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Handmade Large Tote Bag - Debbie Shore free pattern

Handmade Large Tote Bag - Debbie Shore free pattern
What about ye folks, it's Lee here.  Ok, so it's not a backpack....but it is another Debbie Shore bag, teehee.  This one is her large tote bag that she shared the tutorial for on YouTube.  By the way, do you know I have a YouTube Channel?  I haven't uploaded much on it lately but I am in the process of remedying that.  My camcorder died on me and I had to buy a new one...ugh!  But hopefully I'll be back to sharing video tutorials very soon.

Anyway, back to this tote bag.  I used a Disney's Dumbo fat quarter bundle and it has the most adorable images on it.  My wee Mamma loves Dumbo, and the colour combination of yellow and grey together, so this will be going to her.  I will share a shopping list for as many of the products I used that I can remember where I bought them, lol.

This bag has 2 zips....and might I add, these are my first ever zips I've put into anything.  And I actually did a good job, teehee.  Not perfect but, pretty damn close.  The 2 zips were actually upcycled from an old zip up fleece that I had. The fleece was falling apart so, I couldn't give it to charity.  So I sat unpicking the salvageable bits off it, ie, the zips.  And they worked out great for this bag. This pocket above, is at the front of the bag.
This is my 2nd zip and it creates the closure for the bag.  It works really well.
This tote is quite large and would be perfect as an overnight bag to carry your cosmetics, phone charger, Kindle, ipad etc., or even perfect for a picnic or a days shopping.  And seeing how plastic bags are not allowed in shops anymore, this bag would be perfect for sticking in the car and any time you needed to pop into the shops you could grab this to carry your goods.......or snacks......or ice-cream....Whoops....I meant, your fruit and veg, teehee
I added 2 extra pockets to the inside of the bag, one on each side.  Perfect for your mobile phone or lipstick, wallet etc.,
This inside pocket, I divided into 2 and it would be a perfect space for your mobile phone.
Both sides of the tote have an expandable pocket.  Perfect for a water bottle.....or dare I say, even a small wine bottle might fit (beer bottles would definitely fit)....and on each side 2 wine bottles, teehee....after all, you have to distribute the weight evenly, so one on each side is only proper, lol
You could also store your mobile phone in these pockets too and they are deep enough that your phone would be safe and out of sight of sticky phalanges, teehee
The back is just plain but you could add another zip pocket if you wanted.  I didn't feel that it was necessary as there are pockets on the inside, sides and front.  I need to give it a wee press before gifting it to my wee Mamma.  Can't have it going to her with wrinkles in it.
I love this bag and already have another one cut out and ready to go..  
This Dumbo cotton fabric is so cute and a joy to work with,
And one last photo of the tote in all it's glory.

Shopping list
I purchased the fat quarter bundle from Ebay - just do a quick search & you should find some.
H640 Fusible Fleece Interfacing - Amazon
6mm wide black elastic - used for expandable pockets - Ebay
19" & 8" zip - You can find any amount of zips on Ebay.  I had these in my stash

That's it for now from me folks......what do you think is coming next?  No......really, I want to know, because I haven't a clue, teehee.  Any suggestions?  I am open to any ideas or requests you have.  Leave them down in the comments box below.

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  1. what a good job you have made of your tote and the zips, bet your Mum was pleased with it xx


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