brag about him.  And when I say I'm his big sister....did I say there is 21 years between us?  So, probably more of an OLD big sister, teehee.  He's my "wee Minkete" (my pet name for him, lol)....even if he towers over his old, big sister and can fly a plane.

So, as this was for my brother, I decided to go with a dark background with really bright pops of contrasting, colourful fabrics.  The fabric is cotton marbled blenders from Fiddlesticks Fabrics on Ebay.  They are based in Ballymena, here in Northern Ireland and also have a website HERE.  I'm not being paid or affiliated with Fiddlesticks, I just love their fabric and they got my order to me in super quick time.  I thought the star type design of this quilt would be perfect for my little star gazer.  So, here it is.

The bright colours really pop with the dark background
And I love the diagonal style border.
I made my own bias binding for the edging just using the same black fabric that I used for the background.
I love the star image in the middle.  And as my wee bro is studying aerospace engineering, I thought the star was a perfect idea for him.
I just need to give it a good iron now and then it will be winging its way to my wee brother.  Fingers crossed, he'll like it.

That's it from me folks.  I think my next project might be a bit more crafty related, than sewing.  But who knows with someone who changes her mind a hundred times a day, just to keep things interesting, goodness knows what I'll be making next.

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Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx


  1. This looks stunning Lee and your little brother is going to love and treasure it, well done xx


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