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Just giving you a little "Heads Up"

Hello hello girlies and princesses.  I'm just here to give you a little heads up and to tease you a wee bit as well.  Yes, Im delightfully evil...mwahhhhh!  I just wanted to you like Giveaways?  What was that?  Was that a YES?  Ok you like a few giveaways?  Oh oh, I see that's a resounding YES!

Well, what if I told you that maybe sometime on Sunday, around a certain Crafty Loops's crazy crafty corner, that maybe......just maybe there might be not 1, not 2 and not even 3 Giveaway Prizes up for grabs but 7............Oh yes, you read it correctly.......SEVEN GIVEAWAY PRIZES ................ YIPPEE!

Well, Ive been promising a giveaway for the last....forever!  I know, I know, Im Mrs Disaster Pants (and I wear those Disaster Pants with pride, lol).....but my brother's wedding took precedence.  So I thought I had better make it count and make sure I had a good amount of goodies to give away to plenty of you loverly crafty followers of mine.  So my I am, giving you fair warning to keep your crafty eyes on the bloggy skies because I have a Mahoosive bunch of goodies to give away to 7 (maybe 8) lucky crafters.

Laters Gators!

Loops xx


  1. oh lee i am stalking your blog tee hee

  2. Sounds like fun - can hardly wait 'til Sunday :)

  3. sounds great - just make sure to note whether it will be open to overseas folks like me! I won't be offended, but I prefer knowing in advance so I don't enter - and congrats on the wedding!

    1. Don't worry Judith, I have it all sussed. And yes....these giveaways are certainly open to overseas. The more the merrier. Lee x

    2. Opps....I should clarify....most of the giveaways are open overseas. 5 of them anyway. 2 are for UK only. But all will be revealed tomorrow. Lee x

  4. Hi Lee it has been a while since i last blogged.. Glad to see you are back as well, love your parents card..

  5. You certainly know how to get our attention! Even the ones wearing the stalkers pants like me.


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