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Another handmade travel bag/toiletries/make-up bag

 Another handmade travel bag/toiletries/make-up bag
Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I've made another travel/toiletries/make-up bag.  This time for my wee brother's Girlfriend, the beautiful little Rose.  I wanted to make a wee bag that had a pouch on the front and found this tutorial from Debbie Shore.  I used my own size of fabric but Debbie's tutorial helped me make it, lol.
It's a very simple little zip pouch but I made it nice and tall so Rose could store her brush and cosmetics.  And as it's made from cotton, if it gets dirty it can be thrown into the wash.
Plenty of room for all her bits and bobs.  I love the 2 fabrics I used.  They came in a wee pack of fat quarters that I bought on bay.  They compliment each other beautifully.  And the wee Roses reminded me of....well.....Rose...teehee
I bought a wee button snap kit on Amazon.  It's a fantastic wee job.  Click HERE, if you want one yourself.  It was so inexpensive for everything you got in the kit and it arrived to Northern Ireland in 2 days, so very quick delivery.  The wee snaps are so easy to install too.  I highly recommend the kit.
And this is it for this project folks. This is all wrapped and ready for Christmas Day.....which is tomorrow....EEK!!!   I do have a quilt that I need to share too, but it just needs photographing and then I'll share it too.  I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas or whatever Holiday you celebrate.  And if it's just another day for you.....I hope it's a great one, lol.

That's it from me folks.  See you in the next one.

Toodles Noodles......Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

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  1. a lovely bag that will be appreciated, I love those little snaps and use them for all sorts of projects, best wishes for Christmas and the new year xx


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