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Flower Tutorial - teeny tiny lotus flower

Flower Tutorial - teeny tiny lotus flower
This is my very first tutorial, so please, please take it easy on me. I'm very new to blogging so I hope this tutorial turns out correctly.  Firstly, I must apologise for the awful colour of my nails in these photo's.  I am not a smoker!!  But I do use yellow ink for the centre of flowers.  Unfortunately with having long nails comes with the consequences of getting inked nails.  So please excuse the messy hands and nails.  But lets face it, crafting is not a clean hobby!

The above picture is the tutorial I shall be showing you step by step to make.  It is a very simple little and quick flower to make and here are the things you will need to make it.
1. Punch 4 flowers out
2. Things you will need

As in photo 1 and 2, you will need glue, I'm using a tacky pva glue.  I do not recommend a glue gun for this flower as it is so small, you will burn yourself.  Plus, the glue hardens so quickly you will find it very difficult to manipulate the petals and flower.

You will also need a pointed five petal 1.6cm flower punch (mine is a papermania punch), an embossing tool or the rounded bottom of a pen, cardstock and green ink pad.  You will also need something like a piece of foam or the back of a mouse mat for shaping your flowers.

STEP ONE:  Punch out 4 of the five petalled flowers.

STEP TWO:  Take one flower and colour it green with your ink pad.  Alternatively, you can colour it in with a marker, colouring pencil or paint.  Set this to the side to dry.

Take your remaining 3 flowers and place these on your foam or mouse mat.  Taking your embossing tool or the rounded end of a pen, start to press and emboss the centre of each flower in a circular motion.  This breaks the fibres in the cardstock and it will start to lift the petals upwards and inwards, which will help shape your flower.

Then gently emboss the petals by lightly pressing on them and moving the embossing tool outwards to the ends of the petal. This gives your flower more definition.  See photo 3 below.
3.  Emboss the flower centre and petals
STEP THREE:  Once you have embossed each flower and their petals, take your 1st flower and carefully add glue to the inside of all the petals. You do not need to put glue in the centre of the flower.  See photo 4.
4. Add glue to each side of the inside petals
STEP FOUR:  Gently start to bring your petals together to form a bud.  I tend to overlap each petal over the next however, this not a hardened rule. Just as long as you have something that resembles a bud.  After all, natures flowers are not all perfect. Give the bud a gentle squeeze to mould the bud and hold it gently for a few seconds to ensure the glue holds its bud form.  Also, you may need to use your embossing tool or pen to flatten the underneath part of the bud.  This is so the bud will sit neatly inside the next flower.  See photo 5.
5.  Shape the petals into a bud
STEP FIVE:  Take your 2nd flower and this time, place glue in the centre and half way up the sides of the petals, See photo 6.  
6. Place glue in the centre and half way up the petals
STEP 6:  Place the bud you've made into the centre of the second flower and shape the petals around the bud, but allowing the second flowers petals to sit out slightly from the bud. See photo 7.
7. Place bud into the centre of the 2nd flower
STEP SEVEN:  Take your 3rd and final flower and place glue in the centre and just skirting the bottom of the petals.  See photo 8.
8. Add glue to the 3rd flower
STEP 8:  Now place the growing bud into the centre of the 3rd flower and try to off-set the petals. Shape and mould the flower until you are happy with how the petals are sitting.  These petals should also not be completely glued to the layer above it.  They should be sitting out slightly from the bud.  See photo 9.
9. Glue 3rd layer and shape
STEP NINE:  Finally, after shaping your flower to your desired shape, take the green coloured flower and place a small dot of glue in the centre of it.  Glue this to the bottom of your lotus flower.  And your teeny tiny lotus flower is complete.  See photo 10 and 11.
10.  Side profile of lotus flower
11.  Teeny Tiny Lotus flower
Simple and easy to make and you don't need a lot of bits and bobs to make them.  If you have any questions about this tutorial, please do not hesitate to ask me.  I am more than happy to help.

Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

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  1. A brilliant tutorial Lee. I have just bought that cutter this week too so I shall be having a go at those flowers!
    Well done and welcome to blogland :-)
    Amanda (Craftingfever)

  2. Great tutorial Lee, nice and easy to follow. Now just have to go and see if I have a similar punch so I can have a go!! Romayne xx (DC)

  3. Awww, thank you very much Amanda, I hope you have fun making them. They are tiny and a wee bit fiddly but ones you do one or two, you'll be churning them out. And they are so cute on cards. Im still learning the ropes of this blog business but I'll get there soon enough. Lee xx

  4. Thanks Romayne, Im so glad you liked it. If you dont have the punch, its a small enough flower that you could probably draw. Or if you have a five petal flower just point the edges of the petals. Lee xx

  5. these are stunning going to try myself tonight to make some thank you for the tutorial. it is very easy to follow

  6. wow this is fabulous thanks so much

  7. Thank you for the detailed and easy-to-follow tutorial. I'll need to try making these lovely little flowers.

    Good luck with your blog.


  8. thanks for the great tutorial lee. they are lovely flowers!
    kathleen mc x

  9. This is a fab tutorial Lee, thank so much may even be tempted to have a go myself!!
    Looking forward to the next one!!

  10. Fantastic tutorial, looks really easy....she says till she has a go! lol, they look gorgeous! Looking forward to trying this one when I've invested in the punch. Sitting here now with baited breath waiting for the next tut now you're all bloggified.

  11. Great tutorial and will definately have to have a go at this one :-)

    Welcome to the world of blogging - you'll never have any spare time now ;-)

    xx Sazzle xx

  12. wayyyyyyyyyyy to gooooooooooooo xx whoop whooop she did it !!!

    (please not all flowers made in tutorials of said blog belong in part to founder of said blog namley the co-proprietor and executive producer of said blog as stated in section 3:2 of the 'ok who's is it' law. materials and tools used to make flowers are sole responsibilty of the main proprietor and author of said blog who's responsibility it is to maintain aforementioned materials and tools and also ensure that products made from the aforementioned materials and tools are indeed manufatured to agreed standards and then propositioned before the aforementioned co-propriator for standard testing and to be used as sole payment for serviced proffered.

    in other words.... 'wheres me flowers????'

  13. Welcome to blogland Lee, so nice to have you with us, this is a brilliant tutorial, you are clever!
    Well done on the blog too. hugs Teresa xx

  14. Well!... let's just say I think more practice required before I dare show my attempts to the world!! lol

    Love the new look blog Lee. Romayne xx

  15. Super tutorial!! Dziękuję, na pewno skorzystam! Pozdrawiam:))

  16. a best guide on flowers topic. It covers all the essential points .

  17. I have to say, I am enjoying your tutorials, they are so much fun learn all your techniques. I'm just learning this fun world thing and I must say I am loving it, wanting to try everything.


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