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Another Handmade Harry Potter Backpack - Debbie Shore free pattern

Another Handmade Harry Potter Backpack - Debbie Shore free pattern
What about ye folks, it's Lee here.  I know, I know......another backpack.  But these are so easy to make and I'm now getting requests from family for Christmas gifts and who am I to refuse.  As usual, its a Debbie Shore creation and her tutorial can be found HERE on YouTube.

This one is definitely the best made one yet....isn't my little niece, Jessica, lucky to get one that is sort of half decently made, lol.  I'd like to think that I improved with this being my 3rd backpack I've made. This will be a Christmas present for little Miss this year.  Of course. she'll have it filled with lots of Harry Potter swag...she won't just be getting her old Aunties handmade rubbish, teehee.

There's nothing much more to say about it really, as I explained it all in my previous 2 posts, here and again here.

I will have a shopping list for all the products I used, down below to include the fixings etc.  As for the fabric, I bought this off a specific seller who happened to be selling off her stash.  So, you'll just have to do a quick search on Ebay for that.  This one was using slightly different Harry Potter fabric but it was still from a fat quarter bundle that I found on Ebay.  So just do a wee search around Ebay for Harry Potter fat quarters and I'm sure you will find them.  Alternatively, I did recently find some Harry Potter Fat Quarter Bundles at The Works, so you can have a try there too.  See below for shopping list details.

I wanted the wee Hogwarts emblem to be obvious on the centre on the backpack's flap.  So I made sure I cut the fabric so that it was front and centre.
 I also sewed the top part of the buckle strap into the actual lining of the flap this time.  This buckle closure was not part of Debbie's design.  This was something I added myself a little late in the game as I wasn't happy with the original magnetic clasps that I bought (I did replace the magnetic clasps with better ones, link below).  So to make the bag more secure, I added the buckle.  But because I'm new to this sewing gig, the first 2 buckles were sewn on the outside of the fabric which just looks a bit awkward.  But I (slowly) realised my mistake, and this time I sewed the buckle into the flap.  It turned out so much neater.
This Harry Potter fat quarter is so bright and vibrant and much more busy than the other one.  But because they are part of a bundle, they all coordinate really well.
Again, I added a wee pocket to the inside of the backpack for all Jessica's little bits and bobs.  I stuck in a wee Handmade tag that I made too.....just in case she forgets that her Auntie made it for her, teehee
A view of the back with the wee hanging handle at the top and the adjustable straps
Again, this backpack has 2 expanding pockets on each side, as added storage.
I love this fabric with the Hogwarts Express on it.  It's so bright and vibrant.  Jessica will certainly not be lost in a crowd when she's wearing this backpack, that's for sure. 
That's it from me folks.  I know it's been all about sewing lately, but I am new to sewing and am thoroughly enjoying learning the process.  But I do have other projects on the go too, so a little variety will be on the way soon.

Toodles Noodles....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

Items used and where to buy them:-

Harry Potter fat quarter fabrics, Ebay (just click on the red wording)
Side release buckles - on Ebay - this was the main closure 
Webbing for straps, again from Ebay
H640 Fusible Fleece Interfacing - Amazon

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