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Another Peter Rabbit handmade handbag - my own Design

Another Peter Rabbit handmade handbag - my own Design 
Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  Back to share another one of my handmade handbags using my own design.  Now, do not adjust your screens, I realise that this bag looks pretty identical to this one.  That first bag, our wee Mamma fell in love with so I gave it to her and she's using it as her "Summer bag".  But my Aunt saw it and got a little emotional over it.  So, my wee Mamma asked if I would make another one for my Aunt.
I know it looks identical, but it actually has some marked differences and if I'm honest, this is probably the best one I've made yet.
On this bag, I decided to go with a mottled faux leather (all product details are below in my shopping list).  I also did a completely different pattern for the quilting and used black thread instead of the blue.  You will never guess where I got the design for this quilting from!  I saw a YouTube short where someone was making really cool patterned pancakes and I immediately thought it looked awesome.  So I took a screenshot of the pancake design and did it on this bag, teehee......thanks to the pancake maker, lol.
You can see the mottled colour of the leather better on the base here.  I added 5 purse feet to keep it clean and off the ground.
Again, it has the magnetic snaps closures on both sides of the bag to keep it securely closed.
I used this darker Peter Rabbit fabric as the bag liner and added my usual zipper pocket and the little keyring fob to keep your keys nice and secure. I love how much space there is in this design.
On the opposite side of the bag, there is a divided slip pocket.  Perfect for your mobile phone and anything else you need.
I love the shape of this bag.  It looks so elegant and 1950's-ish.....if I do say myself, as I designed it, teehee.
I used my usual Chicago screws on the handles and flap of the bag.  This time around, I wanted to use nicer hardware on this bag.  So rather than using simple D-Rings, I used these lovely double D-rings and I'm so glad I did.  I think they look fabulous.  I love the quilting too.
I added some subtle line quilting with black thread to the flap of the bag as well as adding the heart turn lock closure.  This time around I decided against quilting the main Peter Rabbit fabric at the front.  I felt that the quilting design on the back, sewn in black might look way too busy on the front and detract from the Peter Rabbit design.  I think I made the correct choice.  And as usual, my handmade label on the front is being shy again and not photographing properly.
I also added these lovely silver strap ends to avoid the straps from fraying and it also gives the bag that more professional finish.
This time around, I did decide to add the piping to this bag and I am so glad I did.  I just made my own piping with the faux leather and some cording.  I think it really elevates the bag and makes it look a little less handmade.
And that is this bag done.  I have 2 other bags that I am messing about with and designing but they are still in the early "design and try out" phase.  I love this design but don't want to get bored with it so I am trying to come up with other designs I think anyway.  I haven't a clue what I'm doing half the time, teehee.

That's it from me folks.....see you on the next one.  Toodles Noodles.......Lee aka Crafty Loops x

At the time of typing, the items I linked to are available.  However, items stock changes all the time and with time marching by, some items I link may no longer be available from that particular seller.  However, a quick Google search should help you out if my links are no longer working/available.

Bag pattern - I came up with it myself!  So, there is no pattern to actually buy - sorry, lol
Teflon non-stick foot, Amazon- for sewing machine.  Works great when working with faux leather.  This foot works perfectly with my Janome QXL605 sewing machine
My mini iron, Duronic Travel Steam Iron SI2 - Amazon
Jeans Needle - Amazon
Personalised Label - Wunderlabel
5 & 1/2 inch Kai Scissors - Christie's Craft Shop, Ebay
Lining Fabric & main fabric - Fat Quarters from private Ebay sellers
Bosal single sided fusible foam - carogojo, Ebay or check out my page & email Carol directly for orders
Chicago Screws - Amazon
No. 3 zippers - from stash but purchased from private seller on Ebay

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  1. another stunning bag, the fixtures and fittings make it lol, very well done ! xx


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