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I promise to put up a flower tutorial soon

Hi everyone.  I just want to put a quick note to say thank you again to the lovely Ms Redrottie for setting my blog up for me.

Now just a little note on the flower tutorials.  I know a lot of DoCrafter's have mentioned it a few times......or maybe a few hundred times, hee hee.  But I promise that there will be flower tutorials up here very soon.  I have the majority of the photos taken, I just have a few other commitments that I want to get finished and away before I do the tutorials.  I don't want to rush the tutorials and not get them right.  I'd rather know that everything else is done and out of the way, so I can then sit down and do the tutorials out properly for you all.

So hold tight and watch this space.  I will put a thread up on DoCrafts once I have them up.  No doubt I am going to need the assistance of mischievous Ms Redrottie and the lovely Kathleen to help me with uploading them.

On a separate note, if anyone is stuck and needs help on how to use their blogs or want make one themselves, Kathleen has made a fantastic self-help blog  so you can have a wee looksie on there and it should help you.  She's a good'n.

And thank you too to all of you who have become followers already.  I know my blog is like an old abandoned town at the minute, but it will soon be filled with loads of nice things to look at....hopefully!!
Right Im off now.  Things to do and crafty things to play with.  Keep your eyes peeled for the tutorials......


  1. Hello, dear you!!! I am so glad you have started blogging (well, for some reason it is so much easier to follow :) Now I am not going to miss anything made by you! Happy crafting, Lee!!! Hugs, kissinia

  2. Thank you so much wee chicken. I will be putting up plenty of tutorials, so watch this space xx

  3. thanks for the mention lee. much appreciated. there are still a few people who are unaware of my blog so all mentions are gratefully received!!
    kathleen mc xx


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