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Look at the goodies I got from Jennings644

Look at the goodies I got from Jennings644
Have a look at Fiona's channel

Hi folks.  Firstly just want to say thank you to everyone who has entered my Blog Candy.  If you havent entered yet, please see my blog candy post.

Next I would like to show you all the goodies I bought from a friend Fiona Jennings.  I do not work for Fiona nor do I get any financial gain or items from mentioning her shop or channel.  I was lucky to come across her youtube channel and she is genuinely one of the most incredible and generous women Ive had the pleasure of dealing with.  And I think myself lucky enough to be able to call her a friend.  You may recall the journals I made from previous uploads on my blog here.  I made those journals for Fiona as gifts for her friends and the last journal was as a gift for her daughter Sadie as a birthday gift.

She has an incredible youtube channel you can find here or do a search of youtube for Jennings644.  She has an Zibbet store too and if you do a search for "people" and type in Jennings644 you will find her store, Her shop is now open.  But she also sells items from her youtube channel so please have a look at her channel and see the photos below of what I bought from her when she advertise them on her youtube channel, here is the link to the actual bling, click here.

She does incredible tutorials and makes incredible craft items.  And she doesnt promote having the best tools or the newest products to have.  She's a proper crafter who finds things we can use that we have around the home or in our craft stash.  Her moto is "Think outside the box" and she really encourages us crafters to look beyond our every day crafting and create something new and exciting.

Here are the lubbly jubbly goodies I bought recently.  And ALL this cost me just under £18 (not including postage).  Fiona always has amazing deals and is a great believer in bringing fantastic goodies for a very competitive price.  Fiona fully admits that she is not out to make her million through selling her crafty items and kits but wants to bring good quality items at a price that we can afford.  AND if you ever place an order with Fiona, she ALWAYS includes extras.  She always puts in little extra goodies as a treat and completely free of charge.  She is incredibly generous.

Now down to the good stuff, heehee.
Lovely trims and bling mesh
Silver Square Bling Trim - £2 per yard
See here on here video

Black Glass Bling Trim - £2 per yard
See here on her video
Black Glass and Acrylic Bead Teardrop Bling - £2.50 per yard
See the video link here
Silver Bling mesh -£1.16 per foot
also available in Gold
See here on her video

Close up of bling mesh - there are no actual stones but it sparkles and twinkles like its 
studded with them.  You can add stones yourself.
Massive £8 Grab Bag - items vary from bag to bag
This is jam packed with hundreds of beads including glass beads
lamp work beads (expensive to buy), acrylic beads etc
An amazing amount of beads in this grab bag

A close up of just some of the beads from the £8 grab bag

Dismantled jewellery from £8 grab bag

Closer look at the dismantled Jewellery from the £8 grab bag

One of the beautiful pieces of jewellery from the £8 grab bag

Stunning dragonfly - £8 grab bag

These will look amazing down the spine of one of my journals

Another sample of the jewellery items

Gorgeous glass pearls and blingy bits and pieces
Now the photos below are not from my order.  Fiona knows I am a big fan of old and vintage style buttons and that I use them for the centres of my flowers.  So, as a very kind gift, she sent me ALL these buttons!!  For nothing!!  As a gift to me.  Now I'm not saying you will get all this when you order from Fiona.  These were a gift to me for making Sadies Journal. But, Fiona is always very generous (as you can see) and will always include an extra gift or gifts in your order.

Oh my many beautiful buttons!!!

Look at the size of that red flower button!!!  Massive!

Oh my oh many gorgeous buttons
Im gonna have sooooo much fun with these, thanks Fi.

So there you have it.  My order from Fiona and the gift she very kindly sent me.   Please check out her Youtube channel here and visit her Etsy store here ITS NOW OPEN. Ohh and if you want different coloured string pearls, click here too.  They're so yummy. 

I think in the financial times we are living in, we all need to support each other.  And Fiona is always trying to bring the best product she can at an affordable price so we can continue to craft without it costing and arm and a leg.

Thanks for having a look.  Any questions give me a shout.  Anyone who knows me will know that I would never recommend anyone who I do not deem trustworthy and good value for money.  I do not come onto my blog and bombard you with companies or buying products.  But when I see something that I deem worthwhile mentioning and know that it is someone who I genuinely believe brings brilliant products and deal to their customers, I will gladly share it with you all.  

I will be adding MORE to my Blog candy so watch out for that too.

Toodles Noodles.....Loops xx

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  1. Your stash is amazing! such excellent value x Leigh x

  2. OMG! its superrrrrrr gorgeous stuff.... I have never seen such stuff before!!! Oh god... what an eye candy... u must be jumping like a kid on receiving it... I can just imagine Lee...
    Waiting to see how you will use these...

  3. Oh wow!!! What you gonna do with tons of this beauty? Glad for you! Shopping is cool!

  4. Oh Wow... Definitely going to buy from her Lee... but don't know how to watch a YouTube channel! I can find her items... Help!
    Christine x

  5. Wow such alot of gorgeous sparkle and bling. Cant wait to see what you make with these. Going to take a look at her channel thanks. xx

  6. Wow, love the sparkles :) Well done Lee! x

  7. Ой, сколько красоты!!!
    И спасибо за нужную информацию про Фиону и ее магазин !

  8. wow what a super treasure trove ... I bet you had fun rummaging through that little lot ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  9. Oh my... those are gorgeous, I've bookmarked the link and definitely go back and browse through carefully, thanks for sharing!

    Thanks for visiting the pixie blog and the shout out for Pixie, good luck!
    Do come back often as we are having lots of specials this month in celebration of our 1st birthday, you might pick up some great deals there!!

  10. That is some gorgeous bling, and you are one lucky duck to have found that deal!

  11. Oh! Lee what a scrummy lot of stash. Look forward to seeing what you create with it.

    Donna x

  12. Brill value there and tons of bling to boot xx Must pop over and have a look xxx

  13. Lee, приглашаю на розыгрыш моей конфетки

  14. Wow,look at all that bling,it's all to checkout the sites...Can't wait to see what you make with it all..
    Mandy x

  15. Wow!!! How awesome!

  16. Wow Lee...what fantastic treasures, all so beautiful. Can't wait to see what you create with all that lovely bling.
    Debbie x

  17. Oh my goodness! This is bling paradise!

  18. How fun to play with all that bling ...

  19. oooohhhhhh loads and loads of blingy things...Im like a magpie too Lee...these are so lush
    Mina xxx
    p.s. I almost missed your candy now Im off to join in

  20. Lovely Lee, thank you for the recommendation, il look her up next time I'm looking to buy :-) have a great week :-) Elaine xxx

  21. Hi Lee, I hope my post goes on ok lol But thank you for your orders and thank you so much for adding all the links etc. Your welcome and I too can't to see what you create with it all my friend :) Huge Hugs Fi xx jennings644


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