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2nd Mia Everyday wallet from Bagstock Designs

 2nd Mia Everyday wallet from Bagstock Designs

Whatabout ye folks, it's Lee here.  Do not adjust your sets.....this is in fact another Mia Everyday wallet, but slightly different and without the mistakes of the first one that I made, teehee.  I know I use this Burberry style fabric a lot but I think it is so classy and can go with anything.  
This one was definitely made better than the first one.  This time, I decided to give the wallet a bit more protection, as it is just fabric.  So I coated the burberry style fabric with Odicoat which is a water resistant gel that you coat over the fabric.  You brush on 1 layer and spread it with an old store card to evenly distribute the product all over the fabric.  You then let it dry completely before adding another even layer.  It gives the fabric a protective coating which I think is perfect when you want to make a wallet out of fabrics like cotton or viscose.  A big warning though, this stuff STINKS to the high heavens when you are using it.  It smells like stinky old fish.  Now, the smell does dissipate when it's dry.  And for extra insurance that the smell is gone, once it was completely coated and dry, I placed a scrape piece of fabric over it and gave it a good steam press with my iron.  And it seemed to do the trick.  So don't let the smell put you off using this product.  As it works really well and the smell does go away.
This time I used a wee silver bee closure.  And I was feeling very brave with using the red thread to accent the wallet's flap.  I think the top stitching looks pretty good and it's a nice wee pop of colour.
The central pocket is held with press studs at either side of the pocket.  But really, when the turn lock is closed, the central zip pocket isn't going anywhere.  So, it's nice that the pocket can be secured in place, but honestly, it's pretty secure even if you don't press the studs together.
There is a secure zip pocket on the back of the wallet for spare change.  I've removed my surname from the name tag there for privacy sake.
I just used a red polycotton fabric for the pocket lining. The zip is a No 3 zipper
This wallet has plenty of room to expand so you can hopefully stuff it full with plenty of money, lol
Plenty of room for loose change.
On both sides of the wallet, you have 5 card slots on each side of the central zipper pouch.
And LOOK........I even remembered to add the second cash pocket to both sides of the wallet this time, teehee.
The first time I made this, I forgot to add one of the cash slip pockets to the wallet.  I didn't forget this time.  So there are 2 cash slip pockets on both sides.
Perfect to keep your cash safely stashed away.
And another slip pocket if you have even more cash.....or if you are like me......have more receipts than actual cash, teehee.

This will be given as a Christmas gift to my wee bro's girlfriend, Rose.  So, hopefully she'll have fun filling it up.  

And that is it from me folks.  Sorry it's been a bit of a sporadic year for blog posts.  I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone for your continued support, particularly Tilly for always leaving such lovely comments on my posts.  And to Christine for being so kind to support me on my Ko-Fi page.  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, or just a plain old Merry Monday if you don't celebrate Christmas.  I hope 2024 is your best year yet.  See you all next year!

Toodles Noodles.....Lee aka Crafty Loops xx
At the time of typing, the items I linked to are available.  However, items stock changes all the time, some items where bought on auction sites and with time marching by, some items I link may no longer be available from that particular seller.  However, a quick Google search should help you out if my links are no longer working/available.

Odicoat water resistant gel - Amazon
Jeans Needle - Amazon
Personalised Labels - Wunderlabels
Lining fabric - Black & white - I think this is a Robert Kauffman cotton fabric.  I've had it a while.
Red & Black polycotton lining fabric - OhSewCraftyLtd, Ebay
No. 3 continuous zipper tape - Iaing317, Ebay
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  1. Hi Lee
    I obviously missed your first wallet but I have been back to have a look. You excel in bag and purse making I must say and this is perfect as a gift to be used and treasured. But then again you excel at everything you do, I remember receiving the most beautiful card of flowers from you in your card-making days lol. Making anything is not about perfection (my most used expression is 'itll do ' lol ) it's about the fun and the learning and being creative.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


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