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Flower Tutorial - tattered carnation flower

Flower Tutorial - tattered carnation flower

A lot of DoCrafters have asked me how to make this particular flower that was in my gallery.  And ever the obliging person that I am, here it is.  To make this flower is actually very similar to making the shabby rose from one of my previous tutorials.  If you would like to see it, please click here.

Right lets get down to business and make this very easy but pretty flower.
Flower using a cheap bought flower for the centre
4 x the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals flowers - the 2nd smallest flower OR any type of 5 or 6 petalled flower you have.  This is a very versatile flower and any flower die or punch you have is fine.  It will just make it slightly different looking but you will still get the same affect with this technique,
A small rose flower either one you've made yourself or you can buy small cheap flowers in a pack for £1 at the works,
Scissors, glue, pva glue, silicone glue etc  Whichever glue you prefer to use though I do not recommend a glue stick/pritt stick
Some sort of spray bottle with water in it, just to dampen your flowers,
Heat gun - not essential though,
Paper or cardstock.  I happen to be using a mulberry type paper for this tutorial but use whatever you like, it can be coloured, plain, patterned, embossed....whatever you like.  The choice is yours.

1.  Take each flower and make a small cut between each petal
The petals of the flower need to be a little longer.  So take each of the 4 flowers and make a small cut between each flower.  Don't go the whole way down to the middle of the flower or you will lose petals this way and they will fall out.  See photo 1.

2. Lightly spritz each flower with water and scrunch into a ball

Take each of your 4 flowers and lightly spritz with water.  DONT SOAK the flowers.  The water just helps the make the flowers easier to scrumple into a ball and gives more defined crease marks in the paper.  Once you lightly spritz all 4, gently scrunch each flower into a wee ball.  At this stage you can let them dry naturedly or use a heat tool to quicken the drying process.  See photo 2.

3.  Once dry, carefully unravel flowers
Once your flowers are dry, very carefully unravel each flower being careful not to tear the petals.  Do not completely flatten the flowers out as you want it to stay as crumpled as possible as the creases give the flower its shabby appearance.  See photo 3.

4.  Glue centre flower to the first flower
5.  Add the 2nd layer
6.  Add the third layer
7.  And finally add your forth layer and arrange petals
Now its time to build your flower.  Take the little centre flower and place some glue onto the underside of the flower.  You can be generous with the glue as you want to mould the flowers around the centre flower.  Place the centre flower onto one of the crumpled flower centres.  See photo 4.

Place a blob of glue into the centre of the next flower and layer, making sure to alternate the petals.  Do this for the rest of the flowers remaining.  See photo's, 5,6 and 7.

Arrange your flower how you like it.  Its at this stage that I would usually take a bit of cut n' dry and a Tim Holtz distress ink pad and brush over the flower and petals with the colour but only a bit.  I still want some of the white paper showing through.  It gives your flower a shabby chic look.  You mat prefer to colour your flower prior to layering, its entirely up to you as to which you prefer,

As I said, you can use a bought flower or make your own flower for the centre.  Here are examples of both.  I personally prefer my own handmade flower but you may think different.
My handmade centre in the flower
Bought flower for the centre
Profile of the flower
Projects where Ive used these flowers
Notebook I made
Here I used it on a journal previously shown on my blog
Here I added a pearl to the centre of the flower
Thank you for looking, I hope this is useful and thank you for any comments and if you have any questions please ask me.

Toodles Noodles..... Loops xx

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  1. Wao...! Beautiful flower... I don't have dies.. I will hand draw the shapes and try this... Thanks for sharing dear..


  2. WOW! you've done it again Lee, this is stunning hun. I love your fab tutorials so clear and easy to follow. Thank You :o)

    Donna x

  3. Hi Lee thank you for the lovely tutorials so easy to follow i have been making your Prima like roses and have just put them on my blog
    thank you again can't wait to try this new one
    Bernice x

  4. Another fab tut! Great work Lee!
    Dawn xx

  5. Stunning flower Lee,fab tutorial.
    Wendy xx

  6. These are beautiful Lee. xx

  7. Anothe fab tut Lee..thanks for sharing kerry x

  8. absolutely beautiful
    mags x

  9. Gonna have to dig out the tattered florals die again aren't I?! lol Gorgeous flower Lee and great tutorial again, thank you. Romayne xx DC

  10. This is fab,must have a go at it.Thanks.x

  11. Great Tuto! Your flowers are Fab! Love the notebook too. Hugs, kissinia

  12. and a very yummy flower it is too on my lubberly journal you made me Lee xxxxx i love it xx

  13. beautiful flowers lee. it looks ever so familiar. now where did i see one of those??
    kathleen mc x

  14. Pretty, pretty, pretty. You are so talented.

    xxx Monica


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