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My Blogaversary Candy Ends in Two Days ....Hurry and enter

My Blogaversary Candy Ends in Two Days ....Hurry and enter

Hey folks, just a little reminder for those who missed my Blogaversary Giveaway post above. I just want to give you all a wee reminder about it.  Please check out my giveaway post as it ends on quickie quickie........get your name in for the above gorgeous goodies.....

AND.........there may be an extra wee giveaway.  So everyone who enters into the giveaway will be entered into the wee surprise third prize too.

So get your names down folks and Good Luck to everyone.

Toodles Noodles,

Loops xx


  1. Hello Lee,

    I'm not here for the candy, just the sight hello I have another run out with this new voice recognition system.

    Have to say I'm totally blown away by how awesome it is, just I'm sitting here at my computer talking into the little microphone on my desk and as if by magic words appear on the screen.

    Trouble is, I can talk for England so you can imagine that my comments appear to be getting longer as I talk even more twaddle than before.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, sunshine and a bit of R and R.

    B X

  2. Hi Lee, I tried to pop by earlier and leave a comment but blogger was giving me grief so I don't think it worked, I hope you will take some piccies of your cousin receiving her bigshot as I would love to see them, hope you are well, have a good weekend
    Lindsay xx

  3. How exciting for us all Lee, I hope you have the sunshine this weekend like us, and thanks for doing the candy

  4. Just popping in to say hello and to wish you a lovely (and finally sunny!) weekend!! Hugs, Ira

  5. Hi Lee, read your blog through RSS. I like the things you do often and look here. Sorry I can not comment, I do not know English, and now I write using the Google-prevodach.I wish you a inspiration and smiles!

  6. Thanks for the reminder...i cant remember if i left a comment yet....think....oh id believe i did. Still Congrats to you ☼ Renje


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