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Craft Room Tour 2021 - Very Tiny Craft Room ideas

Craft Room Tour 2021 - Very Tiny Craft Room ideas
It's been a long time coming and goodness knows my messy craft room stopped me from creating for far too long, but finally, my room is now a functioning space.  It took some work to finally get to this spot.  My craft room had become something of a nightmare where I bought craft supplies and just quickly opened my craft room door, chucked them in and swiftly closed the door again before everything could spill out.  I was utterly ashamed of how I had let my room fall into total chaos.  I hated the deep pink carpet that was there when we moved in and the awful peeling pink wallpaper and the furniture was just way too big for a smaller than box room.  
So, on the 1st of January 2020 (yes...a year ago now, lol) my lovely Scrubby said "Right, I'm taking to that room and everything is being pulled out.  It needs a fresh start".  I've never loved the man more, teehee.  We donated the over sized table and 2 chest of drawers and we knew that the carpet would need replacing and the wallpaper removed.  But the beginning of the "Art Studio" transformation had to begin somewhere.  It started with the over abundance of craft supplies I had.  Honestly, it was completely sinful the amount of supplies I had, and I would have needed 3 lifetimes to be able to use it all.  So I Konmari'd all my stuff and I'd say I sold two thirds of my supplies on Ebay.  Such a weight was lifted once those supplies left my house, figuratively and physically, teehee.  And thank you to all the ladies and gents that bought items from me.  I hope you are getting many hours of joy from the items you bought.  It took us quite a while to sell everything as there was so much and we did it in batches so we wouldn't get overwhelmed or make mistakes.  But we finally got everything sold that we wanted.

Once we donated all the big and bulky furniture, it was time to take measurements and decide what furniture, flooring, paint etc., that we wanted.  Thanks to my recent Ebay sales (and my Scubby sold a lot of his hobby stuff too), we had enough to buy wooden laminate flooring and new furniture.  I was finally getting close to the type of room I always dreamed of.  Although, the room is pretty tiny, 9Ft 7" (297cm) by 6Ft 3" (194cm).  In fact, the room didn't have a straight wall in it given that the width of the room was 6ft 3" (194cm) at one end and almost 6f t 5"(198cm) at the other end.  That made measuring and putting down the flooring a great jigsaw piece.....but I had nothing to do with that, teehee.  

As time marched on, it was tough going as shops were starting to close for the first lockdown in March 2020. We just about got our laminate flooring.  It was, thankfully, delivered a few hours before lockdown began.  However, we weren't so lucky with our furniture. 30 mins before our delivery was due, we received a text message from Ikea saying they had cancelled our order as deliveries needing 2 delivery people was being suspended.  It meant for over 3 months, the room just sat empty, without furniture.  So getting the room finished took much, much longer than either of us anticipated.  But there were more important and urgent things going on in the world, so me not getting my desk from Ikea was not a priority.  But thankfully, we did eventually get everything we needed and boy do I love it.  The room looks incredible now.  My Scrubby (Scrummy Hubby) did such an enormous amount of work and I couldn't be more proud of him.  
Here is what we did, what we bought and where you can find it.
Please don't judge me.  I know it's a mess.  But this was during the packing up stage.  You know the old saying...It gets worse before it gets better....well, this was awful....but it does get better, teehee.
Sorry this is a dark one, but there are brighter ones below.  It's a very small room, but this is what we are working with, lol.
This was the old carpet.  Excuse the flecks of wallpaper trimmings but at this stage we weren't trying to keep it tidy as it was being pulled up, lol
Wallpaper is starting to vacate the building.  This wallpaper was so old, that when my Scrubby started to remove it, it all came off in sheets.  This was here when we moved in but we just kept it at the time as this room wasn't seen by anyone other than us, lol.  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing wallpaper come off in one long, continuous strip.  
The wallpaper is all stripped and Scrubby preps the walls ready for painting.  It's a South facing room so although it is a teeny, tiny space, it gets a lot of light.
The wall colour is called Boudoir by Johnstones and is a grey/taupe-ish colour.  I love it.  It really freshened up the room and again makes it look so much bigger.  Sorry the photo isn't great.  It's extremely hard to get a good photo of a greyish wall, teehee.
There is a built in wardrobe in this room which is actually quite big as it goes right over to the left of the door.  But it's a bit of an awkward space to keep as a wardrobe....but we have plans for it.
This was what we found underneath the carpet once it was pulled up.  We also decided to remove the curtains completely and we will be replacing them with vertical blinds.
Excuse Scrubby's leg there, teehee.  I'm so happy with how this floor looks now.  It so incredible!  We decided on flooring from Martin Philips and the floor we decided on is called Harbour Oak Grey.  It's such a gorgeous floor and really brightens up the room and makes it feel so much bigger.  It's incredibly easy to keep clean too.  You would not believe the amount of pins and hot glue strands that were weaved into that awful old pink carpet, teehee.
I'm sharing the space with my Scrubby but his hobby doesn't take up as much room as mine.  He wanted his furniture to be very minimal and not bulky.  So, for his desk he franken-monstered a desk.  We originally were planning to have the desk, wall mounted, so the leaf could be placed down whenever it wasn't in use.  But we quickly realised that the wall the desk was meant to be affixed to, was a complete nightmare to drill into.  So we scrapped that idea.  Instead, we bought 4 table legs from Ikea and added them to one of the leaves from a Norden kitchen table, making it a stand-alone desk.    And it works great.  We then bought 2 of the Ikea Skadis Pegboards and the accessories to go with it and his little painting station is ready for use.  Ikea Pegboards, Accessories, Desk top,Ikea Norden tableIkea Table legs
I needed a bit more storage as I do so many different crafts.  I had watched a video on YouTube from The Crafterpreneur who redid her sewing room and added an Ikea fold down Ivar desk to her room, see video.  I immediately thought that it would be perfect for our room, as it could fold away if we needed to use the room as a spare room.  So my Scrubby got to it and built the Ivar.  It was incredibly easy to make and is a perfect piece of furniture for all my crafty needs. Ikea Ivar foldable table.  The vertical blinds were made to our specific dimensions and were purchased from Kingston Blinds Limited on Ebay.  We bought the black out blinds so the room could be darker, if needs be.  You can buy them here
I already had the Ikea Hemnes cabinet previously and I wanted to keep it as it was a fantastic storage unit. As you can see its stuffed full of cardstock, laces, alterable boxes and tonnes of fabric.  This cabinet is a beast and can hold so much, lol.  Sadly I can't seem to find my exact model on Ikea anymore, it must have been discontinued.  But here is something similar, if not larger, in the Ikea Hemnes range
So, tell I the only person that manages to not get a paper cut, but an actual CARDBOARD cut when removing Ikea flatback furniture?  I can't be the only one, right?  It has happened me pretty much EVERY time we buy something from Ikea.  And I didn't even build the bloody stuff, my Scrubby did.  I was just trying to be helpful by removing everything from the packaging!  Lol....anyway....Cardboard slices aside, the next issue I had was storage for all my dies, templates, paints, stains, mixed media supplies etc.  I didn't have the room for another big unit, so I decided to think in, the size of the items I needed stored, and I decided on buying 3 of the Ikea Gnedby units.  These are probably used for dvd and cd storage...but not in my house, lol.  They were perfect for my dies, paints etc.  Plus the height of each little cubby can be easily adjusted to make room for whatever you are storing.  
I was taking advantage of height this time around.  These units are 202cm (6Ft 6") tall but only 20cm (7 7/8") wide which is fantastic for a small space.  If you don't have much floor space, take advantage of the height of your room and store up.  They have worked out so great.  I love them.  Plus, as well as being secured to the wall, they have little hooks on top so you can hook your shelves together for added stability.  And being able to adjust the size of each little square has been fantastic for my much larger dies.
I already had the wee Raskog cart from Ikea.  I think every Tom, Dick and Harry has one of these.  But if you want the link, here it is....Raskog turquoise trolley.  It's a fantastic little cart.  I keep all my tools, like scissors, pencils, paint brushes etc., on the top.  That way I don't clutter my desk with tools and I can just roll it next to my desk if needs be.  The other sections, I have stored fabric that I just wrapped around some chipboard.  It holds a surprisingly large amount.
Sorry about the dark photo, but it's dark under my desk, teehee.  I also had the little metal drawer unit previously.   It fits perfectly under my desk and supplies me with surprisingly, a lot of storage. I did not add the feet to this cabinet, as it would have made it too tall to fit under my desk.  Here is the link to it, in case you want one.  Ikea Helmer drawer unit.
The only other thing we did was add Ikea Hyllis shelving to our built-in cupboard.  I don't have photos of it, but there is a built-in wardrobe in our room.  It's a bit of a weird shape, as it has the door into it, but then the cupboard goes quite far back to the left of the door.  It was always awkward as a wardrobe as the clothes would get stuck away at the back and were hard to access.  So, we did a clothes clear out and decided to utilise the wardrobe as a walk-in craft storage space.  We added 3 of the Hyllis units which are incredibly cheap!  Just £10 each for metal framed shelves.  I'm pleasantly surprised at how much weight they can hold because when my husband first built them, I didn't think they'd hold much.  But they really do.  So we've made the build-in wardrobe into a sort of walk-in craft storage cupboard and its working out so well for us.
We wanted the light in the room to be perfect, particularly for my husband when he paints, so we added a daylight bulb to our main room light.  The daylight lamp that is between my Scrubby's desk and mine was bought from Amazon.  It's clamped onto my desk and can swivel in all directions, so it can be moved over my desk or his.  It also has a magnifying lens on it which is perfect for him painting his miniatures.  It's an Ex-Pro long Reach professional illuminated lamp with magnifier and can be found on Amazon.
My desk area obviously has a tonne more stuff, lol.  And although it looks busy, it is organised chaos, lol.  I added some pvc sheeting type stuff under my chair so that the rollers on the chair wouldn't mark our new floors. My chair was bought second-hand on Ebay because I wanted to have a really well made, perfect for posture and comfort kind of chair which meant for me was a Freedom Humanscale office chair.  Now, these chairs are incredibly expensive to buy from new.  But there are a lot of them on Ebay and other sellers online that sell them second-hand.  A lot of the second-hand websites I saw sold them refurbished with new fabric added.  But I found one that was practically brand new and spotless for a fraction of the full retail price.  And the seller was willing to send it from Manchester to me in Northern Ireland for free, which was incredible of him.   
Well, that's the room finally complete.  And now it's time to have fun.  Thanks for stopping by.  If you have any questions about anything I've shared, pleased don't hesitate to ask me in the comments or contact me directly through the blog contact form at the top right of this blog.

Toodles Noodles......Lee aka Loops xx

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  1. you have a very organized work space now...I need to get rid of a lot of my stuff I won't live long enough to use lol xx

    1. Oh I know how you feel Tilly. It was ridiculous the amount of stuff I had....there's still probably a bit too much to be honest. But I'm really being strict with myself now. I'm trying to avoid watching YouTube videos on the all the new items that are coming out every few months. It's mad to think that craft companies have "seasons" just like the fashion industry. I don't need any more crafting goodies....I'm doing my best to shop my own supplies now until such times as I run out of something and then I can replace it. Thank you for always stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it. Lee xx


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