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3 Journals Ive made for the wonderful Fiona Jennings

Fiona Jennings has a Youtube channel under the name of Jennings644.  I had previously made and sent her one of my handmade books.  And when she got it, she kindly asked me to make 3 books for her friends.

These are the journals she requested.  She wanted 2 purple and 1 pink in a vintage style.  So hopefully Fiona and her friends will like them.  I did my best with the photos but unfortunately they don't do the books justice.  But see what you think.  Unfortunately the colours haven't come out perfectly either, the purples look more blueish in colour.....but they are purple, I promise Fiona!!

These are all hand bound by me, signatures made, pages sewn, covers and spine made, books bound and decorated all by me!  Embellished with my handmade flowers except for the wee foam roses, I have yet to master those.....but give me time!!

All 3 together

Inside front covers, envelopes for keepsakes

Inside front cover of the pink journal

Letters painted lilac colour and crackle accents over

Name plates have corresponding colours, embossed gold borders
My hand made flowers and bought foam roses
Embossed the bead purple to correspond with colour scheme
Flowers are purple NOT blue as shown in the photo

My hand made flowers and bought foam roses

My handmade rose
Tiny pink flower for the corner of the journal

So there you have it.  Im disappointed the flowers dont show the proper colours and detail of the journals.  I hope Fiona likes them and her friends of course.

Thanks for looking and any comments are greatly appreciated. 

Toodles Noodles.... Loops xx

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  1. I was waiting to see you journals. Adorable, Lee! Hugs, Ks.

  2. WOW! Lee, these are absolutely stunning hun. Love the gold embossing and very scrummy flowers.

    Donna x

  3. Stunning,your flowers are gorgeous.
    Wendy xx

  4. These are gorgeous, well done.

  5. Wow - they look fab, looks like a lot of work went into them!

  6. all gorgous well done,fiona and her friends will be delighted.
    sue xx

  7. Wow how gawjuss!!! Love the roses will have to follow your tutorial for sure!!!! SandiMac (dc)

  8. wow, these are stunning, loving the flowers x

  9. o wow! they are so beautiful, absolutely amazing...very jealous!! xx

  10. So gorgeous!!!
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  11. Wow these are gorgeous,love the papers and the colours look great...
    Mandy x

  12. Absolutely stunning, I love everything about these! Sorry I am late on the leap blog-youll see why on my docrafts post! Elaine-xxx-

  13. these are so beautiful lee you have a wonderful talent well done

  14. Oh wow! Those are beautiful x (Sorry I'm late from the DC leapblog)

  15. Love your journals, I would love to see a tutorial like you did for your beautiful flowers :) thx

  16. These are absolutely stunning Lee, I'm sure all three will be well chuffed with these. Romayne (DC)

  17. Those are stunning, I saw them showcased on Fiona's channel and wanted to drop by to say how gorgeous they are. KimScrapper

  18. These are stunning Lee, beautifully made, well done you. hugs Teresa xx
    P.S. Sorry I've not been on DC much I'm laid down with so many orders for cards besides DT cards to make...oh woe is me lol

  19. lovely journals lee.
    very lucky recipients.
    kathleen mc x

  20. I was more than thrilled with these journals Lee and I know the girls were too. You are an incredible lady with a fabulous gift and loving heart :) Big hugs and Oooooodles of love from me and the girls xxxxx Fi

    jennings644 (Utube) & (Etsy) lol xx

  21. I forgot to enter my name, Pat Etheridge. Living large in Alabama!!!!!

    1. Hello, dear Pat Etheridge! I'm not sure if you are mixing me up with someone else. When you said that you heard I was moving to the UK.....I'm afraid that I have lived in Northern Ireland all my life, teehee. Maybe you have me mixed up with someone else? I hope you are able to find the person....and tell them you don't allow them to move to the UK, lol. Big hugs and best of luck...Lee :)


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