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Handmade Handbag - Duplicity Handbag pattern from Sew Yours

Handmade Handbag - Duplicity Handbag pattern from Sew Yours

Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  Back with another Duplicity Handbag from the pattern from Sew Yours.  This time I made it in this lovely black faux leather with gold hardware.  I love how this bag turned out.  As I mentioned in my previous Duplicity make this bag is really easy to make, but there is a bit more difficulty when it comes to adding the bag base and then doing the top stitching when doing the drop in lining.  Now, I have a Janome Domestic machine, so I would maybe find it easier to do if I had a more industrial style machine, or even the Janome HD9.  I do manage it, but they are the only 2 frustrating parts of making this bag that I think gives it away as being handmade; as my stitching is not perfect because it's a bit awkward to do. I think if I had a better machine, it would be pretty perfect. But even with that, I am very pleased with how it turned out.
I love the gold hardware on this bag and the wee heart Chicago screws are so cute.  I used a different twist lock this time to the last bag and I think it works perfectly with this front pocket.
I decided to add the heart Chicago screws to the back of the bag too this time.  These are not in the original pattern, as adding them to the back of the bag actually increases the cost of making this bag by quite a lot.  Those wee screws are expensive and when you add 32 to a bag, that makes it pretty expensive, particularly if you are selling your bags.  
I added 5 gold purse feet to adorn the bottom and to keep the base of the bag nice and clean.
The back pocket is a simply magnetic closure with plenty of room.
The front pocket has the gold twist lock and plenty of storage space.
And, as per its name, this is a double zipped bag with 2 recessed zippers.  This bag has oodles of room.
It's extremely difficult to photograph the inside of a handbag as you can see, teehee.  This time around I used a water resistant canvas for the inside lining.  A lot of the YouTube bag makers swear by it because it means the inside of the bag is pretty sturdy, easy to keep clean and the lining doesn't need interfaced.  This means it works out cheaper to make your bags, as you are not lining the canvas.  Whereas, cotton linings must have interfacing to help keep them sturdy.  This was my first time working with this water resistant canvas and I can see what the fuss is about.  It is fantastic to work with and I will definitely be using it more in future bags.
And with the canvas lining being so plain, it means you can add a pop of colour and personality with the contrasting fabrics.  I just used this cute cotton ditsy floral fabric that I had in my stash to use in the slip pockets.  There is a slip pocket and an inside zipper pocket in each section of the bag so there are plenty of spaces to add your bits and bobs.
Sorry about the inside photos, they are hard to photograph.  This is the inside zipper pocket with a faux leather overlay, which I think is a lovely and professional touch in these bags.
I added gold zipper end hardware to the end of the zips.  You can leave your zips hanging out if you wish or tuck them inside the side of the bag for added security.  The side profile is pretty cool with the divided sections.
This faux leather has a slight grain texture to it which I really like.  It gives it a bit more texture than just a flat plain black.  
And that's it from me for now folks...........Toodles Noodles .......Lee aka Crafty Loops xx

At the time of typing, the items I linked to are available.  However, items stock changes all the time, some items where bought on auction sites and with time marching by, some items I link may no longer be available from that particular seller.  However, a quick Google search should help you out if my links are no longer working/available.

Jeans Needle - Amazon
Personalised Labels - Wunderlabels
Gold Strap ends - Amazon
Gold double D-rings hardware- Amazon
Grey water resistant canvas, 400gsm - Unfortunately the seller is no longer registered
Contrasting fabric - In my stash
2mm Self-Adhesive Foam (bag base) - Amazon
Purse feet , Gold- AliExpress
Heart zipper pulls in gold - Temu
Handmade metal label, gold - Amazon

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  1. what a stunning bag, it looks perfect to me lol, just love the hardware that you have used, sweet little hearts and the handle holder thingies ! xx

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your post! Your writing style is engaging. Excited for more from you!


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