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Im new to all this so please be gentle!!

Im Lee and welcome to my blog.  I never thought of doing a blog until I meet the charming Miss Redrottie and she very kindly took it upon herself to set one up for me.  So thanks to her, everyone now has access to me.  All complaints can be forwarded to her blog, hee heee.  Thank you so much Redrottie I really appreciate it.  I hope to add many tutorials that will maybe inspire and help you in a little way.  My favourite thing to create at the moment is flowers so there may be a few tutorials with flowers too. Im also very fond of bookbinding so you may see some of my books too..Watch this space and I hope you enjoy.


  1. you need to add a link to the words 'Miss Redrottie' so it gors straight to her blog.

    Have a lookHERE for how to do it.

    I've added quite a few posts over there so hopefully they'll be of use to you.

    Kathleen Mc x

    PS You've got Word Verification on - HERE is where you'll find how to turn it off!!!

  2. love you new blog have fun iam learning with mine too. ps iam bunnyears56 on dc aka jjhaskins
    have fun jacquixx

  3. Hi Jacqui, I knew that was you straight away. Thanks for the comment. This is gonna take me ages to get right!!

  4. Woohoo great looking blog! Look forward to seeing you progress (still learning too so we can learn together lol).


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