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Altered laundry basket

Altered laundry basket
 This past Christmas, my wee Mamma wanted a new laundry basket.  She recently did a few bits and pieces in her bedroom and wanted something to go with her duck egg blue colour scheme and if I could find some way to fit butterflies into the theme too, that would be great.  Well, I searched and I searched and could not find anything that would go with that theme, at all.  So, I decided to jimmy rig and alter one myself, lol....not sure if that made it any better mind you, teehee.
I bought this one on Amazon (click link, if you want one, lol) as it had a removable fabric liner that I could add to.
I then purchased this stunning Laura Ashley curtain fabric on Ebay.  It was just a 1/2 metre remnant but it was a perfect amount for what I needed.  Not only was it duck egg blue, but it had butterflies on it!
On a piece of the scrap fabric left over, I decided to sew around one of the butterflies to make this little padded dangle butterfly to add to the front of the basket.  I couldn't resist adding some bling to the wee butterfly too.
I removed the inner liner fabric and sewed the Laura Ashley fabric to it, making sure I orientated it the correct way, as it would be folded over the top of the basket.  I left a little gap for the closure and added the wee handmade butterfly dangle.
I think it turned out cuter than what it originally looked like.  My wee Mamma loved it and that's the most important thing.

I hope everyone had a fantastic festive season and a very Happy New Year to you all.  Here's hoping 2022 is a great one!
That's it from me for now folks.  Until the next time......
Toodles Noodles .....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

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  1. This is just so pretty now, no wonder your Mum loved it with that cute blingy butterfly.
    Wishing you all you wish for yourself and your loved ones and carry on sewing lol xx


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