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More Handmade Large Tote Bags - Disney's Dumbo & Sloths

More Handmade Large Tote Bags - Disney's Dumbo & Sloths
I think I'm turning into a walking advertisement for Debbie Shore, teehee......I'm not Sponsored or anything, honestly.  But her YouTube tutorials and designs are just incredible.  And for a newbie sewist, like myself, I am so confident in making her designs.  Now, confidence does not mean that I am any good at making these things....but I certainly have the confidence to give them a go.  And my poor family are my guinea pigs where they receive these items....whether they wanted them or not, lol.  I will add a shopping list at the bottom of this post in case you'd like to buy the items I've used.  I might not be able to find all the links, but I will do my best.  Leave a comment or contact me in the contact box at the top right hand side of this blog, if you have any questions.
So I made a couple more of Debbie's Large Tote Bags.  I originally made my first one using Disney's Dumbo fat quarter fabric and I gave it to my wee Mamma.  But I decided to give her this new one, because again, its Dumbo fabric but the imagery is so bloody cute.  And Dumbo is her favourite Disney Movie.  And as this was my second one, I think I made it a wee bit better than the first.

It has the zip pocket at the front with a long zip closure for the bag.  Inside it has pockets, perfect for your mobile phone.  But it also has the expandable pockets on each side of the bag, perfect for a water bottle or a cheeky wee bottle of pink gin, wink wink.
This bag is for my wee bro's girlfriend, Rose.  It'll be her Christmas present.  Of course she'll be getting some bits and bobs that are not made by me, lol.  It's made using Sloth fabrics.  Oh my goodness, these were such cute fabrics.  The outer fabric was an upholstery, linen type cotton fabric (link below) but boy did it fray like crazy!  It was great to sew but the fraying was unbelievable.  I just hope the bag stays together, teehee.  
It also has the expandable side pockets on both sides of the bag. 
The inside cotton fabric I purchased on Ebay also (link below). This inner bag fabric was so incredibly silky soft.  I'd highly recommend it.  It sewed up beautifully. 
I put pockets on both sides of the inside of the bag.  One is divided into 2, perfect size for a mobile phone.  The other pocket is a larger one, perfect for pens, make up etc
And the bag zips up beautifully and securely to keep all Rose's belongings safe.

Well, that's it from me for now folks.  I will be back soon with something that is not a bag....I promise, teehee.  Don't forget to check out the shopping links below, if you want to grab the same items....they aren't sponsored links/affiliate links, they're just the links to the items I bought.

Toodles Noodles........aka Crafty Loops xx

All links were valid at the time of typing.  Sorry if the items are gone by the time you read this. But if the links no longer work, a simple Google search for the items should work a charm.

Dumbo Fabric - random seller on Ebay.  It was a Disney Dumbo fat quarter bundle.  Search Ebay.
Hanging Sloth Upholstery Fabric - Ebay
Grey zips - purchased on Ebay.  The exact ones are now gone but click the link here and the seller has many more zips available for you to choose from.
H640 Fusible Fleece Interfacing - Amazon

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  1. 2 more lovely bags Lee, Debbie shore will have you as a side-kick before you know it, working on telly with her lol xx

  2. Love that Sloth bag and would love one.x

    1. Hi Lee. I sent you a reply message, I hope you got it ok. It might have gone into your junk mail, lol. Lee :)


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