Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tutorial - How to make a Pinboard (See altered Box in previous post for Pin Board)

Here is the pin board I made for an altered Box. 

Allo, Allo my lovely friends.  Don't know what the Allo Allo' is about........that show just popped in to my head and I was having a little giggle to myself at that saying! If only you could live in my head for a day, heehee.  Not that I ever saw the show as I was too young but I did catch the odd glimpse of a rerun every so often.

Anyway, enough of my randomness!  Aye right, like that will ever happen.  As promised, I said I would show you all how I made the pin board from the altered Steampunk box in the previous post.  This can be made to ANY size you want.  I just happened to make this one small for a box, but if you want a big one for your wall or a small one for a book, this tutorial will suit all sizes of pin boards.  The same techniques and instructions apply.

Now as this was such a small pin board, the padding in it is actually cotton wool which came in long padded strips. I found it at the baby section toiletries in Tesco.  The only reason I used cotton wool was pure laziness on my part if I'm totally honest, lol.  It was late at night/early morning when I was making it and I didn't want to go rummaging in my cupboard for my big roll of wadding just to cut off an 8 inch piece.  So I was just being lazy and found the cotton wool padding and used it.  It turned out perfectly.  I knew that cotton wool would come in handy other than using it for my cleanser!

This is my very first attempt at making one of these so if at any stage of the video I appear to be winging it a bit......well its because I am winging it, lol.  But I think you know by now that pretty much everything I make is done under the "Winging It" category!  I really do think there should be a "Winging It" category on someones blog challenge some week! lol.  I could do something under that category no problem, lol.

Anywhoodles, here it is folks....the tutorial on how I made my pin board.  Sorry to disappointment the wonderful fans of my accent, but Im Charlie Chaplin-ing this one so its a silent movie, heehee.  I might stick some music on it for you. Oh beware though..........Ive added a lovely piece of classical music to the video, a piano concerto.  Some of you may not appreciate classical music which is perfectly ok.  So you may wish to mute the music and hum a happy tune, lol. I usually add my own music but YouTube is being really tetchy about Copyright and keeps putting my account in "Bad Standing" so I have to replace all my music with the music they approve which isn't to everyones taste needless to say!  Enjoy!

And as usual, thats it from me folks.  I hope this tutorial was useful to some of you.  If you do decide in the future to make your own pinboard, do drop me a wee line to let me know will you?  I would love to see what you make and its interesting to me to know whether any of my tutorials are any use or if I'm just talking to me-self in these tutorials, lol.

Toodles Noodles....
Loops xx

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  1. Gorgeous pin board and tutorial.....

  2. Wow beautiful pin board and thanks for the tutorial lee!!!!!! Hope your doing well my friend!!!!!

  3. Hiya Lee, another fantastic tutorial, and another thing added to my list of things I want to have a go at, one of these days I will get time actually have a go at some of them lol. Thanks for sharing
    Lindsay xx

  4. fab tutorial, you always make everything look so easy!! lol

  5. Another clever piece Lee and yet another great demo, we'll have you on TV yet.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    B x

  6. Fabulous pin board Lee, can't get enough of your stunningly beautiful stickpins. Love that polka dot fabric!

  7. wow super little pin board ... love all your little crafty bits lee ... hope you have a great bank holiday ... just doing a bit of blog hopping ... happy crafting and love sandy xx

  8. A gorgeous pinboard Lee, love the tut hun.

    Donna x

  9. always love your tutorials, and great pin board
    Hugs Kate xx

  10. Having a stab at a larger one of these next week, will the same bords be ok or will I need something more substantial??

  11. Love this tutorial and will be using this to create my own board for my craft room - many thanks and good luck in all you do.

  12. This is a complete tutorial and I'm very thankful :)

  13. This tutorial is very helpful for me, thank you so much :)

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