Monday, 31 October 2011

Industrial Steampunk Altered Guitar - Before and After and the How To

Before photo

The finished Product......Yeah!!
Ok, Im very aware that altered art isnt a lot of folks cup of tea OR in fact anything Industrial or Steampunk.  BUT.....its my cuppa tea! lol.  I think its pretty obvious from my blog that I dont make cards.  Ok I do make a lot of flowers but I thought I would show you something else I like to do.  ALTERING....Yippeeee!  And this is the type of thing I do like doing and I make no apologies for it.  Yes, my name is Loops and Im a steampunk loving, altering obsessed Looper, heehee.

This is a gift that was given to me by Fiona Jennings and her hubby Ray (you will have seen a previous post about her Zibbet Store).  And when Ray brought this home from the car boot sale and Fiona said it was available I nearly jumped through the laptop screen to grab it!  So they kindly gave it to me.

It is my wee brother, Corey's 11th Birthday on the first on November.  Corey is an incredibly smart child and has been playing guitar for a few years now and is amazing at playing it.  Ive never seen a child his age play as well.  But then Im slightly biased.....just a bit, heehee.


Well I couldnt very well leave it like it was.......that wouldnt be me.

So I wrapped the whole thing in aluminium foil tape.  This tape is much stronger than just wrapping it in tin foil.  BUT, you can use tin foil, it works just as well.  You just need to be a bit more careful or buy the extra thick tin foil.  I had to then use my bone folder, embossing tool and the best tool of emboss it all as I didnt want to lose the fantastic textures of the wires.

Before the "Wrapping"

Many Foil Tape cuts to my hands later!!

One bad thing though is that I got LOADS of foil cuts.  Maybe if I hadnt been so eager.......ok......impatient to get it done I wouldnt have had so many cuts!  But at least I can say my blood, sweat and tears went into altering it......literally, heehee.

After embossing it all so the wires showed, I painted it in different colours.  WHAT??? I here you cry.  Dont panic...........I knew what I was doing (she says with the knowledge of hindsight, lol).

Heres how it looked.  Awful right?  Just wait though....I havent added the black paint yet.  WHAT AGAIN??  Calm down.......everything will be ok. lol

I painted the whole guitar is different coloured
 acrylic paints including gold and blue metallic acrylics

Close up of the awful multi-coloured paint job, heehee

Yeah.......I know.  What was I thinking!  But there is another step that makes it look even worse before it gets better, lol.

Once the paint is COMPLETELY dry, you need to take black acrylic paint and paint the whole thing black.  AHHHHH!!!!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING PAINTING IT ALL BLACK LOOPS?  Once painted completely black, take a cloth or kitchen roll and start to wipe it off!  Eh??  Yeap, wipe the black paint off carefully so as not to take the colours underneath off.  

You may find as you are doing this that some of the black paint has dried.  Simply spray the black paint with a light spray of water.  OR, you could do what I did, I used a wet one to wipe it off.  This meant I didnt need to use water so I had more control of taking off the black paint and not the coloured paint.

So, the black paint will cling to all the little nooks and crannies and I also left some of the paint in places all over the guitar.  Its entirely up to you how much or little of the black paint you wipe off.  And in some places you may find the coloured paint comes off too and some of the silver foil shows through.  But that was fine by me as I wanted it to look rough and ready.

So once I finished wiping off the black paint, I took some antique gold rub on's (or rub and buff) and put a bit on my finger and went over the guitar strings and the raised wire parts.  This makes the wires pop out and is a fantastic finishing technique.  I was a bit disappointed with the results UNTIL I used the rub on's.  It really lifted the whole guitar.

I then sprayed some matt varnish (kindly provided by yummy hubby) over the entire guitar to seal it to ensure the rub on gold and paint doesnt peel off.  And here is the end result.

The antique gold rub on highlights the wire parts and strings

The back of the guitar....more colour showing on the back

Close up of the side of the guitar

Side view

I LOVE this guitar....can I part with it???  Hmmmm?

Heres a shot of the different colours showing through

The strings highlighted with gold rub on's

So there you go folks.  Not my usual "Flowers" now is it?  Heehee.  But I thought I'd show you something else I like to do.  I aint no one trip pony, lol.  You may like it, you may not.  But I know Corey will love it.

DONT FORGET, if there is ever anything you would like a tutorial on.....anything at all, please ask.  I love a challenge as Ive said a million times before.  I got an email from a fellow DoCrafter the other night asking would I accept a challenge on how to make a small paper fir-cone for her cards.  Did I accept.....Oh I think so.  So I will do my best to help so please do not hesitate to ask for me to do a tutorial and if I can do it, I will.

I hope some of you try this technique.  It looks amazing on boxes.  If you take a box and add bits and pieces like buttons, chain, keys etc and put the foil over it, emboss the bits and pieces through the foil, then paint it as Ive described above, it looks incredible.

Heres a link to a great video by a lady called Rachel (RachO113).  She alters a wee box.  Click Here 

Ok, Im outta here.  Thanks again everyone for looking and a big thank you to all my new followers and old followers for your continued support.  I only did my giveaway for my Blog Candy for hitting 10'000 hits last week and Im fast approaching 20'000 hits already! lot are gonna empty my craft room, heehee.  Seriously though, thank you everyone.

Toodles Noodles (Sorry if this was a longggggg post, lol)

Loops xx

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  1. Hi Lee
    Wow a fabulous piece of art good luck with the challenges
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  2. Wow Lee this is fabulous, so different from the original guitar, love it. Debs xx

  3. Wowwwww Lee...... as you say, it may not be everyone's cup of tea.... but I can only say WOW! You are very talented.... that is one fab piece of art.... and your little bro will be so pleased with it!! I hope he appreciates all the work you've put in to it...
    Christine x

  4. Wow Lee
    Each to our own lol, this is a fantastic work of art and Corey will treasure it, I love your tuts, they are always so detailed lol, you must be so happy with your results and how kind of Mr Loopy to lend you his varnish!
    Tilly x

  5. wow - that seems to be a common theme with your comments lol
    but this is a wow! can I ask a question? how long did this take you from start to finish, roughly?

  6. and its a wow from me too ... I must say I prefer the lovely flowers you make especially the ones "I now have" lol ... but this is certainly a work of art ... well done ... I am hoping to "alter" some wooden boxes in some way for my dear Mum and sister for christmas ... probably using some sort of crackle paint well that is if I get time ... I have not even started my christmas cards yet lol ... happy crafting honey and love sandy xx

  7. Wow! this is fab, what a brilliant idea
    Lindsay xx

  8. Hi Lee,
    Oh wow this is stunning,gorgeous,beautiful,fabulous,can you tell I love it....I need to find a box as I would love to do a box,not sure how it would turn out as I've never done anything like this,so it might just turn out to be a for the inspiration....
    Mandy x

  9. Oh my giddy Aunt lee you are a Rock star!!!!! This project is amazing!!!!! Wow you sure put in a lot of work in this!!!!! Wow Fabulous project and I am sure he will love this!!!!! way to go my friend!!!!!!

  10. You are so clever Lee. I read this with great enthusiasm. Love how it turned out. Have been seeing lots of blank boxes out there and would love to try one with different papers on and crackle paint but just wouldnt know where to start. Keep up the great tutorials. xx

  11. Wow, wow, wow!! This is brilliant and I love it!!! What a brilliant idea to use the foil and emboss to show all the detail. Thanks for telling us how it is done and I WILL have a go at a box sometime (probably when it's warm enough to paint outdoors though). I LOVE your paint effects. Beautiful (can you tell I like it :))) Best of luck with the challenges, you definitely deserve to win with this :)

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    xx coops xx

  15. OOoohhh so you're not just a pretty face eh?! lol
    This is stunning Lee and I'm sure Corey is gonna love it! Who would think something so plain could turn out so fab! Good luck with the challenges! xx

  16. Талантливый человек талантлив во всём !
    Вы умеете делать чудесные цветы (такие красивые, изысканные,нежные ...), так что нет ничего удивительного , что вы сделали такой потрясающий подарок брату -гитару !
    Здорово !!!

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    hugs sara x

  18. Wow Lee this is amazing, looks fabulous!
    Love Jayne. x x

  19. Wow! This is fab Lee!!! You are too talented! Good luck for your first challenge x
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  23. Hi Lee this is stunning you are very talented, your brother is going to love it...

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    Mina xxx
    p.s. keep an eye out for the postie

  25. What a real piece of crafting art - Gold Star, (again!) Lee. Jx

  26. WOW Lee, this is fantatasic, you are so clever..Good luck with the Challenges.
    Wendy xx

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    Tammy Louise

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