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The Tim Holtz Grunge Rose Flower Tutorial

The Tim Holtz Grunge Rose Flower Tutorial

APOLOGISE AGAIN FOR THE STATE OF MY NAILS!!  I was using colourbox yellow chalk inks and they are so hard to get off your hands and nails!!

Tim Holtz Tattered florals - 3 of the largest flowers cut from the die.
Cardstock or patterned paper - any type of paper can be used for this rose, I just happened to use white card stock this time around.  I also suggest you decorate your flowers before making them.  You can add glitter and stickles etc after its made though.
PVA, silicone or an alternative wet glue DO NOT USE A HOT GLUE GUN!  The glue dries too hard and makes it extremely difficult to bend and manipulate the flowers.  I made this mistake in these photos!
Pokey tool or cocktail stick
Inks, paints, sprays etc to decorate your flower - your choice.
1.  Remove petals as instructed
Take one flower and make a cut between 2 of the petals down to the centre of your flower.
Take the 2nd flower and cut 1 petal out of the flower completely.....retain this petal.
In your 3rd flower cut out 2 petals retaining these also.  See photograph 1 above.
2. Glue single petal into a cone
Take your single petal and shape it into a cone like shape and glue it to keep this shape.  Curl the petals back using a cocktail stick or pokey tool.  See photos 2 above.
3. Shape 2 petals and glue
4.  Glue single petal cone inside 2 petal cone
STEP THREE: Take the two petal flower and make it into a cone shape and glue, see photo 3.  Then take your one petal cone and glue it to the inside of the two petalled cone.  Set this aside for now.  See photo 4.
5. Full flower
6.  Glue one petal onto the other
STEP FOUR: Take the petal with the single cut in it.  Glue one petal at either side of the cut, overlap the other petal onto the glued petal.  See photo 5 and 6.
7.  Over lap and glue next flower
8.  Overlap and glue the final flower
9.  All flowers overlapped and glued
Take the remaining flowers and do the same thing as in step 4.  Glue one petal at either side of the cut and overlap the petal at the other side of the cut on top of the glued petal.  See photos, 7,8 and 9.  They should all now look like photo 9.
10. Curl and shape petals with pokey tool/cocktail stick

Using a pokey tool or a cocktail stick, start to curl and shape your flowers petals.  Do this will all the petals.
11. Cut part off flower centre
12.  Cut small bit off the underside of all the others
Take the bud centre that you had sitting aside and cut almost the bottom half part off, see photo 11.  With the rest of the flowers, cut a small piece out of the central underside of the flower, see photo 12.
13.  Glue bud into 3 petalled flower
14. Glue flower into 4 petalled flower
15.  Glue flower into 5 petals flower
Once you have made all your cuts and holes, it is time to assemble your flower.  
Take the centre bud and glue it into the 3 petals flower making sure you do your best to off-set the petals.
Then glue this into the 4 petalled flower, and then this again into the 5 petalled flower. See photos 13, 14 and 15. Remember to off set your petals as best you can.  Once it is all glued, re-arrange your flower and petals to suit you.

And there you have it.  Your Tim Holtz grunge rose.  Any questions, please do ask me.  Thanks.  

Toodles Noodles.....Loops xx

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