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Flower Tutorial - Paper/Cardstock Daisy

Flower Tutorial - Paper Daisy

Hi Folks.  Im back with another flower tutorial for you all.  "About time" I hear you say (or maybe not!!).  You will see from the photos above its a Daisy.  I used the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die but you can cut your own thin petalled shaped flowers or use a different type of die or punch with similar petals.  Lets get to it.

Firstly and like always........ I'd like to apologise for the state of my hands and nails, but crafting is a messy business and I do get messy. And when you have long nails, well, they are my tweezers half the time so they are gonna get mucky too, Lol.  Its half the fun, hee hee. 

Heres what you need.
1. Die cut 3 small and 3 of the 2nd biggest flower
You will need Tim Holtz Tattered florals die or cut your own similar to photo 1 above, 
card stock, 
embossing tool or pen end, 
yellow ink pad or marker,
A piece of foam or the back of a mouse mat.
Daisy Tutorial - What you need to do
2. Ink flower centres of large flower and ink the whole of the
 small flowers
Photo 2.  Use a yellow ink pad or marker to colour both complete sides of the small flowers and just one side and the centres of the large flowers.
3. Cut small slits on all the small flower petals
Photo 3. Cut small slits in each petal of the small flowers down to near the middle, but not quite. Do this to all three small flowers. 
4. Emboss the centres of the small flowers in a circular motion
Photo 4. Use a ball tool or end of a pen and a soft surface such as foam or the back of a mouse mat, press into the centre of each small flower to shape.  You may find using the stylus or pen in a circular motion helps pull up the petals.  But a good old press into the centre will do just as good

5. Place glue into the centres and stack the small flowers on
 top of one another to make your daisy centre
6.  Arrange the flower centre
Photo 5 & 6.  Place a blob of glue into the centre of 2 of the flowers and stack all 3, one on top of the other.  Arrange the flower centres to look like flower stemen. Photo 6.

7. Emboss around large petals
Photo 7.   Turn over your largest flowers and using a small ball tool, lightly emboss around the centre and edge of each petal. I have drawn the embossing lines on a petal to show you where to emboss. See the photo above.  
This will shape the petals and gives them a lovely design too.  Do this to all petals on all 3 flowers.
8. Turn the flowers over and press/emboss flower centres
Photo 8. Turn over the large flowers and using a large ball tool or end of a pen, press into each centre of the flowers and emboss the centre in a circular motion.  This will help lift nd shape the petals and give an even centre so each flower can be stacked on top of one another

9. Glue and stack together
Photo 9. Placing glue in the centre of the large flowers, stack them up on top of each other alternating the petals. 
10.  Add glue to centre and place flower centres
Photo 10. Glue the small flowers into the middle of your large daisy. Fluff up and arrange your petals and stamen and have your daisy.   I added these leaves which I simply cut out of card, then on the back I embossed lines to look like the leaves veins and used a green ink colour them.  You can see how the ink has picked up the vein lines and they appear darker.  I think its a very effective technique and makes beautiful leaves.
Heres the finished product

Here is a picture of the flower on a wee thank you card.

Simple little Thank you card
These really are extremely easy flowers to make.  In fact you could pretty much follow the photos alone and not need any of my written instructions.
Try these flowers for yourself and see what you think. 

NOTE ON MAKING DIFFERENT FLOWERS - You good even use different colours for the flowers and call them Gerbera's.

Hope you have fun making them and as always....any questions, just holler.  Thanks for having a look and any comments are greatly received.

Toodles Noodles....Loops xx

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    Christine x

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    Thank you for the tutorial.
    I love the Tim Holtz tattered florals die, I use it all the time.
    Becky x

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    Mina xxx

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  30. Absolutely 100% gorgeos lee. Will deffo be giving that a go x

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  34. Fantastic Tut again Lee! these flowers are beautiful. Guess the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals will be going on my ever expanding shopping list lol

  35. Oh Lee you put us all to shame! ;-) I adore all your tutorials and one day I will get round to following your instructions and seeing how I get on :-) You are making the tattered florals dies more and more attractive to me!
    I also wanted to say thank you so much for your support of my blog and your kind words on docrafts-they really meant a lot to me and it helps to know people care :-)

  36. Hiya well you have put me to shame as well I have had this die since last year and done nothing with it, these are just stunning, I need to get my finger out.
    Are you going to the Kings Hall.
    Chris x

  37. excellent tut Lee - I've seen loads of paper flower tuts and always thought "oh I cba going to all that trouble" but these look easy enough for me to do

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    Blessings to you,

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    Debbie x

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    Hugs Nataliya

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    Crafty Hugs,


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