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DIY Handmade Snuggle Bear - PayItForward Free pattern

Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  I've been really enjoying making Lisa Pay 's fantastic free patterns for bears and toy making.  Her instructional videos on YouTube are truly second to none.  If someone as novice as me can make a bear, anyone can, lol.  Now, I'm not perfect at it, but I certainly give it a go, teehee.  I'm sharing a little Snuggle Bear I made using Lisa's free pattern.  Check out her video for all the details on how to make it.  If you want to buy any of the items I used to make this bear, see my shopping list below.  I'm not sponsored by any of these companies, it's just the places that I bought my supplies from and have had great service from. Ok, first off......I made a BIG MISTAKE and we are just going to notice it, giggle and move on, teehee.  I did all this work and ended up at the last hurdle messing up the eye placement....I know, I know....FACEPALM.  But I promise, the next one will be better.  I have bought eye placement

It's all about the bee's knees - DIY Handmade Large Tote

It's all about the bee's knees - DIY Handmade Large Tote Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  So I made another one of Debbie Shore's large tote bags...well, it has been a wee while since I last made one, lol. I've made so many now that I could probably sew them in my sleep, teehee.  Here's the link to the bag in case you want to have a go...  Debbie's Large Tote Bag . As usual, I made a few modifications which I'll share below.  I think this is the first one I've made where I didn't make many of my wee "Lee mistakes" as my wee Mamma affectionately calls them, lol.  This one is going to my Auntie Fiona, or Fifi as she's affectionately known.  She loves bees and this fabric was a dream to work with.  No issues at all. I wasn't sure which fabric Auntie Fifi would prefer as the main body so my Wee Mamma let me know that the Honey Yellow was the way to go.  The bag has a really good sized zip pocket on the outside. And both sides of

Handmade Artist Teddy Bears - PayItForward FreePattern

Handmade Artist Teddy Bears - PayItForward FreePattern What about ye folks, it's Lee here.  So, here I am to show you these 3 wee cuties.  I know they are all the same...well, they all look slightly different in their faces as they are handmade, lol.  Again, this is a free pattern from Lisa Pay from PayItForward on YouTube.  I did a few adaptions in that I made clothes for these wee bears as apposed to the cute wee poncho that Lisa made.  Please go over and have a look at Lisa's YouTube channel .  Her patterns are so delightful and her tutorials are second to none. Of course, as usual, I will put my shopping list below for as many of the items I used that I can remember, lol. These bears were a little different from the others I've tried from Lisa.  These artistic bears definitely felt like a more professional make, if that makes sense, lol. But they were actually incredibly easy to put together. These bears have cotter joints and articulating limbs.  So their little arms

Altered laundry basket

Altered laundry basket  This past Christmas, my wee Mamma wanted a new laundry basket.  She recently did a few bits and pieces in her bedroom and wanted something to go with her duck egg blue colour scheme and if I could find some way to fit butterflies into the theme too, that would be great.  Well, I searched and I searched and could not find anything that would go with that theme, at all.  So, I decided to jimmy rig and alter one myself, lol....not sure if that made it any better mind you, teehee. I bought this one on Amazon ( click link, if you want one, lol) as it had a removable fabric liner that I could add to. I then purchased this stunning Laura Ashley curtain fabric on Ebay.  It was just a 1/2 metre remnant but it was a perfect amount for what I needed.  Not only was it duck egg blue, but it had butterflies on it! On a piece of the scrap fabric left over, I decided to sew around one of the butterflies to make this little padded dangle butterfly to add to the front of the bas

3 Handmade Rag dolls - A free PayItForward Pattern

3 Rag dolls - A free PayItForward Pattern So, I know I said I was giving these wee kitties to my nieces and nephew, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the "Safety" eyes and noses on them.  Now, they probably would have been fine for the 2 girls as they are almost 6, but my wee nephew is only 1 and if I have an ounce of doubt about the safety of anything I make, I will not give it as a gift.  Just a note though.....the issues I had with the kitties was not down to the design of the was my own issue with the safety eyes and noses....Lisa's designs and tutorials are perfect in every way...I just wanted to make that very clear, lol I decided to go with a different design of Lisa Pay's ( PayItForward on YT) , her wee Ragdoll design.  It is so incredible and so easy to make....much less hand sewing, teehee. I know this is probably a bit gruesome with me holding just the head in my hand, but I want you to see their cute wee faces.  The wee girls have br